How Virtual PBX Works and What Advantages It Delivers

Katya Chubuk
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The work for any company starts with providing an office with phone connection and internet. The features and quality of PBX determine the level of customer service and therefore, profit for the company. Today I’m going to tell you what criteria to take into consideration when choosing PBX for office and what to prefer between traditional and virtual PBX. 



What is virtual PBX?

In plain English, virtual PBX is a phone system that uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology for Internet calling. Unlike the traditional PBX, this type of PBX doesn’t require a large amount of equipment. A user may activate this PBX with gateways and special hardware or software. The connection happens through the local network or 3G/4G on the smartphones of employees. To learn more about this connection, read this post about SIP phone system.

Virtual PBX has many functions of mini PBX but it doesn’t require specific high-cost equipment and complex technical equipment. It allows to create office or call center in any part of the world without a connection to certain physical address. Moreover, it lets provide a company with phone connection very fast.

Here’s one more great advantage of virtual PBX. Thanks to the connection over the Internet, users have access to the detailed statistics on calls. After every incoming call, users may see in the interface of PBX the time of the call, its length and even waiting time. Also, it’s easy to view the phone number of the caller and which call agent answered the call.

If you need to get more detailed info about advertising source of the call, you have to use call tracking service. Call tracking not only collects the statistics about inquiries over the phone but even identifies marketing channels which made customers pick up the phone.

Advantages and opportunities of virtual PBX

  • It’s much cheaper than to set up traditional PBX. You simply need to pay a low monthly fee for service, equipment, and internet.
  • High-cost hardware, gateways, and connectors. You can make calls using your laptop and headset.
  • Virtual PBX is easy to set up and doesn’t require extra efforts.
  • If your company has branches in different locations, virtual PBX helps unite them. All employees will be integrated into one network.
  • There are specific settings for efficient tracking the contact center operators. Thus, you may increase the service quality.

What to choose between traditional and virtual PBX?

Your choice must depend on the business peculiarities, scale, topic, goal and tasks. You may take the advantages of traditional PBX only if your company uses the professional and powerful equipment. Unfortunately, only big business can afford it because setting the traditional PBX  requires a lot of time and money. In that case, traditional PBX has following advantages:

  1. You independently control phone connection not depending on third-party service issues. However, when something is broken, you’ll have to recruit experts for additional payments.
  2. It delivers advanced opportunities for customization. Using virtual PBX you depend on service functionality to choose needed options. Traditional PBX may be adapted to your business needs.

However, traditional PBX have some contras:

  1. It’s linked to the physical address (employees may make and answer phone calls even when they are in the workplace).
  2. It doesn’t provide detailed reports on calls.
  3. It’s complicated to set up. Also, you need to have expert responsible for this kind of PBX.
  4. High-cost equipment.

Moreover, when moving you have to set up phone system again. Old phone numbers won’t work in the new office.


Choose the type of PBX basing on your needs, opportunities, and ambitions. Virtual PBX is accessible, flexible, simple and fast to set up. Maybe it would be better for you to go with traditional PBX if you’re ready to release a considerable amount of money for powerful equipment. Make a right choice and get a good phone connection. 


  • Braden Martin

    Great article! And, VoIP is great and it has really helped people to communicate all over the world with less prices.

  • nancynorway

    Nice post
    Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Nowadays any type of business required the quality of business phone systems and VoIP phone services.

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    Cloud PBX help us to communicate with clients employee easily .Just need to buy virtual numbers and take all benefits in monthly low cost. Superb Technology.

  • virtual numbers

    Cloud PBX help us to communicate with clients employee easily .Just need to buy virtual numbers and take all benefits in monthly low cost. Superb Technology.

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