Digest of Ringostat updates for October 2019

Alina Ostapenko
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Sum up Ringostat updates of October. Manual upload of costs to end-to-end analytics and the new feature of Ringostat Smart Phone to increase website conversion and decrease the number of missed calls. Upgraded integrations with Pipedrive and amoCRM and a new page on our website.

Digest of Ringostat updates for October 2019

  1. End-to-end analytics: opportunity to manually import costs.
  2. Ringostat Smart Phone: the display of the data on customers that are on the website, and new push notifications.
  3. Integration with Pipedrive 2.0 and transfer of data on costs to end-to-end analytics.
  4. Management of the action “Create a call” for integration with amoCRM.
  5. Information on the security on the Ringostat website.


1. End-to-end analytics: opportunity to manually import costs

Let’s begin with the most global update of the month. An opportunity to manually upload costs has appeared in Ringostat end-to-end analytics. This will be useful for companies that promote on platforms apart from Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and Yandex.Direct. End-to-end analytics will automatically count the cost-effectiveness of investments in such promotion channels.
It can be done in the Integration section — Import of costs. This paragraph is at the bottom of the list. Click on the download icon and choose a required file on your computer:

Import of Costs in Ringostat account

If you have issues with the import of costs — text our chat and technical support will provide you with instructions. You can also read more in the article “Ringostat end-to-end analytics changes its beta-testing status — receive even more opportunities.”

2. Ringostat Smart Phone updates

Display of the data on customers that are on the website 

A new tab “Identified customers on your website” appeared in the Ringostat Smart Phone extension. The list of users that are now on your website and have called your company at least once is presented there. Data are displayed in real-time.

New tab in Ringostat Smart Phone


The following information is available by each customer:

  • phone number;
  • page viewed by a user at the moment;
  • date of the last call;
  • a number of viewed pages during the current session.

Ringostat can sort the list for your convenience. Choose users that will be displayed on the top of the list. For example, the ones who have recently visited a website or made the greatest number of calls, or longer than others interacted with the resource.

On the screenshot above, you can see three items in front of each contact. By clicking on them, it is possible to make the next actions in seconds:

  • view the history of customer’s visits and calls, check whether this contact is presented in CRM;
  • call the customer;
  • send SMS.

Thus, you see potentially “warm” leads and can promptly contact them right at the moment when they are considering the purchase. This will help to persuade customers in your favor. The example of the feature usage is described in the article.


New push-notifications from Ringostat Smart Phone

We take care that you don’t miss any call. That’s why a new option has appeared in Ringostat Smart Phone. If an employee turned on a computer, opened the browser but didn’t log in to the “intelligent” phone, the push notification with a reminder will appear. Accordingly, a sales rep won’t forget to turn on Ringostat Smart Phone and will process all inbound requests in time. If it’s needed, push notifications can be shut down in our extension settings.


3. Integration with Pipedrive 2.0 and transfer of data on costs to end-to-end analytics

The integration of Ringostat and Pipedrive has appeared in February of 2017 yet. The advantages:

  • automation of the sales department work — contacts, deals and tasks are created right at the moment of the call, it means that a sales rep doesn’t have to manually enter the information;
  • comfortable control of employees’ work — recordings of conversations with customers are attached to each deal, a manager can easily evaluate the professionalism of a specific sales rep;
  • understanding of the marketing budget allocation — data on the advertisement: source, channel, campaign, and keyword are automatically transferred to the deal card.

Integration with Ringostat is also presented in the Pipedrive marketplace

If you follow our updates you might notice that we constantly improve the functionality of integrations. And Pipedrive hasn’t become an exception. This month, the integration with this platform became even more flexible. All updates described below can be tested in the Integration sectionPipedrive 2.0.


Changes in the updated integration with Pipedrive 

  1. The transfer of revenue to Ringostat end-to-end analytics. After the deal is closed in Pipedrive, the information on an advertisement that led to sales is driven. End-to-end analytics automatically counts ROI, cost of the proper call, etc.
  2. Flexible customization of the integration logic. Set on your own what will happen after this or another action. This will help to customize the integration directly to your business processes.Example of the integration logic
  3. Transfer of data on calls to the required funnel in Pipedrive. You can choose on your own where to transfer calls. In the previous version of the integration, the deal could be transferred to the funnel only by the rule “the number that the call was made to”. Now the rule can be customized by any of the call parameters. For example, requests of all new customers can be transferred to the “First contact” funnel. 
  4. Sending additional information from Ringostat to the CRM. Select data, besides the default ones, that need to be transferred from Ringostat and to which field in the CRM. In the “Sending additional information to Pipedrive” section, you can set any deal parameters.

Sending additional information from Ringostat to the CRM


4. Management of the action “Create a call” for integration with amoCRM

We have mentioned above a matrix where you can set the integration logic. For now, there are expanded opportunities for amoCRM. It is possible to manage in the same matrix the event “Create call” in this CRM — a new column appeared to do so. Simply put ticks in the required rows. There are green circles in front of each of them. They are tooltips with a hint that appears when you move the mouse over.

Management of the action “Create a call” for integration with amoCRM

IMPORTANT: an action can be chosen only for events provided after the call.

The integration is able to automatically create a call under the following circumstances:

  • after a missed incoming call;
  • after an incoming call answered by Manager;
  • after an incoming call answered by Responsible Manager;
  • after a successful outbound call from Responsible Manager;
  • after a successful outbound call from Manager;
  • after a missed outbound call from Manager;
  • the call is accepted/made by an unknown employee*.

*If a user created a SIP account and didn’t connect a Manager (sales rep) to it, the call from/to such account is considered as the call accepted/made by an unknown employee.


5. Information on the security on the Ringostat website

Data security has always been one of the main Ringostat priorities. Now we decided to tell more about it to potential clients and simply to all visitors of our website. A new Security tab has appeared on it. You can find it in the Resources section.

Ringostat's security section


We are always ready to help you with the implementation of any of the described updates. Simply text our chat.

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