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Case Study: How a Polish company tripled its callvolume handling without increasing workforce

Unlocking the potential for increased revenue lies in the simple act of being accessible to all potential customers. In the case of the Polish company Regeneruj, this accessibility is facilitated by Ringostat’s telephony solutions. With meticulously designed communication tools, their team of three managers efficiently handles upwards of a hundred daily calls, with call volumes steadily rising. Join us as we delve into how this partnership between Regeneruj and Ringostat exemplifies the power of responsive customer engagement in driving business growth.

About Regeneruj and the role of calls in its business

Step into the dynamic world of Regeneruj, where automotive parts aren’t just sold and repaired—they’re crafted into solutions. While their website has an extensive catalogue that lets customers explore and add items to their online baskets, the actual purchase journey starts on the phone.

Regeneruj specializes in non-standard and intricate services where each case is unique, so dialogue is the fastest means of connection. The sales managers and mechanics at Regeneruj don’t shy away from a ringing phone. In a world where communication happens mainly through texts and emails, they champion real-time interaction and spark connections that fuel success stories.

Typically, the sales process unfolds in the following stages:

  1. Initially, the customer inquires about a specific part’s price, availability, or repair suitability.
  2. Subsequently, company managers liaise with warehouses, wholesalers, or repair contractors.
  3. The company contacts the customer again after this, presenting an offer and disclosing the price.
  4. Finally, in the closing phase, managers follow up once more to confirm that the order has been fulfilled.

Indeed, closing a single sale often requires not just one but sometimes a dozen or more phone calls. This underscores the critical importance of Regeneruj’s choice of telephony solution.

What problems did the company face before connecting a virtual telephony 

Traditional mobile communication is not enough for Regeneruj, or any ambitious business, due to its limitations in managing the flood of client interactions. Depending solely on a standard mobile number poses the risk of missed opportunities, with callers potentially unable to connect to a busy manager. Furthermore, traditional mobile setups lack the flexibility to enforce efficient call routing rules. But there is a solution! Regeneruj can seamlessly manage call flows with virtual phone systems, giving commercial teams dynamic call distribution capabilities. It’s a paradigm shift in client communication, where missed connections become a thing of the past.

In July 2023, Ringostat demonstrated their platform’s capabilities, and we implemented them almost from the first glance.

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How the company handles calls through virtual telephony

As soon as a call comes in, customers are greeted with an engaging audio message featuring a voice menu (IVR) that helps them select the desired department by pressing a number. As soon as a call comes in, customers are greeted with an engaging audio message featuring a voice menu (IVR) that helps them select the desired department by pressing a number. 

After the warm welcome, the recording guides the customer of Regeneruj through an array of options:

  • parts restoration;
  • new parts;
  • technical support; or
  • complaints department.

Customers have the option to directly contact a specialised professional in their desired field by dialling the respective extension. This helps in avoiding call transfers and saves valuable time for both customers and staff. The seamless connection enables immediate interaction with no interruptions, allowing for efficient service delivery and ensuring a focus on providing exceptional service.

A call distribution system can improve service delivery by automatically forwarding calls to an available specialist if the initial manager is busy. This allows the company to avoid losing customers and ensures that an expert in the relevant service segment can meet the client’s needs. This system is particularly useful during busy periods like summer, when many customers may call about air conditioner compressor repairs.

case Ringostat, call forwarding
According to the scheme, the call is initially directed to the manager who is an expert in the relevant service segment. The call will be forwarded to other colleagues if the first point of contact does not answer within 30 seconds. Lastly, the call will be redirected to a backup phone number if they are also busy.

Phone calls and correspondence with clients via messengers in a single interface

The company uses the Ringostat Smart Phone application, which is a part of the Ringostat virtual telephony system. This app allows users to manage calls and messages in a single, convenient interface. For a brief understanding of the app’s functionality, let me share a quick overview. But, for a more detailed explanation, you can check out the article.

  1. Thanks to the latest tech innovations, reaching out to potential business partners has become easier than ever before. With just a simple click, managers can dial any phone number they come across while browsing the vast expanse of the internet. For instance, if an employee discovers a new parts supplier online, they can instantly connect with them by clicking on the phone number, which ensures timely outreach and helps them seize potential business opportunities without hesitation.
  2. When a client rings in, there’s no chance of missing it as an unmistakable pop-up notification attracts attention immediately.
  3. Support representatives can pause a call and transfer it to another colleague in a matter of seconds. For instance, if a customer contacts the refurbishment manager seeking help, but the requested part is beyond repair. Opting for a new replacement is the logical choice in such critical moments. Therefore, the call is seamlessly redirected to the sales team, experts in providing pristine new parts. This agile maneuver ensures a quick resolution and highlights the dynamic synergy within the company’s operations.
  4. The application has a dynamic feature that keeps track of every call and its status, guaranteeing no detail is overlooked. Managers can easily spot missed calls and quickly reconnect with clients with just one click. It’s a game-changer in staying ahead of the competition and ensuring every opportunity is seized before it slips away.

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How analysing calls helps improve service and mitigate risks for the company 

The Regeneruj team is relentlessly pursuing customer satisfaction, especially in the fast-paced automotive industry, where every missed call could translate to a lost opportunity. In moments of vehicle breakdown, customers can’t afford to wait, making swift responses critical. Management diligently monitors reports of missed calls to ensure no client slips through the cracks. Once a manager follows up with a customer, the missed call record vanishes from the report, saving valuable company time and streamlining operations. It’s a proactive strategy that keeps Regeneruj ahead of the curve, ensuring they never miss a beat in serving their clientele.

case, How analysing calls helps improve service
In the report, not only the fact of a missed call is recorded, but also the reason why the conversation did not occur.

In a bid to enhance team productivity, the company utilises real-time employee reports, offering a dynamic insight into their operations. By meticulously tracking the online activity of each manager’s SIP account and scrutinising the frequency and duration of calls made by individual employees, Regeneruj ensures a streamlined workflow.

case, summary statistics

As previously emphasised, the company maintains a dedicated complaints department, offering customers a direct avenue to voice their concerns. Whether requesting a replacement car part or providing feedback, clients have a platform to engage. What sets this process apart? The company meticulously reviews audio recordings of these interactions facilitated by Ringostat. This dynamic approach ensures that every customer query is acknowledged, thoroughly comprehended, and resolved.

Our impression of Ringostat can be briefly summarised in three points:

  • Excellent customer support
  • A functional and user-friendly app for call processing
  • A straightforward menu for profile settings and analysis

Advantages Regeneruj gains from Ringostat implementation

  1. Regeneruj’s incoming calls have shot up by a whopping one-third, promising more business without losing customers.
  2. Thanks to a user-friendly call app, order processing at Regeneruj has become quicker and smoother, earning high praise from clients for its simplicity and straightforward menu.
  3. Regeneruj doesn’t waste a second on social media. With messages visible directly on their Ringostat Smart Phone, managers respond promptly, giving them an edge over competitors who take their time.
  4. With Ringostat reports, Regeneruj can easily see which employees excel in client communication and who need a little help. It’s a simple way to keep the team on track and ensure customer satisfaction.

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