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Case study: telephony and Ringostat Smart Phone for an insurance application

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It may seem that customers and companies in the digital sphere don’t communicate by phone at all. Especially when the interaction takes place through an app. But this is not the case at all, and Ensuria‘s experience proves it. Read how Ringostat helps to attract new customers and quickly process requests from existing ones, which is extremely important in the insurance industry. After all, people prefer to call n a critical situation to get help quickly.

About the project and its approach to insurance

Ensuria is a fully digital life and healthcare service. This Estonian-Ukrainian tech company entered the market in 2020 and already serves 30,000+ users from 100+ organizations. Ensuria provides teams of its clients with health and liability insurance, travel insurance, and mental health care services.

The app offers its services to several categories of customers:

In addition, Ensuria cooperates with insurance and other companies and partners around the world. These are travel agencies, banks, airlines, etc. Let’s say a person gets sick while staying in any country. The client just needs to contact Ensuria, and they, through their partners, will take care of medical transportation to a specialized clinic and the help of doctors. Even if the accident happened in a place far from civilization.

This is how users interact with the company:

As practice shows, the app is not the only channel through which communication with customers takes place. In addition, the company needs to communicate not only with existing but also with potential users. All this led to the fact that Ensuria began to look for business telephony.

Why Ensuria needed telephony, and why the company chose Ringostat

The telephone is an important communication channel for attracting new customers to Ensuria. The sales team calls in cases when:

They needed telephony to solve such problems, designed specifically for lead processing and communication with existing customers. Therefore, Ensuria initially connected the Binotel service, but it lacked integration with the CRM used by the company.

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How to work with calls in Ensuria

Three employees of the company work with Ringostat telephony. Each of them is responsible for a specific group of clients, so they have separate call-forwarding schemes set up. That is, each manager has a separate number to call from and to receive calls. Statistics on all calls are collected in the Ringostat call log.

You can see in it:

Ensuria employees also use Ringostat Smart Phone, a convenient program for making calls and working in CRM. With its help, you can:

According to Ensuria’s experience, Ringostat Smart Phone is especially convenient for remote work. After all, managers can easily make and receive calls from anywhere in the world. All they need is headphones with a headset and a laptop with Ringostat Smart Phone installed and a network connection.

Integration with NetHunt CRM

NetHunt CRM is a customer relationship management system for small and medium-sized businesses. It combines CRM capabilities with the functions of G Suite applications and Gmail, leading the customer through the sales funnel directly from email.

The latter is especially important for Ensuria, as well as the fact that it has ample opportunities for flexible funnel customization.

By integrating with Ringostat, the company will gain additional benefits.

  1. The entire history of phone communication is automatically recorded in the customer’s card. You can see how many calls were made as part of the transaction, whether there were any missed calls, whether the manager called again later, and so on.
  2. Audio recordings of calls are automatically transferred to CRM. Therefore, a team leader can listen to the dialog at any time and track how the negotiations are going. 
  3. For the sales team, this is also an opportunity to listen back and analyze the conversation. 
  4. For example, when they need to return to a client after a while and remember what was discussed last time.
Example of call data transferred from Ringostat to NetHunt CRM

Call data to control the work of the sales team

The team lead and his team analyzes the call report once a week. After that, they discuss the previous week’s achievements. Particular attention is paid to the total number of calls and the number of clients they managed to reach. This helps to understand how the funnel is filling up, which determines how many deals the company will be able to close at the end of the month.

The sales team also focuses on the employee performance report. It helps to understand the productivity of each manager. This report shows the following data on incoming calls from customers:

Managers can see the team’s outgoing calls:

You can also see how much time each employee spent on calls in total. This way, management understands which team members are more busy.

Excerpt from the employee performance report

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