November Updates — New Algorithm for Recurring Payments and Double Substitution by User’s Location

Katya Chubuk
29.11.20171,578 views Write the first comment

In November, the British celebrate Guy Fawkes Night, Bonfire Night or Firework Night.

Actually, Ringostat also has a reason for celebrating and sharing our good mood with you this month.

Meet four eye-popping updates for easy and smooth working with call analytics.


Deposit amount is displayed in Funds


After the transaction, Ringostat users can see the amount of their payment. To view this, go to Funds —  Transaction History. At first, you’ll see the total amount of deposits and charges. Then you can open the detailed report to see:

  • payment amount in a project’s currency;
  • date and time;
  • сomments.


New algorithm for recurring payments


A month ago we released the update that allows to pay by card and customize recurring payments. It’s possible with a Stripe payment method. This update was being tested for month —  and eventually, we changed its algorithm a tad bit.

From now on, if the recurring payment is activated, there will be three attempts for the withdrawal, not one as previously. Firstly, the system tries to withdraw the payment 2 days prior to the expiration of the paid time. If this attempt didn’t succeed (for example, you didn’t have sufficient balance), it will be repeated the next day. If nothing changes, the last attempt will be made 1 hour prior to the expiration.

Every time users get the email about an upcoming payment. It helps recharge the project’s account in a timely manner while avoiding the loss of call reports.

Changed notifications about project expiration


This update is relevant to the projects without recurring payment and those who have a 14-day free trial. Users will get email-notifications that if the project isn’t extended, it will be sent to archived or unpaid projects.

Thus, Ringostat clients will know when the project expires. They will receive a few notifications:

  • if the recurring payment is disabled —   7 days, 3 days prior to expiring and on the day of sending the project to archive.
  • if they have 14-day free trial —  3 days prior to expiring and on the day of sending the project to archive.

Double number substitution by visitor’s location


Ringostat constantly improves the algorithm for determining the website visitors’ location. Thanks to this, the system shows local numbers for substitution.

When a website visitor sees the local phone number, he’s more likely to call.

This algorithm reduces the geolocation inaccuracy. It applies when using the script V4. From now on, the visitor’s location is checking out in two steps:

  1. The system determines a user’s location by his IP address. It has the information about visitor’s city, country etc.
  2. The visitor sees the pop-up window which clarifies information about his location. Client pushes the button Allow Location Access and if the data about location differs from IP, the number is substituted again.



This update is helpful if your clients use VPN. Without clarification of the location, prospects would see the phone numbers of other countries and get confused.  

That’s all for November. We kindly ask you to write us if you’d like to improve some our features or add new ones. We’re always open for the dialogue. 

P.S. Remember, remember the 5th of November. 😉 



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