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Case study: how call tracking and telephony help a Polish telecommunications services portal

New services that make life and work easier are constantly appearing on the market. But not all of them are clear to the target audience. This is where a phone conversation with a service provider comes in handy. Similarly, when there are many offers on the portal and you need expert advice. Read a case study on how Ringostat telephony helped the TeleTropiciel portal build convenient communication with customers. And how call tracking can track advertising call sources and optimize campaigns.

About the project

TeleTropiciel is a portal aggregator of offers from providers. The main mission of the project is to help people looking for the Internet or Internet TV. The project was launched in 2021, and since then, more than 40,000 customers have used its services.

The visitor only needs to:

  • enter your city and street address;
  • select the desired service;
  • specify the price range;
  • choose an offer from those automatically selected by the portal.

The website provides not only information about the Internet speed or the number of TV channels, but also about all the bonuses and additional services included in the service price.

The main advantage of TeleTropiciel is the ability to easily compare the entire telecommunications market and order the service online. Users save a lot of time that they would otherwise spend on an independent search on the operators’ websites. In addition, the site visitor can immediately verify that the offers presented are available at his or her address.

case study, site teletropiciel

At the same time, the relationship between the portal and customers cannot be called “one-time”. Clients often return when the contract with the operator expires, and they need to extend or replace the service package.

Why TeleTropiciel needed call tracking

The portal is actively promoted online, attracting paid and organic traffic. TeleTropiciel uses Google Ads, engages in SEO, and publishes articles on its blog and in the media.

To successfully find customers through different channels and not overpay for it, the company needs to track conversions, i.e., user actions. Google Analytics partially solves this problem. After all, this system shows which online sources drive traffic, which is then converted into online orders. But in the case of TeleTropiciel, this is not enough, because some customers not only perform actions on the website but also contact by phone.

Not all people can understand which offer is best for them just from the description. In this case, potential customers contact the call center for advice on which provider is the best, cheapest, and most stable. TeleTropiciel’s team literally lives this and knows the smallest details, so they can provide good, personalized advice.

When a user makes a call, Google Analytics has no way of capturing it, especially not along with the source that brought the conversion to the call. It’s because the client simply dials the number they see on the website, and the web analytics system is only able to track online actions. Therefore, a session that ended in a call may look to Google Analytics as if the user opened the site and then simply closed it after a while.

TeleTropiciel was looking for a call tracking platform to get full-fledged analytics. Otherwise, advertising sources that generate only calls would be mistakenly considered ineffective. As a result, the company could have turned them off and thus lost customers.

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How call tracking is set up and what data TeleTropiciel receives

A tracking code from Ringostat was installed on the TeleTropiciel website, which replaces all phone numbers on the portal. As a result, different customers see different spoofed numbers instead of the company’s regular number.

case study, replacement phone number from Ringostat

This number is an indicator of which advertising sources the clientі came from. The information about it is pulled into Ringostat reports after the call. More details about this technology are described in the article “Call tracking: what it is, how it works, and its benefits”.

As a result, TeleTropiciel sees all calls, their duration, who answered the call, etc. in Ringostat reports. And most importantly, it is displayed for each call:

  • source;
  • channel;
  • campaign;
  • keyword — if the customer called from search contextual advertising;
  • button to listen to the audio of the conversation.
case study, ringostat statystics

Call data is also automatically transferred to Google Analytics, thanks to the integration of Ringostat and this web analytics system.

Knowing that certain campaigns generate calls and conversions, TeleTropiciel can allocate more budget to them. Or they can optimize the existing ones to generate more calls. For example, this can be achieved by adding keywords that have already proven themselves to ads.

Ringostat also helps to cut off untargeted traffic. TeleTropiciel provides services that may not be fully understood by a wide audience. That’s why it’s important that ads are worded as clearly as possible so that users don’t draw wrong conclusions from them.

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Customize telephony for better customer service

Call tracking is not the only product from Ringostat that TeleTropiciel has connected. After all, our platform covers three main areas: analytics, communication, and sales, forming a single ecosystem. Each product can be used separately, but it is their combination that gives the maximum result. That’s why TeleTropicie gets additional benefits by also using virtual telephony and Ringostat Smart Phone to communicate with their customers.

Let’s start with how telephony is organized in the company.

  1. When a customer calls, a message is played that prompts them to choose the reason for their call by pressing the appropriate number.
  2. If the customer is interested in selecting telecommunications services, they can contact one of the four call center employees.
  3. Some users are interested in solving technical problems, so they select the appropriate reason for contacting. But TeleTropiciel does not do this, as they are intermediaries between customers and operators. When an employee receives an emergency call, they immediately know that they have to explain the situation and direct the customer to the operator.
  4. If several customers call at the same time and the employees are busy, a call queue is activated. This functionality allows you to keep the customer on the line without irritation. In this case, Ringostat starts dialing all sales reps at the same time, and the first one to pick up the phone is the one who is free. While waiting, customers are shown pleasant music and a message that the operators are busy, and they need to wait.
case study, ringostat call queue
You can choose one of the scenarios according to which the call queue will work

As we mentioned above, the company uses Ringostat Smart Phone to handle calls. This is a program for making calls and working with CRM, which is more convenient to use than a regular phone. Let’s see what TeleTropiciel employees can do with Ringostat Smart Phone:

  • receive and make calls with one click;
  • see the entire history of communication with customers in a single interface;
  • miss a minimum of calls — even if the application is minimized, a pop-up notification is displayed for each call;
  • instantly transfer calls to colleagues, if necessary;
  • receive valuable insights about the client before the call is even picked up — what kind of request the client came for and from what advertising source, which pages of the website they viewed most often, etc.
case study, Ringostat Insider information
An example of conditional data that can be seen about a user in Ringostat Smart Phone before answering a call

All this makes the process of accepting orders more convenient and faster, which benefits not only the company but also the client.

Read more about the capabilities of this solution in the article “Ringostat Smart Phone 2.0: an overview of all the features for effective lead processing”.

Not only call center employees, but also top managers of the company work with call data. For example, Jakub Grzybowski looks at call data three times a week. Most often, he does so to listen to conversations.

The management also checks reports on missed calls, as the company makes sure that all requests are processed. If it becomes apparent that a lot of calls are being missed, top managers demand more attention from the team.

Below is an example of a report on missed unprocessed calls. As soon as the employee calls the customer back, the call record will disappear from this selection. Thanks to the fact that the team and management closely monitor the number of missed calls, this report contains no more than a few calls per day.

case study, ringostat report on calls

The marketing director constantly checks the work of the call center because it helps to maintain the quality of service. It is the most important for TeleTropiciel because good customer service encourages customers to return to the company. By listening to all conversations, management can find mistakes and work on them with the team to prevent them from happening again. Special attention is paid to whether the employee knows all the offers of partners and can offer the client not a general solution, but the best one for him or her.

General TeleTropiciel feedback on cooperation with Ringostat

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