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Tips to Improve Your Strategy. What Should Your Business Care About in 2021

Don’t promise yourself to “start a new life” every next year. Simply start 2021 with the right business strategy and tools that will help you to improve it. The Ringostat team prepared for you tips that can change your business and the way you work, so make sure you checked it out 🙂

4 Tips to Improve Your Strategy. What Should Your Business Care About in 2021

Revise your paid advertising strategy

It would be great if paid ads always bring you potential customers, and they will make purchases in one click. But in the real world, a part of customers call before buying, and advertising campaigns do not always bring targeted traffic. 

It may also happen that a customer clicked on your ad and then decided to make a call for an order. The thing here is that analytical systems may not track these actions as online conversion. That’s why you need to use call tracking to link a calling customer with his previous actions, as well as understand the channel that brought him. 

What is call trscking

If you doubt whether you need to track calls or not, ask yourself two simple questions: “do you launch paid ads, and do you receive requests from customers made by phone?”. If both are “Yes,” then you certainly need call tracking. 

Revise your paid advertising strategy

However, there are business niches that require call tracking more than others. These are, for example, real estate, home services, education, automotive sphere, and legal services. You can check this article to find out more about businesses that require tracking requests made by phone. 

Businesses that don’t track calls make their marketers blind as they don’t know which channels perform better and how to allocate the budget. Thus, they might simply waste the advertising budget or count on their instincts.

In other words, if you don’t track calls yet — revise your paid advertising strategy, as you might miss a part of requests. 


Provide your company with a stable connection

Any company starts its work by providing an office with the Internet. The number of opportunities and quality of virtual PBX determine the level of customer service and, therefore, profit for the business. 

What is virtual pbx

As the system connects in a day and does not require additional equipment investments, it is suitable for any working conditions of the sales department. This is especially relevant for 2021, as lots of the companies refused their offline offices, so they are working remotely. Let’s discover how the virtual PBX works. The scheme is rather simple: the customer calls you, the call is transferred to the virtual PBX, then it is processed and sent to one of your numbers, according to the call forwarding scheme you set. 

The way how virtual PBX works

Virtual PBX gives you an opportunity to launch the voice menu that will guide customers to the needed department. In this case, your sales reps or a person responsible for answering phone requests won’t have to say, “please, wait for a second, I will give a phone to our manager” — a customer will instantly reach the required person.  

There is one more valuable feature of the virtual PBX — call forwarding scheme. It allows you to create a special schedule for the work of your department, as it sets the procedure for receiving and processing calls, as well as numbers that will accept them. There can be any amount of such schemes depending on the needs of your business. 

What is call queue


Discover the work of call forwarding schemes in the article “Call queue — Don’t Lose Your Customers”

Reliability is an important quality of business telephony. If you remain without connection, even for several hours may influence your business and send customers to the competitors. That’s why the most important thing here is to choose a service that offers a stable connection. 


Offer customers multiple ways to contact you

If you have some standard ways for your customers to reach the company, 2021 may be the perfect year to add one more communication channel to your website 🙂 

What is callback widget

Callback motivates your site visitors to communicate with the company and increases the number of requests by an average of 48%, which is proven by our clients’ study cases. It also speeds up the processing of requests, as sales reps do not need to waste time processing requests via the form and call back each customer — in this case, the connection is automatic.

The callback widget works for businesses as it allows converting a larger percentage of traffic into real customers. At the same time, there is no need to change anything in attracting customers and investing additional funds in the advertising budget. Moreover, the callback is also an analytical tool. This is especially true for the callback form provided by call tracking services. In this case, you will be able to track the advertising source that brought the customer who ordered the callback. Thus, you can make a conclusion about the effectiveness of specific advertising channels.

How the callback widget works


Make sure you checked this article for more information about the callback widget 

Callback becomes an additional channel of communication with the most interested site visitors. According to statistics, from 9 to 10 cases, the call is ordered by warm leads. The callback form also reduces the bounce rate. If the buyer is confused about something, he will order a call rather than leave the site.

This widget is also needed for the convenience of users. They don’t have to search for your company’s phone number on the site and pay for a call if they want to ask a question. The callback allows contacting you much easier and faster. That’s why if you don’t use this tool yet, it definitely worth setting it up. 


Improve your social media strategy

Lots of companies launch ads on social networks to promote their services, products, etc. But your social media strategy can become even better if you would know the exact advertising channel that brought the exact customer. It is possible by using end-to-end analytics. It is a method of evaluating the effectiveness of advertising channels based on driven income.

End-to-end analytics shows how each ad channel worked and how much income it brought. That’s how you can measure the effectiveness of an ad based on ROI. The tool automatically consolidates data from your advertising account and CRM system, which gives you an understanding of sessions, calls, and targeted calls for each advertising channel within the reporting period.

Example of Ringostat end-to-end analytics report

Example of Ringostat end-to-end analytics report

With end-to-end analytics, you can reallocate the budget between different advertising channels to get more income, have a lower cost, create audiences for retargeting or remarketing, and use look-alike audiences, etc. Check this article for more information about end-to-end analytics. 

End-to-end analytics

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