Ringostat: a Year in the Life
  • 22.12.2016
  • Alena Voloshyna
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It was a busy year in the life of Ringostat, full of new features, updates and integrations. We worked hard to give you the best call tracking experience, the most detailed analytics, efficient customer support and relevant cases, that would help your business grow.



And now in the end of the year, we want to look back at the past 12 months and remember the most important events of 2016.

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Ringostat started the year with a big update: the new user interface. It was a huge milestone, which has changed the way our clients see our service — literally.

The update included:

  • new dashboard

  • call distribution report by day and time of the day

  • new type of reports: the multi-channel funnels

  • call log, out of beta-testing

  • improved call statistics data

  • faster user panel

    Thanks to this update, Ringostat has become quicker, more efficient and more easy to use.


In February, Ringostat launched the new mode of creating reports in the Call log. Users got the opportunity to filter the call log by the chosen fields for a specific type of report — all that just in several clicks.

06 (2)

We added some handy tags, that show the fields displayed in the report. A user only has to choose ‘Create new report’ from a drop-down menu and edit the settings according to his or her preferences, adding the report title, special filtration terms, and dragging new fields from the drop-down menu.


Furthermore, Ringostat made it possible to import and store the reports in several formats. You can download the data as both csv and Excel files.

Ringostat continued to improve the service by launching 6 important updates in spring. The new functions provided for more convenient transfer of funds, better communication with tech support and some other features for improved usability.

  1. The implementation of Paymentwall allowed to connect more services for transferring funds. Users are now able to use Yandex.Money, WebMoney, LiqPay and Qiwi along with PayPal, Visa and MasterCard credit cards.09
  2. Ringostat made all filters created for the projects personalized, and enable their displaying only in their creator’s account. It is possible to share the report with the colleagues by clicking ‘Share’ in the drop down menu. In this case, a specific link will be associated with a particular filter and copied into the clipboard. Your colleagues will only have to click it and finish the import procedure.

  3. New update also returned the opportunity of deleting the recordings of the phone conversations, in case they contain confidential information.
  4. Added volume regulation, while forwarding means that you are now able to adjust the excessive volume on the separate line directly in Ringostat.12
  5. Since March, you can contact the tech support team directly on the website, through the interactive chat window. It also serves as a convenient way of informing the users about new Ringostat updates.13
  6. Finally, FAQ and Knowledge Base are now easily accessible through the quick access toolbar in the bottom right corner of the website.



The stream of spring updates continued in April.

Ringostat users welcomed the long-awaited customization of callback widget. From then on, users can change the appearance of the widget button, choosing its radius and  color, and setting right and bottom margins to determine the position of the callback button on the screen and even select its language. This feature will be useful for those who want to match the callback button with their branded colors or alternatively, distinguish it from the website background.

One more feature — now you can set up a new whisper message that will be played each time before call agents pick up a phone. Thus, if a phone number is associated, for example, with a particular billboard or online source, call agents will know it before the conversation starts.

A useful addition to the report configuration feature: now you can send the reports with the information you choose directly to your e-mail. You can choose the time and regularity of sending, as well as specifying the information you want to include in it.

Finally, the last one in the list of April updates — the Call log pagination. As simple as it is, it is still tremendously useful for searching for relevant information and organising the Call log view on the page.




In the end of spring, Ringostat presented the integration with a web analytics platform Woopra.

It is a real-time customer analytics platform, that provides more in-depth and detailed reports than you would find in Google Analytics.
Woopra creates a detailed profile for each user showing all activities from website, mobile apps, email, live chat and help desk.It also allows segmenting customers, based on their behavior.
The service has a customizable analytics panel, where you can choose and highlight the most important data, and create completely customized reports. There are also funnel reports, that help to track customers on different stages of marketing funnel and a user-friendly live dashboard.

Thanks to the integration, Ringostat users can create customized reports with call analytics data in Woopra:


  • see the call activity of clients in their personal profiles:
  • 18
  • pin call reports to your Woopra Live Dashboard:


The integration helps Ringostat users to connect online and offline conversions, as well as receive most complete and relevant analytical reports.



In June, Ringostat presented another integration, this time with a web-analytics service Kissmetrics.

Kissmetrics provides visualization tools, web apps and mobile products for SaaS and e-commerce companies.These are complex solutions aimed at tracking and analyzing customer’s behavior on the websites.
The service offers a range of useful analytical reports (funnel, cohort, path, people report, etc.) As for engagement, Kissmetrics lets you create simple personalisation of advertising campaigns, send your clients retention messages, benefit from triggers and create different goal-specific templates with the help of a convenient design editor.
Thanks to the integration with Ringostat, the users of both services will be able to see in the Kissmetrics interface the phone calls as events:


In the end, users will be able to have reliable analytics, that includes phone calls as well as other forms of website activities, such as clicks and signups.


July brought Ringostat users even more statistics. This time, users got the opportunity to analyse the efficiency of the callback widget and make sure it drives calls to their businesses.

There are several reports:

  • Callback funnel — displays the 5 stages of actions that users take with callback.


  • Callback chart — present the same numbers as a chart


  • Callback statistics — allows seeing complete callback stats represented in a table, with the ability of applying filters to view only the data relevant to the user.


The in-depth callback statistics can help you to analyse the effectivity of this instrument and see the way it impacts your sales.


Summer updates did not end with callback statistics. Ringostat added two new call statuses for the calls with forwarding to extension numbers.

  • ‘Wrong extension’. This status appears when your client enters the wrong extension number. If there’re several attempts to enter the number, it works when the last one is failed.
  • ‘No extension’ means that the callers don’t enter the extension numbers at all. Similarly, if they have several attempts to enter the number, the status appears after the last attempt.

As well, there appeared new parameters in ‘Call statistics’. You can include the following parameters to your statistics table and chart:

  • Unique calls;
  • Percentage of calls with call value;
  • Percentage of targeted calls with call value;
  • Percentage of calls with agent evaluation;
  • Percentage of unique calls with agent evaluation;


In September 2016 the world celebrated the very first Call Tracking Day ever. This served as a perfect occasion to present a new, revolutionary tool in call tracking.

The Smart Sales Automated Workdesk (AWD) from Ringostat unites virtual PBX, CRM, call tracking and web-analytics system.

Beta version of AWD provides the call agent with real-time caller analytics — from aggregated data about all user’s sessions and his transactions, to detailed information about each session of such user.
In this way, AWD connects the dots between a caller and the information under their website visit as the call happens, while the call agent gets a full picture about a caller in real-time.  

For the first time in history of call tracking, Smart Sales AWD presented the opportunity to have an experience, which none of the advanced integrations between your CRM system, virtual PBX, call tracking service and a user-based analytics can provide.


In October, Ringostat decided to take care of the most annoying problem of sales departments – the missed calls. If a customer calls and there is no one to answer, he or she will leave. Possibly even to a competitor.

Specifically for coping with this issue, Ringostat developed a new feature.

The timing settings enables customization of the callback widget, which will not appear on the screen during the out-of-office hours. At the same time, missed calls during working hours will be better tracked.

Simply tick off the day and time, when you don’t want to receive calls from your customers.





In November, Ringostat decided to make the lives of the users a bit easier, by creating basic reports in the Call log section. There is no longer the need to spend time configuring filters for basic reports: now they are all available by default.

You can simply choose them from a drop-down menu:


The reports available are:

  • Target calls report
  • Report on missed calls
  • Report on calls from callback
  • Report on incoming calls
  • Report on outgoing calls
  • Report calls from PPC – pay-per-click ads.

Apart from catering to the needs of the clients, Ringostat also launched a program for its partners.

The first affiliate and influencer program will reward them for bringing loyal customers to Ringostat. It is aimed at both our current clients and those who are not working with us yet but can spread the word — bloggers, freelancers, media, and schools of internet marketing.
As a Ringostat partner and influencer, you can receive a 20% recurring monthly commission for all accounts that you refer to Ringostat.

All those, who would like to take part in this program should hurry: 20% commission is guaranteed only to for the first 30 partners.


In the last month of 2016
, Ringostat decided to make a special update for its users. This time, new features appeared for the voice menu and pre-set audio recordings.

Ringostat is one of a few services that offer customers pre-recorded voice menu templates. In the past, you could install the recordings only with the help of tech support. Now, you can do it on your own, just in two clicks.

You can install the following types of standard recordings:

  • greetings
  • Background sound
  • Answering machine greeting during office hours
  • Answering machine greeting for out-of-office hours
  • Voice memo for the call agent about callback request
  • Audio notification for the call agent about the source of the call
  • Categories menu after the call


And it’s New Year Again

The year has passed, and it has brought so many new features to Ringostat users:

  • New user interface
  • Even more analytics: multi-channel funnel reports, renewed call log and call distribution report
  • Customized callback widget and callback statistics
  • Integrations with Kissmetrics and Woopra
  • Smart Sales AWD
  • The affiliate and influencer program

We look forward to the New Year and more updates, features and integrations for Ringostat, that will help you set up omnichannel analytics and make your business grow.


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