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How much time and money will Ringostat AI Supervisor save for your business?

There are time and money costs that entrepreneurs consider to be an essential part of business. But this may not be the case if you arm yourself with modern technology. Companies that use Ringostat AI Supervisor have already seen this. Read how you can save money with its help: from the cost of a quality control staff to saving valuable working hours every day. The budget and time you free up can be used to generate even more profit.

Salaries for supervisors

Almost every company has a specialist who oversees call processing. Their work is mostly purely mechanical:

  • to listen to the conversation;
  • to note whether the manager performed specific actions during the dialogue, such as addressing the client by name;
  • to evaluate call handling according to particular criteria.

A supervisor or assessor is paid well for such routine actions, and often, more than one specialist is needed.

Example of supervisor salary, AI
Example of supervisor salary

Thanks to Ringostat AI Supervisor, you can save considerable money by entrusting call control to artificial intelligence. After all, it does this job even better than a human.

  1. AI transcribes audio conversations into text, analyzes them in detail, and gives employees a score.
  2. The solution uses your company’s evaluation criteria. As part of the Ringostat AI Supervisor service, we train it on your processes, such as conversation scripts, rules, instructions, etc.
  3. AI has flexible logic that considers many conversation scenarios. Let’s say three departments communicate with customers: a call centre, a sales department, and technical support. Ringostat AI Supervisor will understand which department is talking and use the necessary rating algorithm based on the conversation’s context.
  4. Artificial intelligence learns which sales rep actions should be awarded points. As a result, you will get a summary table with each employee’s performance.

In other words, Ringostat AI Supervisor behaves like a supervisor who has worked for your company for many years and knows its processes perfectly. But he or she doesn’t need to be paid a salary. For example, one of our clients, the educational company GoITeens, has already reduced its assessor staff this way.

Increased salary for supervisors with knowledge of foreign languages

If a company operates in foreign markets, it must also hire supervisors who understand local languages. Such a specialist is usually paid more. At the same time, the manager is forced to blindly rely on supervisors because they cannot check the quality of their work.

Ringostat AI Supervisor solves this problem because it understands 50+ languages. The solution can transcribe each conversation in the language of communication or translate it into English. For example, this is how our head of sales can control Polish-speaking managers.

💡 Analyse 100% of customer conversations with artificial intelligence

We will train Ringostat AI Supervisor to perform the tasks of your business

Time to control communication with customers, including during video meetings

Sometimes, a company doesn’t have a separate supervisor or assessor, and the head of sales is responsible for call control whenever he has time. For example, they spend two or three hours at the end of each day or every few days.

This approach has several drawbacks. First, imagine how many valuable things a manager or team leader could do during this time, such as improving conversation scripts, implementing new sales methods, or personally closing a deal with a significant client. However, the company loses profit whenever a top manager puts it off due to a lack of time.

At the same time, a lot of time “runs out” — even if you don’t devote the whole day to control. Let’s imagine there are 5 sales reps in the sales department, and you need to listen to at least two conversations from each of them daily. If the dialogues usually last at least 10 minutes, it turns out to be more than 8 hours a week — an entire working day. And you also need to give feedback so we get the following picture:

Ringostat AI Supervisor, how much time you can save

With AI Supervisor, you’ll save time because the solution analyzes 100% of your communications. You can even upload to Ringostat recordings of video meetings or any conversation recorded on a voice recorder, such as a video presentation, online lesson, consultation, etc. Artificial intelligence will analyze these files just like audio calls. The analysis results can be seen almost instantly in artificial intelligence reports.

The “cost” of mistakes

When conversations are listened to selectively, there’s always a chance that something important might be overlooked. For example, a supervisor listened to 10 well-handled calls; the fatal mistake was on the 11th. At the same time, there is no way to visually distinguish that any of the dialogues require attention. The only way to tell is to look for abnormally long or abnormally short dialogues, but this usually does not indicate anything.

If sales reps make mistakes and top management doesn’t notice, the company can regularly lose customers and profits. Moreover, dissatisfied customers can leave negative feedback and eventually scare away other potential customers.

Even if a supervisor notices a mistake, he or she must spend extra time to correct it:

  • provide a quote from the conversation;
  • record the time code when the error occurred so that the manager or supervisor can listen to the fragment;
  • write how the employee should have behaved ideally.

With Ringostat AI Supervisor, all this happens automatically. The solution considers mistakes for your niche, records them, and advises on how to fix them. It also “reads” the general mood of the conversation, the mood of the sales rep, and the mood of the customer. This allows you to notice situations where there were no formal mistakes, but the customer was dissatisfied, for example, if the employee was apathetic or not polite enough.

Ringostat AI Supervisor, sentiment
An example of conversation data recorded by Ringostat AI

Here’s a real-life example of how Ringostat AI Supervisor helps to avoid costly mistakes. One of the clients of our platform is a Bulgarian real estate agency. According to Bulgarian law, real estate worth more than 10,000 euros cannot be purchased for cash — even partially. Therefore, the AI had to track how the sales rep reacts when a client asks about such a possibility. Thanks to this, the company avoided the possibility of a high fine if a tax service representative called pretending to be a customer.

In addition, artificial intelligence checks the dialogue for other possible errors:

  • whether there was a misunderstanding — when a potential buyer asked about one thing and the sales rep answered about something else;
  • whether the employee offered alternative housing if the desired one had already been bought or the details of the primary property did not satisfy the buyer.

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Artificial intelligence trained on your instructions and conversation scripts can replace a supervisor.

No language barrier — AI knows 50+ languages, transcribes and translates all conversations for easy analysis.

Capturing a client’s portrait

Another thing that is essential for successful sales but requires additional time. Let’s imagine that a conversation with a new client has taken place. To record everything correctly and not forget anything important, the sales rep must:

  • listen to the conversation;
  • repeatedly dwell on the moments when the client says something important about himself or his company;
  • write it down in CRM.

If the conversation lasted 3 minutes, we add the same amount of time for listening and another 3-4 minutes for recording information. It turns out to be 7 minutes for a dialogue with each new client.

Ringostat AI Supervisor will handle this much faster—and without any sales rep’s intervention. As part of AI training, we will teach it to distinguish key information about your customers and record it in a separate section. The sales rep will only need to note and copy the information into CRM.

Ringostat AI Supervisor, anamnesis of dialogue
An example of a customer portrait. Ringostat AI Supervisor captured it after a conversation with a potential student of children’s IT courses.

Avoid spending on advertising that doesn’t work

Artificial intelligence will also be useful for marketers. After all, they must analyze calls periodically to understand the quality of advertising traffic. The combination of Ringostat AI Supervisor and call tracking will be useful in this regard.

Filter conversations from a specific source, channel, campaign, and keyword. Read the summary of the dialogue that artificial intelligence records. It can also indicate whether the conversation ended with an important event: invoicing, closing a deal, etc.

See what type of conversations from different advertising sources belong to. Ringostat AI Supervisor can be trained to categorize conversations into a certain type, such as a consultation, payment discussion, or clarification of transaction details. In this case, you can filter out conversations with the “Spam” status and analyze what kind of advertising generates them.

Analyze the keywords that artificial intelligence collects after a conversation. These are the words that appear most often in the dialogue. Knowing these keywords can help you expand the list of keywords or increase the budget for advertising products that customers discuss most frequently.

Let’s summarize: how much time and money you will save with Ringostat AI Supervisor

  1. Several thousand dollars can be saved if you entrust a supervisor’s work to artificial intelligence. If you need a supervisor who knows a foreign language, this amount can be even higher.
  2. If a sales department has 5 employees and needs to listen to at least 2 conversations per day and give feedback, AI will save more than 13 hours per week. However, this figure is actually much higher, as artificial intelligence analyzes 100% of all conversations.
  3. Ringostat AI Supervisor will help you earn more by avoiding mistakes that lead to customer losses. It automatically records shortcomings noticed during conversations and advises on eliminating them.
  4. Artificial intelligence will save you up to 7 minutes after each dialogue with a new customer. It will automatically build a customer profile from their replicas, so the manager won’t have to manually do it.
  5. The marketer will be able to make an informed decision about allocating the advertising budget. The combination of call tracking and artificial intelligence will help. AI will tell you which advertising sources generate spam and which bring quality leads. It can also identify keywords that should be used in advertising or products that must be promoted more actively.
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