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Guide: how Ringostat Power Dialer works in the application for calls and CRM

Ringostat Power Dialer is an option for automatically dialing your customers, saving your team time and money. You upload the numbers you want to call, and Ringostat automatically dials them, so the operator only needs to communicate with customers. This guide will show you step-by-step how to get started with Power Dialer and explain in detail how to work with this useful option.

A Power Dialer is a technology that dials a phone number as soon as a call ends. When the operator hangs up, the Power Dialer calls the following contact on the list. Therefore, the first step is to create such a list.

IMPORTANT: the Power Dialer works in the Ringostat application interface. Therefore, to use it, you need to connect Ringostat telephony via the link.

Step 1: Create a list of contacts

A user with “Administrator” rights can download the list of contacts. To do this, go to your Ringostat personal account, SettingsRingostat Smart Phone Settings Power Dialer.

Here, you will first see a table with an example. It contains the parameters that should be in the document that you will upload to Ringostat. The column names in your table should match the title of the header, as shown in the example below:

Power Dialer, settings example

Below you can: 

  • download a CSV template with the necessary headers and fill it with the full names and contacts of the clients; 
  • copy the headers for your file — just copy them to the first line of your table.

When you have made a table with numbers and names and have named the columns correctly, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: set up a campaign

Now, you need to create a campaign or several. For example, one with numbers for cold calling, another with contacts of regular customers, and so on.

Scroll to the Campaigns list block and click “+Add campaign”. After you name it, click on the ellipsis, and you’ll see a list of what you can edit:

  • the name;
  • the list of campaign numbers;
  • the list of campaign employees.

Let’s move on to editing the numbers. This is where you can upload the table you created in the previous step:

Power Dialer, campaign settings

Next, we assign employees who will handle a specific campaign:

  • go to the Employees section;
  • сhoose the right person;
  • check the box in the profile settings, as shown here:
Power Dialer, setting up responsible employees

Next, click “Add employee” and select from the drop-down list those you have granted the appropriate rights. Until you grant them, the operator will not appear on this list.

Power Dialer, campaign number setting

Step 3: assign a campaign priority 

Power Dialer cannot work for all campaigns at the same time. So, decide which ones you want to work on first. Drag and drop campaigns to assign them a priority. The higher the campaign, the faster the Power Dialer will call the numbers from it.

⚡️ Підключіть зручний додаток Ringostat Smart Phone для дзвінків та роботи з CRM

Отримайте все в одному додатку: дзвінки, повідомлення та інформацію про клієнтів, які дзвонять.

Step 4: launch Power Dialer and contact customers

After the previous steps, the assigned employee has a Power Dialer in the Ringostat app:

Power Dialer, dial
  1. When the operator presses the “Play” button, Ringostat will start dialing the first number from the list.
  2. After launching Power Dialer, the operator has two options: pause the call or click Start and start calling the following number.
  3. If a call is placed and the client answers, a timer is activated after the call to wait for the next call. The new call does not begin immediately — this is so that the operator has time to rest or write down important points.
  4. If the customer does not answer or the number is busy, the following number is called immediately.
  5. If you fail to reach the client, you cannot call the number again this time. 
  6. The call automatically ends when the Power Dialer dials the last number in the list. After that, the functionality disappears from the Ringostat app interface.
  7. If the administrator adds numbers to a campaign or assigns an employee to call another one, the Power Dialer will reappear.
This is what an active call looks like while Power Dialer is running
This is what an active call looks like when the Power Dialer is running 

IMPORTANT: the pause mark stops the Power Dialer work, not pauses it.  

What happens if you receive a call while the Power Dialer is running

When you receive an incoming call, the Power Dialer will pause. You must click the “Play” button to make it work again. In this case, receiving incoming calls depends on the settings of the Power Dialer itself and the application’s global settings. The client will hear a busy signal if the application does not allow receiving incoming calls during a call.

Integration with CRM and mini-CRM 

Power Dialer can be integrated with your CRM system. This lets you transfer customer contacts to Power Dialer and start auto-dialing directly from the database to the CRM. To get this feature, please contact our technical support, who will help you set up the integration using the API and Webhook.

By the way, if you integrate your CRM system and Ringostat, all customer data will be automatically pulled into the mini-CRM. One of the application’s tabs is the Contact Book, which contains the Customers tab. This is a mini-CRM where you can view a list of your customers, information about them, and perform additional actions with contacts. 

Power Dialer, mini-CRM

In this case, when you call, you will see information about the customer:

  • full name — as it is entered in the CRM;
  • phone;
  • e-mail;
  • messengers.

If you set up CRM integration, information about the call will be recorded in the CRM system’s contact card during an active call. This also applies to regular calls through the Ringostat app and calls through Power Dialer.

If you don’t have CRM integration but want to see customer information during a call

  1. Upload contacts from the CRM system to the mini-CRM. This can be done manually in the appropriate section, as shown in the screenshot below.
  2. Upload the contacts list to call as described in step 1 and assign responsible employees. 
  3. During the call, the operator will see all the information about the contact because it will be downloaded from the mini-CRM. In particular, you can see the data from which advertisement the user came, which pages of your website they viewed most often, which page they were on before the call, etc.
Power Dialer, loading contacts into mini-CRM

How to flexibly customize Ringostat Power Dialer 

  1. Click on the round icon in the upper left corner of the app and select the Settings section.
  2. Select the bottom item from the list — “Power Dialer settings”.
  3. Set how long the pause between calls will last.
  4. Specify how many seconds the dialer will continue dialing, i.e., how many seconds the number will be dialed until the Power Dialer hangs up.
  5. Optionally, check the box at the bottom of the settings. This will make the Power Dialer reject all incoming calls while active.
Power Dialer settings

Where to view calls made through Ringostat Power Dialer 

An operator’s calls using Power Dialer can be viewed in our platform reports, just like any other. The call will have the appropriate status, depending on whether you managed to talk to the client. The reports will also include the audio recording of the call. 

You can also see the calls made through Power Dialer in the call history in the Ringostat app in the My Calls tab.

Not using Power Dialer yet? Start now and save time on customer communication. Connect the Power Dialer.

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