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How Ukrainian IT school using AI Ringostat cuts Sales Manager oversight by 10x

Ringostat emerges as a trailblazer in Ukrainian tech innovation, revolutionising the landscape of business telephony. With the introduction of artificial intelligence integration last year, our platform redefined efficiency by saving clients’ time in overseeing sales departments and call handling. But we’re not stopping there. Ringostat is groundbreaking, with a revolutionary custom AI service designed for comprehensive customer communication analysis. Which moves to revolutionise supervisor roles, minimising their support needs to unprecedented levels. Through a compelling case study featuring Hillel IT School, which has a complex employee performance evaluation system, we delve into how AI seamlessly adapts to diverse business landscapes, setting a new standard for productivity and innovation.

About Hillel IT School and Reasons for AI integration

Hillel IT School has a reputation as a leading talent incubator in the tech industry in Ukraine. It made its mark in 2012 in Odesa and has since expanded to Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, and Kharkiv. With a team of over 400 professionals, the school offers courses in programming, testing, and management, catering to a diverse range of age groups, from children to adults. Graduates of Hillel IT School are sought after by industry giants like Samsung, OWOX, Ubisoft, Citrus, and ROZETKA.

The weekly hustle is palpable at Hillel IT School as several thousand calls flow through its channels, all orchestrated by Ringostat business telephony. Yet, this torrent of communication once burdened the monitoring process with significant time constraints. Picture this: a mere 10% of the 2000 weekly calls amounts to a staggering 40 calls daily. Each customer dialogue averaging 5 minutes, even at double speed, demands two and a half hours of dedicated attention. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg; assessing sales managers against a myriad of criteria and providing constructive feedback adds another layer of complexity to the mix.

Previously, there was no guarantee that all essential moments would be noticed. Since calls were listened to selectively, valuable insights or mistakes could quickly go unnoticed.

Upon discovering Ringostat AI capabilities, Hillel IT School embraced the opportunity to streamline monitoring and elevate its effectiveness. They set forth the following objectives:

At the outset, Hillel IT School was captivated by the prospect of artificial intelligence integrated into the Ringostat interface. However, with Ringostat developers bringing their wealth of experience from previous educational projects to the table, they identified the necessity for a bespoke solution: Ringostat Supervisor AI. Amidst the forward-thinking environment of Hillel IT School, discussions delved deep into the school’s goals. In response, Ringostat unveiled a visionary strategy: customising AI to harmonise with the school’s internal criteria, poised to elevate both efficiency and effectiveness to unprecedented levels.

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Automatic transcription of conversations into text

AI technology can convert conversation recordings into text, saving time and making it more convenient for those who prefer visual information over auditory. Transcription also allows for easy searching of specific words or phrases in the dialogue, such as a course name. Management can use this feature to copy and send disputed moments in the dialogue to a sales consultant to discuss and improve the situation.

It also ensures team compliance with the school’s regulations. For instance, a consultant at the Hillel IT School should not make promises like, “Choose this specialisation, and you’ll earn $3000 per month.” The school encourages informed educational decisions, so specialists must thoroughly assess potential students’ skills, expectations, and goals. This ensures that clients receive customised knowledge that helps them achieve their full potential.

Analysis of conversation stages

Hillel IT School briefed Ringostat on the essential conversation stages typically encountered, such as:

Furthermore, the school shared conversation scripts with Ringostat Supervisor AI developers. The tool monitors sales managers’ adherence to these scripts at each stage. The Ringostat Supervisor AI feature outlines the employees’ actions during each phase and delivers a corresponding quote with its timecode.

Captivating key dialogue moments

Not every conversation demands a deep dive. Often, all you need to know is how it wrapped up and whether it warrants further attention from management. Enter Ringostat Supervisor AI, analysing dialogue context and capturing its essence. Moreover, it’s tuned in to critical moments vital for Hillel IT School:

But that’s not all — this AI powerhouse doesn’t just stop at summary. Once the start date for new courses is locked in, it maps out the following steps, from follow-ups to client outreach. It’s all about ensuring no deal-sealing actions slip through the cracks.

Furthermore, the Ringostat AI tool captures the essence of the conversation. Nothing slips past its radar, whether it’s a query for more details, sealing a deal, discussing course schedules, or sorting out payment specifics. This enables the filtration of dialogues based on specific topics, prioritising analysis accordingly. For instance, pinpointing which deals are on the verge of closure ensures proactive decision-making at every turn.

Handling objections

Not every aspiring student jumps at the chance to enrol immediately. That’s where the art of objection handling comes into play. At Hillel IT School, consultants are armed with a playbook of common objections and strategies for countering them. With Ringostat Supervisor AI in the mix, it’s all about tracking how the team responds when faced with hesitations from potential students.

Below, we delve into an example of addressing a client’s objection that the course schedule does not always align with their availability.

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Conversation and Sales Rep performance assessment checklist

Every conversation follows a series of stages. Sales representatives must navigate through each of them — it’s the key to fully understanding the client’s needs. However, not all stages are created equal in terms of their impact on the sale. For instance, whether a deal gets sealed often hinges more on whether the consultant schedules a follow-up call than on the mere exchange of names.

In a collaborative effort between Hillel IT and Ringostat, each stage has been meticulously analysed and graded. Employees earn points for executing each stage correctly, while deductions are made for missteps or missed stages. Here’s a glimpse into the assessment criteria:

The overall conversation score is derived from the cumulative assessment of these individual items. Each individual’s performance is evaluated based on the aggregate scores across multiple conversations. This data-driven approach allows the IT school’s management to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Customer Profile

To nail course sales, you’ve got to nail the customer profile. But are you jotting it down manually during conversations? Not exactly a breeze. That’s where Ringostat Supervisor AI swoops in, making it a hands-free affair. As the client speaks, this AI feature sifts through the dialogue, extracting vital nuggets of information and neatly tucking them away in a dedicated section. From there, it’s a cinch for management and sales representatives to dive in, review, or port it over — straight into the CRM system. Dynamic sales? Check. Streamlined processes? Double check. Thanks, Ringostat Supervisor AI!

Identifying the sales conversation tone of voice

In the realm of dynamic conversations, keeping the client satisfied is principal. A single misstep in tone can derail a deal, regardless of procedural correctness. Ringostat Supervisor AI is analysing not just dialogue content but also mood dynamics. It’s the ultimate mood ring of sales, detecting shifts in tone and ensuring smooth sailing. With this savvy tool, preemptive problem-solving becomes the name of the game — like offering a bonus when clients hit a rough patch.

Results of implementing Ringostat Supervisor AI: Customer feedback

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