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5 reasons to request Ringostat demo

Before connecting Ringostat, our specialists provide a demo for all potential clients. By requesting such a demonstration, you save your time and receive a solution that suits your needs exactly. Thus, you can understand whether a service is suitable for your tasks. Read in the article about these and other advantages.

5 reasons to request Ringostat demo

1. Discover how call tracking will solve tasks of your business exactly

Demo or product demonstration is one of the stages before Ringostat connection. During this live presentation, a specialist shows a client the work of the service and answers questions of a future user. It is not a demonstration of default reports. During the demo, a sales rep discovers the tasks and processes of a specific company. Knowing them, he chooses a solution for a client and describes features that will help to simplify the workflow.

A specialist often asks the following questions:

  • what are the main tasks of a business and its location;
  • monthly advertising budget;
  • web address and its daily traffic;
  • all possible traffic sources: paid ads, advertisements in newspapers, flyers, banners, ads in thematic portals, etc.

Only on this basis, the sales rep offers specific functionality. For example, there is no sense to connect static call tracking for a company that promotes online only. But a business with dozens of departments in regions can’t work without groups with local phone numbers.

Ringostat has hundreds of clients in different spheres. That’s why sales reps know the strategies that work in specific niches and can offer a relevant solution.

Vladislav Kriklivenko

Vladislav Kriklivenko,

Middle Partnership Account Executive Ringostat

“During one demo I was talking to a client whose business was in repairing three brands of household equipment. There was a separate website for each of them. I discovered that a company has one difficulty. When there were calls from customers, a sales rep said: “Hello! It’s a service center.” Then, if a customer asked “which service center exactly”, employees didn’t know what to answer. As the customer could be confused if they named the wrong brand or all three at once.

The solution instantly came to my mind when I discovered this peculiarity. We created a separate call forwarding scheme for each website and enabled an audio notification of a sales rep. Now at the moment of an inbound call, an employee heard the name of the website that leads a customer. That’s why while answering a call he could greet a customer in the right way: “Hello! It’s a service center N”. 

It allowed increasing the conversion from a call to sign up for the repair. Nevertheless, initially, a customer asked for call tracking only to increase the effectiveness of campaigns due to the analytics of calls. But as a result, we boosted the conversion as discovered client’s issue at early stages”.


2. See how the service works

It’s one thing to read articles about the functionality and discover screenshots, but totally another one is to see on your own how Ringostat looks like from inside. The basic presentation gives only a theoretical understanding of the service “filling”. However, during the demo, a sales rep shows how the analytics and statistics look like on a real project. That’s how a future user can understand what data he will face during his work with the service. 

Example of the report on advertising effectiveness from the Analytics section

Example of the report on advertising effectiveness from the Analytics section

As the demo takes place online, a client can always ask to show in detail the section that is interesting for him. It even gives more information than merely getting acquainted with a sales department after the project creation. That’s because a sales rep shows you reports that already have data in them.


3. Quickly figure out a complex product 

Ringostat includes several instruments at once: end-to-end analytics, call tracking, callback form, virtual PBX. This functionality can’t be called a rather easy to understand. Even while creating individual reports, the client chooses from 30+ parameters. During the demo, a sales rep can easily show how to work with a particular report, and if necessary, customize it directly for a client.

Report on ad campaign

For example, that’s how can be configured a report on the ad campaign

Anton Petrukhin,  Sales Development Team Lead Ringostat

Anton Petrukhin,

Sales Development Team Lead Ringostat

“We have a complex product so the demo is the best format to know it. It takes a little time but brings the maximum benefit to understand the capabilities of the entire platform. Without a demo, then the client will spend more time discovering the website, presentations and other materials. Moreover, it doesn’t mean that he will understand the functionality. It is also not clear what conclusions the user will make”.


4. Understand how to use data as well as results that can be achieved with their help

In fact, the demo is a free lesson on call tracking, end-to-end analytics, and other tools usage. A sales rep shows not only how the service is organized. He also explains how to analyze the received data as well as the results that they can bring. 

For example, a sales rep can show by the example of specific cases the results of missed calls. And how this fact affects the effectiveness of the marketing budget usage. The specialist will also share options for solving such difficulties and explain to you how to prevent them.

When the sales rep shows what can be achieved with the usage of Ringostat, the client compares this with his expectations. Well, it often turns out that the service can simultaneously solve several issues at once.

Ivanna Vdovenko,  Master / Middle+ Account Executive Ringostat

Ivanna Vdovenko,

Master / Middle+ Account Executive Ringostat

“The demo helps the client synchronize with us. It happens that initially, a person comes to us for call tracking. But then I hear how he describes the processes he does and I understand that he needs virtual PBX or end-to-end analytics more. That’s exactly when I explain to him what give these instruments so the client says: “Yeah, I was searching for that”.

For example, many people do not know that it is possible to track calls not only from the website. From the experience, I know the spheres where people often use out-of-home advertisements or ads on thematic portals. I immediately describe the possibilities of the static call tracking to these clients. And they willingly enable it to analyze calls from billboards, flyers, and bulletin boards.

During the demo, I often bring examples and cases from the client’s niche. So he understands that we are familiar with his issues and we know how to solve them. The knowledge of the client’s needs helps to correctly set the terms of reference for the project setup by our tech support. The user immediately receives a ready-made tool that does not need to be modified.”


5. Ask interesting questions and instantly receive answers 

The more features a product has, the more nuances you need to discuss. From this point of view, the demo saves a lot of time. You can immediately ask the sales rep about any report or instrument that interests you. There is no need to send tones of emails as you get the information here and now. If the answer requires more time than lasts a demo, the employee will send you a link to the article from the knowledge base or blog.



  1. Ringostat’s demo is one of the most important steps before connecting the service. The sales rep shows an online demonstration of the instrument capabilities to the client. He also shows how the account looks like.
  2. During the demo, the specialist asks about the features of the business and its tasks. Based on this information, he can choose the best solution for a particular company. It also makes easier the preparation of the document for technical support, according to which the project will then be configured.
  3. During the demonstration, the sales rep shows the data that the client will work with in the future. What reports look like, what is included in the functionality, etc. Thus, the client understands in advance the instrument that he will face.
  4. The demo takes just a little time. And this is the best opportunity to go deeper into the capabilities of the platform in the shortest possible time. At the request of the user, the sales rep can elaborate on the sections of interest. During the demo, you can also ask any questions about the functionality.
  5. Over the years, Ringostat sales reps have gained experience working with clients from various fields. Therefore, they can offer the best solution for users from certain niches. As it has already worked for companies from the same sphere.

If you are not our client yet, but you are thinking about becoming a part of Ringostat family — order a demo right now. This will help you better understand whether the instrument fits you. Moreover, you will spend less time than if you had discovered the website and the knowledge base on your own. The sales rep will also make you a calculation of the cost-effectiveness of call tracking connection specifically for your company.

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