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Ringostat mini-CRM: a handy tool that is always at your fingertips

міні-CRM Ringostat

It is often said that a CRM system is a must-have for a business. But many companies work without one. With the Ringostat application, you will have your own mini-CRM, which is easy and convenient to use. In addition, it is absolutely free for our users. There are no complicated settings, additional fees, or unnecessary features. Create contacts with a single click during calls or socialising. And always have quick access to them.

What is Ringostat mini-CRM

Don’t have a CRM or don’t need one for your small team? Or do you have a CRM but want to keep customer data at your fingertips? For example, in the interface from which you call or email customers. Then you will definitely appreciate our new functionality 🙂 

Mini-CRM is part of Ringostat application for convenient work with calls and messages in messengers. It can be downloaded on the website.

One of the application’s tabs is the Contact Book, which contains the “Customers” tab. This is a mini-CRM where you can view the list of your customers, information about them and perform additional actions with contacts.

What are the advantages of mini-CRM

  1. Quick access to customer contacts. You can always see the list of people you have been in contact with. You can perform additional actions with contacts with one click: call, send a message, etc. If you don’t have a CRM, the app will help you store customer information without worrying about getting lost. It is much more convenient and safer than writing down information in a notepad or spreadsheet.
  2. Ability to create contacts at the moment of communication. Decide for yourself whether you need a specific customer contact or it is an untargeted lead. We have ensured you can instantly save contacts in the mini-CRM during a call or correspondence with a customer.
  3. Work with leads in one window. Constantly switching between multiple tabs steals your time. And with Ringostat application, you can save it and spend it on sales. Store contacts in a mini-CRM, make and receive calls, and correspond with messenger users — all in one interface.

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How to work with mini-CRM

Creating contacts

IMPORTANT: if you have Ringostat integration with your CRM system, contacts from it will be automatically pulled into the contact book along with customer names. However, you cannot create contacts in the Ringostat application. Everything described below works if you do not have CRM integration.

Contacts can be easily created right during or after a conversation with a customer.

To do this during a call, tap “Create Contact” on the call screen:

You can also do this in the Call History section by pressing the three dots next to any contact:

You can do the same in the open dialogue under the Messenger tab:

Below shows how to create a contact in the Clients on Site section of the Ringostat:

Reminder: Clients on Site section shows users who have previously called you and are now on your site.

If you have specified the client’s full name in the mini-CRM, this information will be displayed in this section when the user visits your site. So you can easily remember which “warm” leads are now viewing your site. And you can immediately address a potential customer by name if you call him.

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Additional actions with contacts

You can quickly perform specific actions with contacts, as in a regular CRM. To do this, go to the Contacts bookClients tab. Here, by pressing three dots against the desired contact, you can:

An example of a contact card that can be edited

Don’t forget — for the mini-CRM to appear in your application, you must download its latest version on the website

If you have any questions, our technical support is always available in chat in your Ringostat personal cabinet, by phone, or on Telegram.

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