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7 social media marketing KPIs you should regularly track

In this article, our guest author Jessica Robinson is going to discuss 7 social media marketing KPIs that you should regularly track. She also shares metrics that can be considered normal for different niches and platforms. If yours are significantly lower, you should consider changing your strategy. Follow this post till the end for tracking your social media performance and making it better every day.

Have you been investing your time in social media marketing for months now, still wondering if it’s working for your business or not? Being a business owner you know that a marketing strategy is considered successful when it generates leads & customers for you.

Without keeping track of social media marketing KPIs, you can’t understand if this strategy is working for you or not. By weekly/monthly tracking of your social media KPIs such as post reach, likes, comments, and shares, you learn about how effective social media is working for you.

Not just that, you can even get a good enough idea of what changes you should implement in the strategy for your future growth. Be guided by the optimal indicators in this article, which I have collected from various sources. They will help you understand whether you are moving in the right direction.

Reasons to Track Social Media KPIs

Social media is considered the best growth platform for businesses, and social media marketing KPIs help us understand more about our growth. 

  1. Makes it easier to measure the success of your social media campaigns. 
  2. Helps you understand what type of content works best for you. 
  3. Customers can directly engage and interact with the brand. 
  4. Builds a brand reputation. 
  5. Identify the pros and cons of your social media strategy and rectify them accordingly. 

1. Post/Profile Reach 

Reach is a critical social media marketing KPI that shows us the number of unique visitors who checked out our post/profile. Are you someone thinking why it’s essential to look at the reach of your post? 

Well, if you can generate a good amount of reach through social media and the conversion rate is also noticeable. This means your social media marketing results are positive. While if things were the opposite such as high reach with less conversion rate, this shows that your posts are being noticed by the wrong target audience. 

For example: If you have to check out the post/profile reach of your Facebook page, you need to click on the “Pages” menu from your feed. Right after that select the Facebook Page you want to know the reach of and then click on “Insights”. 

2. Post Engagement 

Post engagement is one such social media marketing KPI that gives you a better idea of the number of likes, comments, and shares your posts are getting. Post-engagement is an important KPI because social media algorithms consider it an important virality factor. 

Platform Engagement Rate
Tiktok 4.25% 
Instagram 0.60% 
Facebook 0.15% 

If your posts are getting better engagement, there is a high chance that the post will get viral and users can notice it in the trending or explore section. One of the most working copywriting tips to create social media content that generates higher post engagement is to personalize the content as per the audience and social media platform. 

To figure out post engagement on Instagram, you can open your Instagram profile, and select the post you want to know the post engagement metrics of. Then click on “View Insights” to know more about accounts reached, likes, comments, and shares. 

social media marketing KPIs, Post Engagement

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3. Saves 

Is your main focus with social media marketing to add value in the life of your consumers or want to build a memorable brand? Then Saves is the perfect social media marketing KPI. If we have a look at the reasons behind someone saving your post, they will be as follows: 

  • the user must have found your post valuable, informative, or entertaining; 
  • the user might want to remember your business for future usage; 
  • the user found your posts insightful, but they don’t have the time right now to read them completely. 

Just imagine you have an Instagram account and want to know how many people saved your posts. The steps are simple, visit your Instagram profile, select the post, and then click on the “Insights” button. This will help you know about the number of Saves received on the post. 

social media marketing KPIs, saves

4. Brand Mentions 

Whenever someone tags or mentions your brand on social media it shows that people are talking about your brand. Being a business owner you should precisely look at your Brand Mentions, and understand under which type of posts your brand is being mentioned. 

If your brand is being mentioned under positive posts, this states people are happy with your products and services. But on the other hand, if your brand is being mentioned in negative posts, it states your customers are not satisfied with your brand. 

By keeping track of your negative and positive brand mentions, you can make changes in your products, services, and upcoming social media strategies. Facebook has a unique feature integrated that notifies brands every time it gets mentioned by someone on Facebook. That feature is “People Talking About This”. To know the brand mentions on your Facebook page, select the page, and then click on the “Page Insights section”. 

5. Profile Visits 

Although you would not be able to get the social media KPI to track profile visits on all the social media platforms, if you are getting it then you should surely keep track of it. With this KPI you get to know about how many people are visiting your profile. 

We understand that someone checking out your profile is not a guaranteed factor that they are going to buy something from your business. But, it surely helps you understand the interests of people in your business. 

In your Instagram profile, you get a separate Insights button that helps you know how many profile visits your website generates in a specific time period. You can customize the time such as last week’s profile visits, last month’s profile visits, and more. 

social media marketing KPIs, profile visits

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6. Click Through Rate (CTR)

In short, Click Through Rate is measured as the number of people who clicks on your post or ads to perform the next step. The basic formula to figure out CTR is by dividing the total number of clicks by impressions and later multiplying it by 100. 

Different industries have different average CTRs:

Industry Average Click-Through Rate
Legal 1.61% 
Apparel 1.24% 
B2B 0.78% 

Also to understand the growth of your social media marketing you would have to track the engagement rate and conversion rate along with the click-through rate.

To know the Click-Through rate on one of your Facebook ads, you need to visit the Facebook ads manager which is situated on the left side of your Facebook page. Select the ads tab and the time duration for which you want to know the CTR. At last click on the Performance and Clicks option to know the CTR of your Facebook ads. 

7. Social Referral Traffic 

If you want to keep track of the number of users visiting your website or some other platform by using the links from your social media profiles, then social referral traffic is the best social media marketing KPI for you. 

social media marketing KPIs, Social Referral Traffic

To Wrap Up 

To fulfill your goals on social media it’s important to keep track of various social media marketing KPIs. These KPIs do not just help you understand how your social media campaigns are working, but they also help you to enhance your upcoming results by making changes according to previous results.

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