Digest of Ringostat updates for February 2020

Alina Ostapenko
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Now Ringostat can connect a website and CRM system in ten minutes and without involving a programmer. It saves your time due to the more comfy navigation and reports available for all projects. We have also changed the design of the home page of our website. As usual, these updates are free for you, and we can help with their implementation.

Digest of Ringostat updates for February 2020

1. Data transferring to the CRM while filling the online form on the website.

2. Display and storage of “Constant” data type during the integration with the CRM.

3. Option “Make the report available for all projects”.

4. Opportunity to hide a chart in the Analytics section.

5. The new home page on the Ringostat website.

6. Changes in the Ringostat account.


1. Data transferring to the CRM while filling the online form on the website

We just want to remind you that Ringostat has integrations with CRM. These integrations work due to the “smart” logic. For example:

  • lead/contact, deal, and task are created by the fact of the call — these parameters won’t be duplicated if a customer is already registered in the database;
  • the call is instantly transferred to the responsible sales rep;
  • the task “Call a customer back” is created if a user didn’t reach the company, and many more.

In February we went even further. Now the integration logic is not connected with calls only. Ringostat can connect CRM and websites without a programmer. And it will take only ten minutes.

The integration logic works the same as the one for filling out forms on the website. For now, this update is available for amoCRM, Pipedrive, and Bitrix24CRM. It works the following way:

  • a user opens the website;
  • fills out a form, for example, online request;
  • based on this information, a contact, task, and deal are created in the CRM;
  • the information on the ad source, channel, campaign and a keyword that brought a lead are transferred to the CRM.

It’s you who decide the conditions and actions that will be created after the form is filled out. To do so, simply put ticks in the matrix of the integration settings. Consider pop up hints and set required actions in the row “On sending a form from the site”. 

Matrix of the integration settings


Due to this update, deals that didn’t have phone conversations yet will be considered in the end-to-end analytics. Let’s say, a user filled out a form, chatted online with a sales rep and then bought a product. End-to-end analytics will consider channels that contributed in the deal close, and will automatically count ROI.

There’s a separate block “Sending data from your forms’ fields to amoCRM” created to manage this feature. It will be displayed when you activate integration with forms on your website. In this block, you need to mention which data to transfer and to which fields in the CRM. Or use settings available by default:

Sending data from your forms' fields to amoCRM


2. Display and storage of “Constant” data type during the integration with the CRM

Constant is named fixed value.

We added such a type of data so you can save your time while configuring data transfer from forms. As you can see from the screenshot above, you can select a constant in a separate block.

Thus, the value that you enter will transfer to the CRM. For example, you can enter in the constant “Source of the deal” — “From the form”. After that, you will see an additional field in the deal created by the message from the form. That’s how you will easily separate it from other deals. You can do it this way:

Display and storage of “Constant” data type during the integration with the CRM

Simply enter any text in the field “Sending value” and it will be displayed in your CRM after the user will fill out a form.


3. Option “Make the report available for all projects”

You can not only create your reports in the Analytics section but also see them in other projects where you have access. This will help to save your time and to consult the most useful samples that you have set.

Let’s say, you are an agency specialist and you know from your experience the profit of the report on proper calls from mobile traffic. You can create such a report for one of the projects and then choose it in other projects from the drop-down list of the Analytics section.

How to do so:

  • go to the Analytics section and click “Create a report” in the right upper corner;
  • set required parameters;
  • put a tick in the checkbox “Make the report available in all your projects”. 

Option “Make the report available for all projects”

If you edit or delete such a report in one project — changes will be applied for all projects. These general samples are mentioned in the drop-down list with the “Share” icon.


4. Opportunity to hide a chart in the Analytics section

Now you can hide the chart if it is needed and instantly see the table with parameters. To do so, click on the arrow next to the “Chart” on the top of the Analytics section. After that, the chart will be minimized. It will be as well minimized when you open the section next time.

Opportunity to hide a chart in the Analytics section


5. The new home page on Ringostat website

We discover the user experience of our clients and constantly changing to make it better. This time we make a global update of our website’s home page. What we have added: 

  • a detailed description of Ringostat products — you can define the feature that suits exactly you and why it is so;Ringostat instruments
  • full description of tasks that Ringostat can solve for you;
  • we collected our advantages for you to better understand why exactly our platform is suitable for you:Ringostat benefits


6. Changes in the Ringostat account

Over the years of work, in Ringostat account appeared lots of new sections and menu items.  That’s why we updated it so you will spend less time searching for a required section. For now, menu items are divided into the blocks depending on a feature.  

Changes in the Ringostat account


We’ll be happy to read a comment or your feedback about our new navigation :) 

Digest of Ringostat updates for february 2020

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