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Why the Ringostat Smart Phone app is convenient: customer experience

Ringostat Smart Phone has undergone a radical change from a browser extension to a full-fledged application. We’ve already written about all its features and their value for sales teams. And today we’re going to talk about what our customers appreciate about the new version of Ringostat Smart Phone. Read and test these useful options on your projects.

It is always important for us that Ringostat products are not only modern and technologically advanced. They should primarily solve the problems of our users. Therefore, during the development of Ringostat Smart Phone, we conducted research and interviews to better understand the needs of our customers. When the app entered the beta testing stage, we invited companies for a test drive. In this article, we will tell you what users especially appreciated and why it might be interesting for you.

An application, not an extension, is an additional plus

If you’ve used Ringostat Smart Phone before, you’ll remember that it used to be a Chrome browser extension. But this had a number of disadvantages:

  • Ringostat Smart Phone was heavily dependent on other technology — for example, errors could occur when Chrome was updated;
  • users had to keep the browser open all the time;
  • when we needed to implement an update, our team had to interact with the Chrome web store every time, which took time.

Now Ringostat Smart Phone is a full-fledged app that is installed on your computer. You can download it on our website here. This autonomy has already been positively evaluated by our users. In particular, they liked several things about it.

  1. You don’t need to keep the browser open all the time when you’re working in an accounting program, for example, and not in it. And vice versa, Ringostat Smart Phone does not interfere with navigation in Chrome if the user is not currently making a call. 
  2. You can enable the program to start automatically as soon as you start working on your PC. This way, you will be connected even if you have not opened the browser.

High-quality connection

Almost all users appreciated the better call quality in the new app. Moreover, it is less dependent on the stability of the Internet, compared to the times when Ringostat Smart Phone was a Chrome extension.

Another customer also mentioned the quality of communication as a major advantage. He said that even when he connected the router to the power bank during a temporary power outage, the connection still remained at a high level. And customers could hear the voice clearly.

Another customer noted that the Ringostat Smart Phone app connects to the client much faster than the previous Chrome version. At the same time, she noted the perfect call quality and the absence of extraneous noise, even if there are problems with the Internet.

If the Internet quality is really critical or if there is a malfunction with the microphone, the app will immediately warn you. This way, you’ll know what the problem is in time to fix it so you can continue receiving calls.

Ringostat Smart Phone, sound and connection notifications
Notifications about communication or microphone issues are displayed in the app header

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Clarity of the interface and ease of use of the application

We always emphasize that using Ringostat Smart Phone is easier than using a regular phone. And it’s not just empty words. Our users all answered that they immediately understood how the app works, easily logged in and instantly figured out what to do with it.

As another of our clients said: “Installing the program and logging in for the first time was just like with any other program, nothing too complicated. I found everything in the interface and everything is very convenient to use.”

If you haven’t encountered Ringostat Smart Phone yet, let us briefly remind you what it consists of.

Ringostat Smart Phone, interface of the app
  1. Settings. Here you can choose the application language, and status, adjust notifications and sounds, specify what information will be displayed in certain sections, etc.
  2. Interface for dialing a number. Here you can enter or copy the customer’s number. However, we remind you that it is most convenient to call with one click. Just click on the number posted on any website or in the contact card in CRM and Ringostat Smart Phone will automatically start the call.
  3. Messenger. The section where you can correspond with leads from different messengers in a single interface. We’ll talk about it in more detail below.
  4. Call history. All calls that have been made or missed. We will also talk about this in detail below.
  5. Customers on the website. It shows all potential customers who have already called and are currently on your site. A phone number is displayed for each of them. After all, you can immediately call the visitor at the moment when they are most interested and looking at your products.
Ringostat Smart Phone, clients on site
  1. Contact book. All colleagues and departments that use Ringostat Smart Phone are displayed here. You can easily call each of them, view information about the department or employee, or transfer a call from a client to them.

As one of our clients noted, it’s really convenient to call — you don’t need a regular phone. This is an indispensable thing for a sales manager. 

Users especially like the crocodile that greets you when you open the app


Ringostat Smart Phone, mascot crocodile

Users also noted that Ringostat Smart Phone does not have any technically difficult and incomprehensible settings. Everything that is available is designed to solve practical tasks that are familiar to you.

Customer communication history is always at hand

Our customers’ experience shows that the history of all calls collected in one place is really convenient. You can easily jump to dialing a customer’s number and see who you’ve contacted before. Even if you’re distracted by another call, the call history helps you quickly refresh your memory.

Another important feature of Ringostat Smart Phone is the ability to see missed calls. If a customer doesn’t get through, you can respond quickly.

Let’s see how it works. Go to the “Call history” section, which is divided into two tabs: “My Calls and Missed Calls.

Ringostat Smart Phone, call history

The first tab contains calls that you made. The second tab contains calls that managers missed and then never called customers back. In both tabs, you can click on the three dots to the right of the contact and:

  • call the client;
  • view insider information about the customer: which advertisement they came from, where they were during the call, which pages of your website they viewed, etc;
  • copy the number.

The ability to handle calls, correspondence, and see information about users – all in a single interface

Everything is clear with calls from Ringostat Smart Phone. But this is not the only channel of communication with customers available in the app. And our platform users appreciate it.

The first advantage mentioned by Lyudmyla is the ability to correspond on Ringostat Smart Phone. This will come in handy if your company has corporate Telegram, Viber, and Messenger. As our client rightly said, with our app, you no longer need to keep them all open in order not to accidentally miss a message from a customer. With Ringostat Smart Phone, everything works like this:

  • a widget is installed on your website, by clicking on which a visitor can write to your messengers;
  • messages from Telegram, Viber, and Messenger come to the manager directly in Ringostat Smart Phone;
  • the employee can respond to customers without switching between several messengers right there;
  • when new customers write, the manager sees a notification about it and all dialogs are added to the queue;
  • the employee can gradually take them into work, and will definitely not forget about anyone.
Ringostat Smart Phone, dialog with the client

The second advantage mentioned by Lyudmila is the display of detailed information about the client. This is a cool option that will allow you to literally “get into the mind” of a potential buyer and immediately hit their needs. This not only saves time but also increases loyalty and the chances of a successful sale.

When a customer calls, the interface opens immediately, where you can immediately see:

  • name if the user has already been added to CRM;
  • phone number;
  • source, channel, campaign, and keyword in contextual advertising that brought the customer;
  • buttons to go to the deal in CRM, lead or contact card;
  • user’s location;
  • browser type; 
  • device;
  • number of calls in the last seven days — the period can be changed in the settings;
  • the last page the customer visited on your website and how long they spent on it;
  • number of visits to the site;
  • all previous sessions of the client — if you click on each of them, you can see detailed information about a particular visit.
Ringostat Smart Phone, insider info

Insider information can also be found in other sections. For example, if you click on a customer’s number in “Call history”, as we showed above.

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Flexible additional settings

We have always been in favor of allowing our customers to manage almost all settings on their own. And Ringostat Smart Phone is no exception. Therefore, in the settings section mentioned above, you can change 18 parameters.

Our customers have noticed how convenient it is that you can change statuses. For example, if you click “Do not disturb” at the end of the day, the app will reject calls. You won’t be distracted, and the person won’t waste their time listening to long ringtones.

You can choose other statuses besides “Offline”:

Ringostat Smart Phone, settings

Another convenience is that you can choose “Do not disturb for 1 hour” or “Do not disturb all day”. When this period expires, the status will automatically change to “Online”. You don’t need to keep it in mind and change it yourself.

Users also appreciated the ability to change the call sound. This can be done in “Settings” —  “Notifications and sounds” — “Ringtone settings”. You can also change the volume if you wish:

Ringostat Smart Phone, ringtone setting

In addition, in the settings, you can:

  • choose whether the application will be displayed on top of all windows or not;
  • change the language;
  • disable push notifications for Messenger;
  • configure how information from the Insider will be displayed: for what period, how many sessions to display, whether to display the “Summary” block, etc;
  • set up call history;
  • set up telephony — for example, whether to reject incoming calls when the manager is already talking to someone.

All these features of Ringostat Smart Phone are waiting for you. Don’t hesitate to test them on your project, as this app will greatly simplify the work of managers and save a lot of time. Go to the website and start improving lead processing and earning more today.

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