Hitting $1m in ARR in Call Tracking Space: an interview with Alexander Maxymeniuk for Nathan Latka’s “The Top” podcast

Olga Feoktistova
07.11.20182,049 views Write the first comment

If you are somehow related to the IT and haven’t discovered Nathan Latka’s podcasts yet — you haven’t lived. Nathan Latka is a founder and CEO of Heyo, a service that helps create fan pages, Facebook contests, and mobile-optimized landing pages. He is an expert in Facebook marketing, social analytics and social selling, author and columnist. Alexander Maxymeniuk, the founder and CVO of our service was a guest on one of his latest podcasts.

nathan latka ringostat

The thing is that Latka really means what he says: in his 20s he’s built a team of 25 and a company that generated over $4.5 million revenue, and attracted over 10,000 paying customers from 160+ different countries.

And now he willingly shares his success secrets and industry insights with his followers. He invites world’s TOP entrepreneurs to tell in his podcast ‘The Top’ what, how much and how they are selling. If Oprah gets 60 minutes or more to make her guests comfortable to then ask tough questions, Nathan does it all in less than 15.

Ringostat founder Alexander Maxymeniuk also didn’t elude this in his interview for The Top. So, if you want to find out information and figures about our company never yet announced — click here.

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