Case study

Case study: How to identify ineffective ad campaigns and reallocate 54% of your budget

You don’t have to invest extra money to increase the advertisements’ effectiveness. It is enough to find out ineffective ad campaigns and simply opt-out them. Thus, you can invest the rest of the budget to the most successful activities. Read below about the experience of an international company that provides satellite communications services and equipment for it. The one that managed to reveal weaknesses in the promotion strategy and wisely allocate the budget.

cae study Ringostat

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Case Study: How Promoting Low-frequency Queries Boosted Phone Calls from PPC by 48%

The case study of the online market of digital technology illustrates that low-frequency keywords can be way more effective than high-frequency ones. Let’s take a look at the experience of our client. 


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Call Tracking in the Logistics Industry: Proper Call Analytics and Creating the Effective Advertising

If your business is based on phone calls, call tracking solves many tasks such as increasing the advertising effectiveness, optimizing a marketing budget and improving the service quality. The case of logistics company demonstrates which results you may reach by using call analytics tool. 


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