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How AI Ringostat slashes call monitoring time by a third for a security firm

In the realm of security, robust support is paramount. It’s not merely about safeguarding assets but also about ensuring client safety. However, with hundreds of calls flooding daily, monitoring service becomes overwhelming. Human analysis can fall short, but artificial intelligence can step in seamlessly. In this article, we will explore SHERIFF’s trial of Ringostat’s Supervisor AI and call tracking technologies, which are revolutionizing security operations.

Project Overview

SHERIFF offers various security services, including surveillance, cash transport, demining, and complementary system sales. With a presence in the Ukrainian market since 2003, the company operates across over 20 cities, serving over 40,000 households.

SHERIFF specializes in selling complex goods and services that often raise numerous technical questions. Therefore, it’s easier for customers to discuss equipment installation terms and usage conditions through voice communication.

In an industry marked by limited demand and fierce competition, SHERIFF prioritizes two key factors:

  • delivering top-notch service quality to ensure customer satisfaction within the niche market;
  • strategically selecting promotional channels to avoid excessive costs while achieving the desired lead volume.

Client Objectives

In its initial phase, SHERIFF sought to streamline its operations by gaining insights into the origins of phone inquiries. Recognizing the need for call tracking, the company partnered with Ringostat to fulfill this requirement.

In a significant development, SHERIFF discovered that Ringostat had unveiled artificial intelligence capabilities embedded within their business telephony system. This revelation gave rise to supplementary objectives:

  • streamlining oversight of the support department;
  • enhancing managerial efficiency;
  • prompt identification and rectification of errors.

What insights did AI offer, and how did it streamline the company’s time management

The primary objective of Ringostat’s artificial intelligence is to streamline call analysis time while autonomously uncovering insights to enhance service quality. The platform uses AI technology to examine every call through its virtual PBX infrastructure meticulously. Although SHERIFF uses its proprietary telephony system, it was still easily integrated with Ringostat, which highlights the solution’s versatility and adaptability.

Conversion of spoken conversations into written text

The Ringostat AI solution is a game-changer in conversation management. It works by transcribing all calls that come through its integration with SHERIFF’s telephony, providing instant results. This eliminates manual listening, as the system quickly scans and analyzes every dialogue. Unlike traditional methods that only review portions of calls, Ringostat examines every conversation comprehensively.

Moreover, Ringostat’s AI-powered transcription feature effortlessly translates conversations into English by default, ensuring swift access. The conversation card includes a user-friendly player that displays the ongoing dialogue prominently. Users can interact with the transcript by clicking on specific sentences and instantly navigating the audio recording to the corresponding segment.

AI Ringostat, dialogue transcribation

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Ringostat’s AI-Powered Conversation Summaries and Keyword Analysis

Ringostat is a tool that can help save time by providing brief summaries of conversations instead of the entire dialogue. It uses AI to identify the important moments in the conversation based on context and records them accurately. This feature enables the management team at SHERIFF to understand the client’s inquiries and agreements made with the sales representative.

AI Ringostat, key points of dialogue

Additionally, AI records keywords, which are the main subject of the conversation: product or service. For example, ‘instructions,’ ‘fire alarm system,’ ‘cost,’ and ‘engineer dispatch’.

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Ringostat’s AI analyzes conversation tone and participant sentiments

It is essential for any company to be aware if their customers are dissatisfied. This helps them to quickly resolve issues and prevent customers from switching to competitors. It is equally important to recognize when a manager is irritated or apathetic, as it can leave a negative impression. Ringostat’s AI can assist with this task by automatically tracking the overall tone of the conversation, as well as the sentiment of both the customer and the operator.

For example, you can filter only those conversations where the employee was friendly, professional, and genuinely eager to help. And use these conversations to train new joiners.

Ringostat’s AI suggests next steps for sales representatives

Artificial intelligence is not only capable of analyzing conversations but also provides suggestions on what steps to take next. This is particularly useful when a sales manager is swamped and has not had the opportunity to document agreements with clients. It is also helpful when a new employee is uncertain about the best approach to take when interacting with customers.

Here are some recommended next steps that Ringostat’s AI advised the SHERIFF team to take:

  • schedule an engineer visit for battery replacement;
  • send the customer a bill via Viber and remind them about the option to pay through the app; 
  • arrange for a team to conduct a site inspection.

Ringostat’s AI automatically identifies errors and highlights positive moments during sales conversations

Customer conversations are like a maze of possibilities, but let’s admit it: navigating through them can sometimes feel like hitting dead ends. Supervisors spend ages sifting through dialogues that end up being run-of-the-mill, while the real game-changers with issues often slip under the radar if we’re not careful.

But here’s where Ringostat’s AI swoops in like a superhero, cutting through the noise to pinpoint those elusive errors with lightning speed. With its sharp algorithms, it’s like having a trusty sidekick that flags problematic conversations in the blink of an eye. And the best part? Management can quickly hone in on these flagged conversations, focusing their efforts where they matter most.

By tackling these challenges head-on with the team and making swift improvements, we’re not just polishing our service — we’re setting the stage for exceptional customer experiences that shine brighter. 

Additionally, AI doesn’t just spot errors; it also captures the bright spots in call handling. This helps us pinpoint and celebrate the team’s strengths, providing invaluable examples for newcomers. For instance:

  • a team member greeted the caller warmly;
  • swiftly and accurately grasped the customer’s inquiry;
  • the company rep skillfully handled the conversation and even pitched a new service.
AI Ringostat, sentiment of dialogue
Example of conversation data captured by Ringostat AI

Was the problem solved

Another crucial aspect of measuring service quality is AI’s ability to log the reasons and details when a customer’s needs are not met. This functionality allows for a quick review of conversations where the customer’s requirements were not sufficiently addressed. This expedites improvement and helps sales managers find necessary instructions or resolve complex technical issues. Ultimately, this leads to prompt assistance for customers and ensures their satisfaction.

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How Ringostat call tracking helped SHERIFF

The company’s primary promotion method is search, media, and targeted advertising. To gain insights into the effectiveness of specific campaigns and keywords in contextual advertising, the SHERIFF uses Ringostat AI call tracking, which involves installing a specialized script on the company’s website to substitute phone numbers.

When a customer dials one of these swapped numbers, Ringostat logs which ad generated the lead, SHERIFF, as a Ringostat client, consistently reviews call reports, identifies conversion rates, and pinpoints pivotal moments in conversations. This proactive approach aids in fine-tuning service and sales strategies, all while ensuring optimal allocation of the advertising budget.

AI Ringostat, analytics for marketer
Example of a marketer’s report where call conversion can be analyzed. The data in the report is hypothetical and provided for illustrative purposes.

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Impact of Ringostat AI implementation

  1. SHERIFF, using Ringostat’s AI tool, has been able to cut down sales department monitoring time by up to 30%.
  2. SHERIFF enhanced service quality, guided by AI insights, prompting the need for more elaborate responses from managers. They swiftly addressed this, boosting performance.
  3. Ringostat has enabled the company to track call origins with greater accuracy, moving beyond mere phone number presses and ensuring precise data on customer interactions.
  4. SHERIFF now strategically allocates advertising budgets across channels, empowered by informed decisions fueled by Ringostat insights.
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