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Ringostat Smart Phone 2.0: an overview of all the features for effective lead processing

Ringostat Smart Phone has helped hundreds of our customers simplify their work with calls and messengers. Until recently, the tool worked as a Google Chrome extension. Today, we are presenting an updated and expanded tool — now it is a full-fledged application. Read the detailed review and learn about the new features of the Ringostat Smart Phone for convenient and productive daily work of your sales reps.

What is Ringostat Smart Phone

Ringostat Smart Phone is an Easy-to-use softphone for calls and work with CRM. Indeed, it is more convenient to process calls with it than using a regular phone.

Using the app, you can:

  • make and receive calls in one click;
  • communicate with customers who write to different messengers in one window;
  • switch to deals and CRM contacts during the conversation;
  • and most importantly, see detailed information about the calling customer before they pick up the phone, and much more.

Below, we’ll explain in detail how to use these features. You can read it in the article or watch it in15 minutes in our video:

Getting started with Ringostat Smart Phone

To start using the app, download it to your device. Also, add Ringostat Smart Phone to your Chrome browser if you plan to make and receive incoming calls as well as make calls. 

Log in to the application using the login and password provided to you by the Ringostat technical support specialist.

After installing the app and the extension, complete the setup — with the help of technical support or by yourself according to the instructions provided by us.

Let’s look at the top panel first. The app can:

  • minimize;
  • pin to a specific side of the screen — right or left;
  • close.

If there are problems with the Internet or the microphone, notifications will appear at the top of the interface.

Ringostat Smart Phone, notification about the lack of communication

The bottom panel of the application also has sections, each of which we will discuss in detail later. 

This is:

  • messenger;
  • call history;
  • dialer — the interface for making calls that opens by default;
  • information about customers on the website;
  • contact book.
Ringostat Smart Phone, the low panel

Part 1: Working with calls

How to call a customer?

There are three dialing options.

  1. Copy the desired number and paste it into the input line.
  2. Enter the numbers on the Ringostat Smart Phone keyboard.
  3. The fastest option is to simply click on the telephone number on any website, and the app will automatically dial it.
Ringostat Smart Phone, how to dial from the site

You can also make calls directly from the CRM, for example, from a contact card that contains a customer’s number.

Ringostat Smart Phone, how to dial from the CRM

As you can see, Ringostat Smart Phone is specially designed not to cover important fields in CRM. Just pin it to the right side of the screen.

How to receive a call?

When you receive an incoming call, you will see a pop-up notification about the call, even if Ringostat Smart Phone is minimized. When you expand the app, you will immediately see the client’s phone number. When you click on the plate, a more detailed menu opens.

Ringostat Smart Phone, receiving of the call

What you can do with the call: 

  • accept or reject;
Ringostat Smart Phone, call receiving capabilities
  • create a contact;
Ringostat Smart Phone, call receiving capabilities 1
  • transfer an incoming call to a colleague;
Ringostat Smart Phone, call receiving capabilities 2
  • mute — so that the interlocutor does not hear what the employee is saying;
Ringostat Smart Phone, call receiving capabilities 3
  • put the call on hold — more on this we will describe below.
Ringostat Smart Phone, call receiving capabilities 4

You can also:

  • go to the dialing menu;
Ringostat Smart Phone, call receiving capabilities 5
  • to take on a new challenge.
Ringostat Smart Phone, call receiving capabilities 6

How to hold a call?

We’ve already mentioned that when you click on the pause icon on the bottom panel, the customer will wait on the line. This is convenient, for example, if you need to clarify something.

You can also put another call on hold and switch between the two calls. In this case, the active call is placed on hold, and the one you are switching to becomes active. You can also put this call on hold if you wish.

Ringostat Smart Phone, how to hold a call

You can hold up to five incoming and outgoing calls at the same time.

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How to transfer a call to a colleague or an entire department?

There are situations when one employee answers the phone, but the client’s question is better handled by a colleague. Or a potential buyer accidentally calls the sales department, but really needs accounting. With Ringostat Smart Phone, the call can be transferred quickly and easily.

There are two options for this: standard and soft call transfer.

How a standard call transfer works

Standard call transfer is used when you just need to forward a call to someone else without any additional actions. 

How to do it:

  • during an incoming call, click the handset icon with an arrow — as we showed above;
  • a menu will appear, in one of the tabs of which you can select employees or a department;
  • you can enter the names of your colleagues or departments in the search bar;
Ringostat Smart Phone, calling to employess
  • by default, only those who are currently online are visible — you can uncheck the box if you wish;
Ringostat Smart Phone, contact

After selecting a department or colleague, click on the three dots and select Transfer Call. 

Ringostat Smart Phone, transfer call

How a soft call transfer works

Sometimes, before transferring a call, you need to talk to a colleague or department first. For example, to quickly describe a client’s request to them or to warn them about some important nuances of a deal. 

To do this, click “Call” next to the desired colleague and chat with them. The client will listen to pleasant music at this time. After that, you can connect them to the employee.

Ringostat Smart Phone, How a soft call transfer works

How to work with the call log

Go to the Call history section. It is divided into two tabs: “My calls” and “Missed calls”.

Ringostat Smart Phone, call history

My calls

It records the calls that you made. You can see the details of each call: 

  • status — if you click on its icon, you can see a tooltip, as shown in the screenshot below;
  • phone numbers;
  • the duration of the conversation; 
  • date and time when the conversation took place.
Ringostat Smart Phone, status of the call

Clicking on the ellipsis will bring up an additional menu. From there, you can make a call, view insider information — we’ll talk about this later — or copy the number. 

Ringostat Smart Phone, call history — my calls

Missed calls

It displays missed calls where employees never called customers back. We can also see for missed calls:

  • customer number; 
  • date and time of the failed call; 
  • the name of the call forwarding scheme instead of the call duration under the phone number.
Ringostat Smart Phone, call history — missed calls

Missed calls also appear in “My Calls” if you missed the call. They are highlighted in red —  unlike a successful call, which is marked in black.

Ringostat Smart Phone, list of the calls

How to call colleagues or other departments

To do this, go to the contact book, where you will see the Employees and Departments tabs.


At the top, you can see the search bar where you can enter the names of your colleagues. By default, you only see online colleagues, but if you want to see everyone, just uncheck the box. 

You can also click on the filter to select employees from specific departments.

Ringostat Smart Phone, list of the departments

Here you can see the list of colleagues, where you can see each of them in a collapsed view:

  • first name, last name — the way you specified them when creating “Employees” in Ringostat;
  • the colleague’s extension number — the client can immediately contact a specific employee by dialing this number in the voice menu.

By clicking on the three dots next to the name, you can:

  • call a colleague;
Ringostat Smart Phone, list of employees
  • view additional information about the contact: SIP account, phone number, email, etc.
Ringostat Smart Phone, information on employee


On the second tab, we see a list of all the departments of your company that you have previously created in the settings of your Ringostat personal account. 

By clicking on the ellipsis next to the department name, you can call all employees of the department at the same time.

Ringostat Smart Phone, contact book

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Part 2. Work with text messages

How to communicate with users from different messengers in a single interface

Go to the Messenger tab. Here you can process messages from customers who write to you in Telegram, Facebook Messenger, or Viber in one window.

As soon as a customer writes to us, we will see a push notification. 

Even before switching to the Messenger tab, you can see how many requests are waiting in the queue in the bottom panel.

Ringostat Smart Phone, messenger on low panel

You can also see the number of requests for correspondence in the top bar after logging in to the Messenger tab.

Ringostat Smart Phone, new request in messenger

Now click on “Take dialog”. Here we see:

  • all dialogs that are waiting for our response;
  • the last message in each dialog;
  • a red mark — if the last message was from the client;
  • a messenger icon showing where the client wrote to — Telegram, Facebook, or Viber.
Ringostat Smart Phone, new dialog

We start a dialog with the client.

Ringostat Smart Phone, convenient messaging
An example of a dialog with a customer in the Messenger section of Ringostat Smart Phone

Here you can:

  • reply;
  • download previous dialogs with the user by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner;
Ringostat Smart Phone, history of messaging
  • request the user’s phone number;
Ringostat Smart Phone, entering the messages
  • view information about the client from Insider by clicking the three dots next to the name at the top of the interface;
  • close the dialog;
  • return to the list of all dialogs assigned to the sales rep.

Statistics on closed customer dialogs are also displayed in a separate Ringostat report, the Message Log. By clicking on the date and time of the conversation, you can read each dialog.

Ringostat Smart Phone, messages log

Part 3. Insights about customers and methods of increasing checks

What insights can be seen about a customer during an incoming call

You can get valuable insights about the customer before you even pick up the phone. This will help you to immediately know how to build a dialog. It will also allow you to “read the customer’s mind,” so to speak, which will increase your chances of making a sale.

For example, we received a call from a client. Click on the three dots next to the number and go to the Insider Information tab.

What will be displayed in the “Insider information”:

  • name, if the user is already added to CRM;
  • phone number;
  • buttons to go to the deal in CRM, lead or contact card;
  • user’s location;
  • browser type; 
  • device;
  • a number of calls in the last seven days — the period can be changed in the settings;
  • the last page the customer visited on your website and how long they spent on it;
  • the number of visits to the website.

Let’s take a closer look at other metrics.

  1. Source — for example, Google, as in the example below. It can also be Bing, Facebook, etc. It was this system that brought us the client who called. 
  2. Channel is the path that led to the call. In the screenshot, we can see that the user came from CPC, i.e. contextual advertising. It can also include, for example, email, organic search, etc. So you already know roughly what type of your content the potential buyer encountered.
  3. A group of ads if the user came from contextual advertising. For example, if you see that a group of ads here is “promo”, then the buyer is unlikely to expect a large check, but rather is interested in a favorable promotional offer.
  4. The keyword, if the user came from contextual advertising. This way you can understand what the customer’s request is. In the screenshot below, you can see that the person was looking for “call tracking”, so this is the product the user is interested in. Knowing this, the sales rep understands where to start the conversation, which Ringostat features to emphasize, and much more. By “guessing” the user’s thoughts in this way, you increase their loyalty. And with it, the chances of closing a deal.
  5. Source of the referral. If the user came from a website other than an advertisement, it will indicate which one. It can also tell you what exactly interested the user.
  1. The top 5 pages most frequently visited by a customer will help you better understand what they are interested in. For example, which products they have viewed many times.
Ringostat Smart Phone, top 5 pages view
  1. A list of all sessions for the specified period: date, location, device, browser, etc. By clicking on the arrow next to each session, you can see detailed information about each of them.
Ringostat Smart Phone, all sessions

Also, by clicking on this icon, as shown below, you can go to the card of a specific call in your Ringostat personal account. There you will find detailed information about the call.

How can I see which customers are currently on the site?

Go to the “Customers on the site” tab.

Ringostat Smart Phone, clients on site

It displays users who have already called you and are currently on your site.

IMPORTANT: If a visitor hasn’t called you yet and is currently on the site, you won’t see them in this section.

Уou can see for each user:

  • phone number;
  • the page on which the client is located;
  • how long the visitor has been on the site.
Ringostat Smart Phone,

By pressing the ellipsis, you can:

  • call the user;
  • view information in Insider — as we showed earlier; 
  • copy the number.

Part 4. How to flexibly configure Ringostat Smart Phone?

Additional Ringostat Smart Phone settings are opened by clicking on the upper left corner. Let’s take a look at each of them.

How to flexibly configure Ringostat Smart Phone?


The upper part is responsible for the availability of your account. You can select the following options:

  • online;
  • do not disturb for an hour;
  • do not disturb all day — that is, the sales rep will be available the next day;
  • do not disturb.
How to flexibly configure Ringostat Smart Phone? 2


Setting up the application

Next, let’s look at the application settings.

  1. You can uncheck the Always on top checkbox, so the app will be displayed in the background when using other apps.
How to flexibly configure Ringostat Smart Phone? 3
  1. Different interface languages are available.

Notifications and sounds

You can change notifications and sounds.

How to flexibly configure Ringostat Smart Phone? 4
Ringtone settings

In the ringtone settings, you can:

  • leave the default sound or upload your own audio;
  • set the volume.
Notifications settings

In the notification settings, you can optionally disable push notifications for the messenger.

Insider settings

In the next section, you can change Insider settings.

How to flexibly configure Ringostat Smart Phone? 6

You can adjust here:

  • the period in days for which information about the user’s sessions and calls is displayed;
  • the number of sessions that can be viewed for a given period.

You can also choose whether it will be displayed:

  • summary section by user — that is, summarized information;
  • all sessions for a given period;
  • top 5 pages most frequently visited by a particular user during the selected period.

Call history settings

You can change the call history settings:

  • the number of days for which data will be displayed;
  • the maximum number of calls that will be displayed for the selected period.

Telephony settings (VoIP Settings)

There is an option in the telephony settings:

  • reject incoming calls when the employee is already talking to someone;
  • add a custom STUN server — you can ask our technical support what it is and why it is needed.


Speaking of technical support. From the settings, you can go to your personal account, where you can write to our technical specialists in a chat.

About the app

And finally, in the section about the application, you can read a brief help and familiarize yourself with the terms of use.


We are convinced that you will love our updated Ringostat Smart Phone. After all, this product is specially designed to enable your employees to:

  • make and receive calls quickly and easily without missing a single call;
  • communicate with customers who write to different messengers in one interface;
  • learn valuable information about each customer to “read minds”, offer a product or solution in accordance with the customer’s needs, skillfully work with objections and sell more.

Ringostat Smart Phone will make the communication process simple and convenient, and will save each sales rep up to five hours of working time per month!

⚡️Connect an easy-to-use Ringostat Smart Phone app to make calls and work with CRM

Get everything in one app: calls, messages, and information about clients.
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