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Ringostat AI Supervisor: analyze 100% of customer conversations with artificial intelligence

Ringostat released AI built into the platform’s interface almost a year ago. It analyzes phone calls, recommends next steps, and does much more. Now, we are presenting the Ringostat AI Supervisor service. This AI analyzes all communication and solves the problem of complete quality control for sales and customer service teams and call centers. At the same time, the service reduces quality control costs. We will train AI specifically for your company. Read how Ringostat AI Supervisor will improve the quality of service and help increase sales.

What you get with Ringostat AI Supervisor

Control 100% of conversations — including video meetings with customers

Even the most diligent supervisor cannot monitor all communication — there is simply not enough time. Moreover, attention becomes dull after a few hours of monotonous listening to conversations. As a result, the supervisor may stop noticing mistakes. With Ringostat AI Supervisor, you don’t have to worry about that.

  1. Artificial intelligence decodes and analyzes absolutely all conversations. You will be able to control every single replica of the client and manager. 
  2. No language barrier. Ringostat AI Supervisor understands more than 50 languages, transcribes each dialogue into the language of communication or translates it into English. This way, you can control conversations with foreign customers, even if you don’t speak their language.
  3. Ability to analyze video calls or audio recordings. Ringostat AI Supervisor will transcribe and evaluate them according to the necessary criteria, like phone calls. Just let our developers know what you need.

Without Ringostat AI Supervisor, you’re looking at the work of your sales team in 2D. And with it, you get a 360-degree view of communication with customers. We were the first among similar platforms in Eastern Europe to release artificial intelligence that analyzes conversations.

Saving time and costs

Ringostat AI Supervisor transcribes and analyzes the conversation without delay. The data is available almost immediately after the dialogue — no matter how long it lasts. So you can assess how your sales team is performing at any time. In the case of a supervisor, you would have to wait for him to analyze the conversations, evaluate the managers, and provide you with a report.

In addition, with AI Supervisor, you can reduce salary costs and achieve better results. One of our clients, the educational company GoITeens, is a real example.

💡 Analyse 100% of customer conversations with artificial intelligence

We will train Ringostat AI Supervisor to perform the tasks of your business

Full customization for your business

The Ringostat AI Supervisor service includes customizing artificial intelligence to meet your business’s individual requirements and peculiarities. If you don’t know how AI should work in your case, talk to our developers, and they will advise you on the best solution.

  1. Ringostat AI Supervisor will learn from your call scripts and internal rules and ensure that employees follow them. 
  2. If you sell different products and services, AI will understand which one you are talking about from the context of the conversation. It will then use the evaluation criteria relevant to this particular case.
  3. Ringostat AI Supervisor will record the conversation’s topic, such as clarification of details, invoice requests, consultation, etc. It will also record keywords mentioned in the conversation, such as product names.
  4. Artificial intelligence can distinguish between the different stages of a conversation inherent in your scripts. It understands when each stage ends and begins. It captures the main points of each stage, including key quotes from the manager.
Ringostat AI Supervisor, customization

Unique insights to increase the conversion of conversations into sales

A supervisor usually not only listens to conversations but also rates the manager and gives advice on how to close the deal. Ringostat AI Supervisor can do this even better than a human, as it takes much less time and considers all the nuances of your business.

  1. Instantly understand which dialogues require your attention and which do not. Ringostat AI Supervisor will record the mood of the conversation, whether the customer’s issue was resolved, and the probability of a sale. It will also give a score from 1 to 10, where 10 is a conversation that requires human control.
  2. Find out what mistakes the sales rep made during the conversation. After analyzing this, you can solve the problem that prevents you from closing the deal in time.
  3. Use the advice provided by Ringostat AI Supervisor. Your digital assistant knows how to close a sale. It will advise you on what to do after the call, such as studying the product features more fully, sending an invoice, preparing for a customer visit, etc.
  4. Get an automatic assessment of managers’ performance. Artificial intelligence will evaluate the conversation according to a checklist and display the total score for each employee. This way, you’ll see which team members need to improve their skills.
Ringostat AI Supervisor, recommendations and next steps

Who will benefit from Ringostat AI Supervisor

  • sales managers — to control the team, improve the quality of service, and increase sales;
  • heads of support departments — to monitor customer sentiment and ensure that specialists adhere to corporate standards;
  • marketers — to understand the quality of advertising leads, their needs, and trends that interest them.

💬 Improve service and increase sales with Ringostat AI Supervisor

Artificial intelligence trained on your instructions and conversation scripts can replace a supervisor.

No language barrier — AI knows 50+ languages, transcribes and translates all conversations for easy analysis.

How to connect Ringostat AI Supervisor

Go to the website to order the service. There, you can also request a consultation on the capabilities of our digital assistant. 

Remember that it can solve your business’s tasks. Just talk to our team and describe your wishes. Even if you don’t know it yet, we’re always ready to offer you the best settings. We have extensive experience with clients from different business niches.

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