Ringostat Insider 2.0: even more information on a customer and a higher probability of the closed deal

Alina Ostapenko
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In May Ringostat released a new instrument — Virtual PBX 2.0. At that time already, our clients were able to discover a lot of useful things about calling customers right online. Ringostat Insider a sales rep assistant helps them with it. How to use its data to make easier the process of deals closing will be the best illustrated by reference to a practical example.

Ringostat Insider 2.0

First of all, we will briefly remind you of Virtual PBX 2.0 benefits. As Ringostat Insider and Ringostat Smart Phone — an “intelligent” phone in the browser, include its functionality.

  1. Using Ringostat Smart Phone, on average, a sales rep saves about five working hours per month. He doesn’t need to copy a number from a website each time, then paste it to a dialer or enter in the phone. Only one click is needed on the number placed on any website — and Ringostat Smart Phone is already calling. The same principle is working with a deal card in the cloud CRM.
  2. Instant transfer to the CRM. In the integration with such a system, a sales rep can open the deal card or contact in one click, if an existing customer is calling. To do so, it is enough to click on a link that is placed in the Ringostat Smart Phone workplace. It is also possible to address a customer right by his name, as it is already presented in CRM and will be displayed during a call: Ringostat Smart Phone - instant transfer to the CRM
  3. Data on a calling customer. The Ringostat Insider workplace automatically opens at the moment of the call from a user. The detailed information is displayed there: what was the request that brought a customer to the website, which pages did he viewed more often, the page where he is at the moment, the location, etc.

Ringostat Smart Phone - data on a calling customer

All this increases sales rep effectiveness. The third paragraph may be useful while closing a deal. As an employee already knows the customer’s preferences, his readiness to make a purchase, what to offer him additionally, etc.

Read more on the opportunities of this instrument in the article “Ringostat Virtual PBX 2.0. Both the sales reps assistant and phone in your browser”. But better register and try it for free during the first two weeks of usage.

Ringostat Insider 2.0: new opportunities

It is useful to have information on a customer that is shown at the moment of a call, however, there is one thing. Until a customer dials the company’s number, the employee has to deal with documents or cold calls. And it’s not a fact that this will drive sales, as the sales rep is talking to people who still don’t require a product.

With Ringostat Insider 2.0 you won’t need to wait for a call. Take initiative at the moment when a user is fully set up for a purchase.


How it works

In Ringostat Insider appeared a new tab — “Identified customers online”. By opening it, you will see the most interested customers that are on your website right now. These are people who at least once called your company. The information can be updated by the second open of this tab. 

The following data is displayed by each user:

  • phone number;
  • the page which customer is viewing at the moment;
  • date of the last call;
  • a number of viewed pages per actual session.

It is also possible to call each customer in one click or send the SMS if you have an integration with the Infobip service.

Sorting by date of the last call

You can sort the list as it is convenient for you, for example:

  • by date of the last call;
  • by the number of pages viewed;
  • by interaction time.

In the workplace, it is also displayed how many identified customers are there on the website at the moment.

NB After a visitor quits the website, the information on him is displaying in Ringostat Insider for 15 minutes. By this time, a customer still doesn’t forget about your product and you can get him back.


How Ringostat Insider 2.0 can increase your sales

    1. Proactivity. Sales reps are independent of inbound calls from customers so they can be the first ones to start a dialog. As a result, you can close more deals than when an employee “waits for his ship to come in”. 
    2. Contact with warm leads. You don’t talk to the indifferent audience but to those once who has already called you and is interested in something on your website. This is an opportunity to convert leads that are presented in your funnel by now. Instead of attracting new leads via advertisement and pay extra money for it.
    3. Request right at the time. You call a customer exactly at the moment when he considers the purchase. Probably a person is choosing a product and he needs a small side push to close the deal. 

The main advantage of Ringostat Insider is added to everything mentioned above — you see detailed information on a user. This allows building a conversation as you are “guessing” customer’s thoughts and get directly in his needs. This approach will set you apart from competitors and will help to make the final decision in your favor.

Data that are displayed by a specific customer

Examples of data that are displayed by a specific customer

Example of Ringostat Smart Phone 2.0 usage

We will take an online store of sports equipment as an example. There are few calls from customers at the beginning of the working day. Thus, a sales rep can switch to outbound requests. He opens a tab “Identified customers online” on Ringostat Insider and sees that at the moment, the website is visited by 16 people.

Firstly, the sales rep decides to call the ones who have viewed the most pages. As it is clear that such a person is choosing a product. That’s why he sorts the list by date of the last call.

Ringostat Smart Phone 2.0 sorting options

A sales rep clicks on the green clock icon “Get customer history” that is displayed in the list, on the right from a phone number. The consolidated information on a customer and his previous sessions is opened. An employee pays attention to the following data:

  • a customer has already called for two times;
  • he has viewed 25 pages during three sessions only since the first visit — all of them are dedicated to accessories for swimmers;
  • a visitor came from the campaign focused on swimming equipment and by a request “to buy goggles”;
  • meanwhile, he was watching not only pages with goggles — top 5 of the most popular pages includes: bathing suits and caps, a customer was watching some of these products for three-four times.


What are the conclusions that a sales rep makes

  1. A customer is rather highly interested. He has called several times and viewed a lot of pages for three sessions only. It means that there is a sense to call him and induce the purchase. 
  2. He is interested in products for swimming in a pool.
  3. There is a chance to increase the check size. Initially, a customer visited a website to choose goggles but then he was attracted by other products. It means that he can be offered to buy all of them — probably, he needs the whole equipment.


What a sales rep does

  1. Once again opens a tab “Identified customers online”.
  2. Clicks on the receiver icon and Ringostat automatically makes a call: Where to find Call the customer button in Ringostat Smart Phone 2.0
  3. An employee is presented and says: “You have called to our online store. Probably, you would be interested that our range of products for the swimming pool has expanded. We give a 5% discount if you buy at least two items from this category”.
  4. A sales rep knows that a customer needs not goggles only. Thus, he easily convinces him to buy a bathing cap and suits as well. So he “won’t miss the discount and won’t pay twice for the delivery”.
  5. Result: a customer is satisfied that he was called right in time and there was no need to enter the number and explain what he needs. A sales rep is also satisfied as he closed the deal and increased the check size.


  1. A lot of people who decided to make a purchase are not ready to call and make an order. They need a bit push so the deal will be closed. Don’t wait for them to request you — call these customers on your own via Ringostat Insider 2.0.
  2. A feature shows users that have called you and are presented on a website at the moment. You can get a session history of a specific customer, send hm SMS in one click or call back.
  3. Due to Ringostat Insider 2.0, you refer to the most interested users right at the moment when they are absolutely ready to make a purchase. It is more effective than a reference to a cold audience. 
  4. You can quickly open the information on all sessions of the customer. See how many times he called and which pages with products viewed more often. Understand which advertising channel brought him to your website. Make conclusions about whether a user is interested in one or several products.
  5. Ringostat Insider 2.0 allows being independent of customers’ inbound calls. You increase the conversion of leads that are already presented in your sales funnel. Increase the check size, make an upsell or cross-sell, knowing the preferences of your potential buyer.

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