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Ringostat Smart Phone is now an app: even more productivity for your sales team

Imagine a perfect app for a manager to communicate with clients and colleagues. One click is enough to dial a number, and it’s almost impossible to miss a call or chat message. But it’s quite possible to close more deals thanks to useful insights into the interests and intentions of your interlocutors. Such an app has already been created — Ringostat Smart Phone. Read how it will help you work even more productively and impress your customers.

What is Ringostat Smart Phone

Ringostat Smart Phone is an Easy-to-use softphone for calls and work with CRM. Indeed, it is more convenient to process calls with it than using a regular phone.

Our regular customers may rightly say: “But Ringostat Smart Phone existed before, didn’t it?” This is true. But until recently, it was a Chrome browser extension. And now it is a full-fledged application for: 

  • receiving and making calls; 
  • sending messages; 
  • analyzing valuable insights about the interlocutor, and much more. 

The application format is much more convenient to use. But the capabilities of Ringostat Smart Phone are not limited to comfortable calls and correspondence — the manager gets additional benefits. And most importantly, customers will be satisfied. Read about all this below.

Benefits that a manager gets with Ringostat Smart Phone

Saving time

We have calculated that thanks to our app, each manager saves 5 hours of working time every month. How do we do it? 

The fact is that without Ringostat Smart Phone, employees spend precious seconds and minutes every day on monotonous and invisible work. Such as copying or manually dialing numbers, searching for the contact cards in CRM during each call, and constantly monitoring messages in several messengers simultaneously. Our app greatly simplifies, if not eliminates, these routine actions for the manager.

5 extra hours can be used much more efficiently. For example, you can call at least ten clients.

Customer loyalty

Surprising customers is easy. All you need to do is pick up the phone quickly. And not make the other party wait for a long time until you can transfer the call to the right manager. You can immediately address the caller by name and even remember the details of previous dialogs. Understand the customer’s needs and offer something really useful to them. 

With Ringostat Smart Phone, such communication will no longer be an unattainable goal but will become a daily standard of work. You will quickly gain the trust of your customers. Especially in comparison to other companies that are not in a hurry to respond and do not try to make a positive impression at all.

Labor productivity

Selling online or over the phone is more difficult than selling directly, as in a market or a regular store. The manager does not see the buyer, and cannot make a rough guess about their needs and intentions. This complicates the sales process — you have to ask a lot of questions before you can make an appropriate offer. 

This is where Ringostat Smart Phone comes in again. Unlike a manager, it “sees” a potential buyer. And even before picking up the phone, it gives valuable information about them, which will help the employee immediately lead the conversation in the right direction. Without guesswork and unnecessary questions. 

More successful sales for more money — this ambitious goal will become a reality with Ringostat Smart Phone.

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Briefly about the capabilities of the Ringostat Smart Phone

Now let’s take a closer look at the app’s functionality, which will make the manager’s work fast, convenient, and productive.

Calls in one click

Forget about copying and adding numbers to the call bar. And even more so about rewriting numbers from website or CRM pages manually. With Ringostat Smart Phone, you can dial any number with one click. After installing the app, all phone numbers on websites will become clickable. You just click and the app makes the call.

Ringostat Smart Phone, one-click call from the website

Receiving incoming calls is also extremely easy. First, you’ll receive a push notification about the call, even if the app is minimized. So don’t worry about missing a call while you’re working with other services or sites. Click on the notification and answer the call with one click.

If it’s not the first time the user has called, you’ll immediately see their name – the data from CRM will be pulled up. You can pleasantly surprise your interlocutor by addressing them by name.

The entire history of calls that you have made, received, or missed is available in a separate tab in Ringostat Smart Phone — Call History. As always, this data is also available in Ringostat reports in your account.

Call history in Ringostat Smart Phone
Call history in Ringostat Smart Phone

Correspondence with users of different messengers in a single interface

Business usually tries to communicate with customers through all possible channels. The flow of messages at the same time is a common thing for an employee. But it is important to keep track of everything and respond on time.

Ringostat Smart Phone helps here as well. Messages received in Viber, Telegram, and Facebook are displayed in a single application interface. So the manager does not have to constantly “jump” between several windows to write responses everywhere. It’s also impossible to miss a new request — a push notification will instantly notify you of it.

ringostat smartphone pop up

It is convenient that Ringostat Smart Phone “remembers” the history of communication with each client. The manager can load the previous dialog and recall the details to build the current conversation taking into account the context. Also, the entire communication history is stored in the standard Ringostat report — the Message Log.

“Reading the minds” of customers for successful sales

When you get an incoming call, try to guess who is calling you, what is the user’s interest? How warm is this potential customer? What kind of product or service was he looking for on your website? Perhaps he was comparing several items because he couldn’t decide. Or maybe he’s ready to buy several products at once. This kind of mind reading is quite possible. 

To get the above and similar data, you need magical powers… Well, or a Ringostat Smart Phone 🙂.

The app collects and transmits useful information about each caller to the manager. The employee will know even before picking up the phone:

  • from which country and city your client is calling;
  • how many times they visit the site;
  • from which source they came — down to the keyword if they came from contextual advertising;
  • what they were interested in, which product pages they viewed;
  • whether they have called before, etc.
Ringostat Smart Phone, Ringostat Insider

This information helps to start a conversation in the right way. For example, a manager sees that a customer is calling from a promotional offer page. And they can immediately tell the customer about the details of the promotion and offer a great deal. Or the app shows that the user is looking at camping tents, comparing several items. So, they are interested in traveling or preparing for a trip. So you can help them choose favor of a more expensive tent that is more practical and functional. You can also offer a sleeping bag and a mattress pad to maximize comfort during the trip.

Ringostat Smart Phone insights are useful not only for sales managers to understand customer needs better and thus sell more. This information is also useful for marketers to understand which channels are more effective in attracting interested users.

💰Increase sales team productivity with the convenient Ringostat Smart Phone app

Make and receive calls, correspond with customers — all in one interface


Get valuable data about the people who call you to close as many deals as possible

Convenient communication with colleagues

Some companies still have printed lists of colleagues with extension numbers on their desks. If you need to contact Johanna, the accountant, or John, the logistics manager, you need to find the three-digit number on the list and dial it on your phone. That’s the quest 🙂

Ringostat Smart Phone will help you organize modern and convenient communication between employees and departments. You can contact a colleague with one click. Or even with the entire department, if it doesn’t matter who exactly will answer.

You can also easily transfer calls from customers to the right employees. You can do this in two ways: immediately or by talking to a colleague to alert them and tell them about the details of the call. 

Meanwhile, the client will listen to pleasant music, not whispering and rustling. And when Ringostat Smart Phone connects to the right employee, the person will not have to explain all the circumstances and reasons for their call again. The manager will already be aware of the matter. And this, again, will improve the customer experience.

Ability to “see” website visitors who have previously called

Imagine: a visitor has been browsing your website for half an hour. They’ve read the product description, found out the prices, and read the reviews. It would be quite appropriate to make an unobtrusive step towards them — to say hello, ask clarifying questions, and offer a solution.

This is possible for Ringostat Smart Phone users. The application “sees” and “recognizes” your current customers who have already called you before when they visit your website. So you can call them right away.

Managers also have access to detailed insider information about the current visitor:

  • city and country;
  • the page the user is on;
  • advertising source of the referral;
  • top 5 pages viewed by the user;
  • information about the user’s previous sessions.

You can not only “intercept” a customer who is browsing your site right now, but also have a thoughtful conversation with them, offer the best solution, and satisfy their needs.

Ringostat Smart Phone, clients on site


  1. The updated and expanded Ringostat Smart Phone now works as a full-fledged application. 
  2. In addition to the convenience of making calls and processing messages, the tool also provides managers with additional benefits. It helps to improve customer service and increase customer loyalty, manager productivity, and saves working time.
  3. With the app, you can easily make calls directly from websites, CRM, and email in one click. It is also easy to receive incoming calls, and it is almost impossible to miss a call.
  4. All messages received in different messengers can be processed in a single window. It saves the manager from unnecessary work and also speeds up responses to each incoming request.
  5. Ringostat Smart Phone will show you which customers are currently on your website. You can call them right away and surprise them. Learn useful insights about your interlocutors before the conversation even starts — this will help you better understand each customer and make really valuable offers.
  6. Ringostat Smart Phone is also a convenient communication tool within the company. Call a colleague in one click, and easily transfer an incoming call to the right employee. The whole team will work more efficiently.
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