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Start the Eternal Friendship by Integrating Call Tracking with CRM

Despite the power of analytics platforms, they don’t take into consideration the information on calls. Conversely, call tracking services to know everything about calls but they don’t connect calls with direct sales. Of course, you may collect data from these systems separately and then analyze it. However, it needs a lot of time. To solve this problem, we’ll cover how to make it in a few clicks. Curious? Let’s jump right in there. But first, let’s clarify why integrating call tracking with CRM is so crucial.

Why analyze the work of a sales department?

According to our research, 30-100% of online sales happen via the phone. If you get incoming calls from your customers, you should know the answers to these questions:

  1. Do your sales managers do their very best to communicate with customers properly?
  2. How many calls and sales does your advertising channels convert?
  3. How does your pipeline look? Can you control a customer journey from call to purchase in real time?

If you’re not aware of it, your business isn’t functioning at full strength.

The heads of sales departments always worry about the level of professionalism of their managers. It goes without saying, but their mistakes lead to lost leads.

Why integrate call tracking with CRM?

CRM and call tracking have similar functions:

  • automation of the sales department;
  • reporting;
  • control of managers.

Call tracking & CRM integration is a good solution to fill in the gaps and automate the workflow. Owing to this, calls are taken into consideration and automatically displayed on CRM.

Here’s how it looks.

Integrating Call Tracking with CRM

CRM & call tracking integration allows:

  • transfer call metrics to CRM including data on ad source;
  • display a status of deals in real time;
  • automatically create contacts, deals, tasks;
  • send notifications about a need to call back unanswered clients;
  • allocate tasks among managers by a clever algorithm;
  • save all the information about deals and contacts including call recording and easily filter out;
  • visualize a pipeline with the call data.

Just imagine how much time managers would waste on similar tasks.

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Most important criteria for advanced integration

  • opportunity to transfer data by Webhooks. In this way, data is forwarded to the CRM in real time and your managers will always have access to relevant information.
  • ability to define settings on your own. You may manually activate integration within 20 minutes or ask Customer Support.
  • automatic transferring of UTM-tag or visitor ID to the contact card. It’s necessary for analyzing the revenue by advertising campaigns in CRM;
  • when receiving a missed call, the new task should be automatically created and when the call is answered, the task should be closed. If you do it manually, the integration is fake.
  • intelligent task allocation among managers. After a call from a new client, the less busy manager is assigned to respond. Conversely, you can face the challenge that some managers are free, and some are swamped.

Thanks to the integration of these two useful services, you can control the most important processes for your business.

Integration in action

Let’s take a look at how integration works.

The manager simplifies the control of sales process

Every day a manager looks through the current deals —  they are distributed by a pipeline depending on the related stage. There he sees which manager should call to remind the customer about service extension or close deal. If any of the tasks aren’t connected with a specific deal or the next step isn’t assigned, the manager will notice it.

If the company changed the workflow, the manager can add new sales stages to the CRM.

The manager prevents the losing of new leads

The new client is calling to the company. When receiving the call, the contact card with information about customer and ad source is created in the CRM.

If the call wasn’t answered,  the manager can see the notification about this.

Then the task is created in CRM. If the client is new, the system will assign the responsible manager. If there’s a call from existing customers, a task will be assigned to the manager who dealt with him before.

Calls by open deals are automatically forwarded to the responsible managers. If another manager answers, the responsible agent will receive the notification and call recording.

The same happens in the case of the sales manager taking a leave and asks a colleague to contact the client. Returning to work, he gets a notification about an outbound call and can listen to it.

The marketer easily analyzes different metrics

In Analytics section marketer sees how many open deals company has, what their budget and average length are.

Using filters, he can analyze sales in CRM or transfer information to Google Analytics.

If a marketer is interested in the current KPI of the sales department, he can observe it in real time. 

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Wrap Up

CRM & call tracking integration is the must-have web analytics tool to simplify the business workflow.

It resolves lots of tasks:

  • automate the routine;
  • analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns with consideration of real sales;
  • notify managers about current tasks and missed calls;
  • filter data and create handy reports for the sales department;
  • run a client base including the information about calls.

By connecting call tracking service with CRM, you’ll know about each step of your customer to making a purchase. Learn about lead-generating keywords and landing pages and reduce your advertising costs accordingly.

Despite there being no magic bullet to resolve all the problems of marketers and sales representatives, CRM & call tracking integration makes things easier and better.