Hey, folks 🙂 My name is Olga and I’m a blog editor at Ringostat. If you are a specialist in the web analytics field, PPC, marketing, SEO, integrator — you can write an article for us and we will publish it on the blog, and our social media. Feel free to email me.  Meanwhile, I will describe articles that we are interested in and what we provide for our part.

What we offer

  • more potential partners and clients will discover you — our audience is constantly growing and articles are getting to the top of Google search;
  • you receive an outstanding reference on our resource;
  • guest materials are posted on our social networks;
  • we also share articles in the thematic groups.

About blog

We write on the following topics:

  • analytics in general and particularly call analytics;
  • contextual advertising and tools to increase its effectiveness;
  • instruments that use digital marketers;
  • Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Data Studio, Power BI, and similar services;
  • end-to-end analytics;
  • online promotion and hacks for e-commerce;
  • email marketing;
  • increase of websites’ conversion;
  • business processes automation.

Basic requirements to the topics

  1. There are no strict limits by size. You need to fully cover the topic, avoiding wordy expressions.
  2. Uniqueness — this material hasn’t been published before.
  3. We write the introduction part on our own, by introducing the author to our readers. However, you need to mention in the draft why this topic is actual and why the article is useful.
  4. Divide the text into topics and subsections, use lists: it makes information perception easier.
  5. The description of actual difficulties and their practical solutions, instructions, illustrative examples, cases from experience.
  6. Notice the author’s name, post, company’s name, and referral that we will place in the introduction. Despite this link, two more are accepted if you make a referral to crucial materials from external resources.
  7. No self-promotion or ad pitches.
  8. one link to you or your website is accepted at the beginning of the article, as well as two more references to the materials from external resources that reveal the essence of the topic.

You can find here the full list of requirements.

The process of the article preparation

  1. You text me on email.
  2. We coordinate with you the topic of the future article and discuss the publication date.
  3. You send an approximate plan of the article as well as the thesis.
  4. After their alignment, you write the article and send it for verification at the appointed time.
  5. The editor reads the article and corrects it according to our editorial standards. The article can be sent back on finalizing if corrects are rather global.
  6. We publish an article and post it on our social networks. The article is as well posted in the thematic groups.

If an article does not correspond to our editorial standards, we have the right not to publish it. Meanwhile, we motivate the refusal.


We instantly coordinate the estimated terms to write the article. The accurate publication date depends on our media plan. If you are unable to send the article in terms — notify us at least a week before the discussed date.


  1. It is you who monitor and answer comments to the article. We will notify you if a comment contains an important question or remark.
  2. If a reader has written a comment like “Your article sucks”, you can argue with him. However, use arguments and don’t make it personal  
  3. We hide comments that contain direct or hidden spam.