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8 Types of LinkedIn ad formats with examples

LinkedIn is a social network founded in 2002 and created for people who want to find a job, update business connections, or share their experience with other professionals. Similar to Facebook and Instagram, and most of the social networks, LinkedIn allows sharing paid…
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Digest of Ringostat updates for January 2020

We didn’t go to Hawaii to avoid the cold in January — we worked as usual and prepared new updates for you 🙂 For the past 30 days we released an update for integrations with CRM and “covered” Ringostat account in new colors. We simplified the work with…
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How to Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach In 2020

Every year the already competitive field of marketing becomes more and more challenging. Markets are already saturated with alternative options across all markets, even niche products. That’s why everyone’s goal is to create content that is popular among users.
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5 reasons to request Ringostat demo

Before connecting Ringostat, our specialists provide a demo for all potential clients. By requesting such a demonstration, you save your time and receive a solution that suits your needs exactly. Thus, you can understand whether a service is suitable for your tasks. Read in…
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Google Shopping step-by-step guidance

Today we will discuss an instrument that helps a salesman and customer to easily find each other. A potential buyer can quickly go through offers with the price and select the best option. For an online retailer, it’s an opportunity to show the product and receive more…
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How and why you need to classify leads

The “quality” of leads is more crucial than their amount. That’s why a business usually divides leads into several types, especially if a sales funnel has lots of stages. It often happens in the B2B sphere, e-commerce or niches where customers can for months make a…
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4 reasons to choose HubSpot: expert opinion. Part 1

CRM systems are created to automate the workflow. There are lots of advantages that they offer, for example, the opportunity to track how the deal is moving by the sales funnel and define the effectiveness of each sales rep. There is a world-famous CRM system that gives its…