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Digest of Ringostat updates for January 2020

We didn’t go to Hawaii to avoid the cold in January — we worked as usual and prepared new updates for you 🙂 For the past 30 days we released an update for integrations with CRM and “covered” Ringostat account in new colors. We simplified the work with call forwarding schemes and protected system Webhooks from a sudden removal. But the main thing is that we prepare an absolutely new tool to release.

The year just started and we already have cool news for you. We are about to release a new tool soon — Ringostat Smart Phone Messenger. Right now it’s on the beta testing stage. For now, the messenger is: 

  • linked with Telegram; 
  • integrated with analytical data — a sales rep can see the user’s actions before the message was sent.

We won’t get into details yet but you can try everything on your own. Receive right now one more channel to communicate with customers. 

What we offer:

  • if you already have Ringostat Smart Phone installed, you can try the messenger; 
  • if you don’t use Ringostat Smart Phone yet — connect it and test with the messenger 14 days for free. 

To do so, simply text the chat in the Ringostat account.

Now let’s switch to the updates of this month.

1. Saving data on calls for integrations with CRM

When Ringostat is integrated with a CRM system, the last one automatically receives data on calls: recordings of conversations, the information that a customer contacted a company by phone. But there may be a case when something goes wrong. For example, if a user changed the password to the CRM account. Another access token is generated and Ringostat can’t work as it used before. As a result, data on calls might remove.

For now, this won’t happen. Go to Ringostat account Integrations — Send data to CRM after re-activating the integration. If the integration goes wrong, it is enough to activate it once again and put a tick in the checkbox. If the option is enabled, Ringostat will send all stored data to your CRM system after the reactivation.

All data will be restored to their initial mode. Now, this option is available for the following integrations:

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2. Opportunity to copy call forwarding schemes

Ringostat allows you to create a rather difficult call forwarding schemes. For example, firstly, the call may be forwarded to the phone at the office. Then, to the employee’s smartphone. And after that, it may be transferred to the sales department manager, etc. The more complex call forwarding scheme you have, the more difficult it is to create the same one manually.

This update will save lots of your time. Now you can copy any scheme and change there whatever you need.

  1. Go to Ringostat account, Virtual PBX section — Call forwarding.
  2. Click on the icon with two sheets of paper.
  3. There will appear a copy of your call forwarding scheme: with all branches, blocks, locations, volume correction, etc.
Opportunity to copy call forwarding schemes

3. Webhooks protection from a sudden removal

Webhook is a tool that alerts system and/or external systems about events in Ringostat Virtual PBX in a certain period of time.

They are created automatically when the integration is activated in the Ringostat account. It allows linked services to work correctly and change data on time. But you can accidentally delete a Webhook while making changes to settings. In this case, some parts of the information won’t be transferred. And the employee might be confused by the malfunction.

For now, users don’t risk anymore. All Webhooks that are automatically created with the integration are protected from removal. This update works for the following integrations:

  • OWOX BI;
  • Kissmetrics;
  • OneBox;
  • Brainify.

4. Changes in the design of the Ringostat account

Lots of people start a new life in the new year. But we decided to start a new year with the new color of Ringostat account 🙂 If you use Ringostat for a long time, you may have noticed that colors were darker before. Now our corporate green color became brighter and matches the color scheme of our website.

Changes in the design of the Ringostat account

Want to know more about these updates or how to implement them? Text the chat on the website or Ringostat account. You can also leave comments below. We are always happy to help you 🙂

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