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Why are TikTok ads better than Meta / Facebook ads today

Facebook ad experts remember how effective and cheap Instagram and Facebook ads were ten or five years ago. We can say that today TikTok is as successful as Facebook was then. Eugene Rak, CEO & Founder of the Polish digital agency Click Center, explains why it is worth paying attention to it.

What makes Tik Tok so good?

A lot of people still think that only kids and teenagers are on Tik Tok, but that’s not true. The platform contains a huge number of informational and professional profiles with useful information. For example, accounts of doctors, coaches, teachers. Therefore, here you can find potential customers. Let’s consider the advantages of advertising on this social network.

  1. Very cheap cost per impressions, clicks and conversions. And this applies even to such niches as medicine or real estate. But it is also clear that the results, like everywhere else, will depend on good creativity.
  2. Huge organic reach. You’ve probably already noticed that on Facebook or Instagram, it’s almost impossible to get good coverage without investing in advertising, but on Tik Tok, it’s just the opposite. Posting a 30-second or one-minute video can get a huge amount of views and comments without spending a dime. And if your video makes it to your recommendations, you’re guaranteed several thousand organic views.
  3. You’ll enjoy a familiar, user-friendly interface similar to Instagram. Like on instagram, you can add a link to the site and write a sales offer in your profile header. You can also add buttons with links to Instagram and YouTube.
TikTok account
 TikTok, Statistics that can be viewed in a TikTok account

At the moment, there are few experts on setting up advertising on Tik Tok, and it’s even harder to find good advertising specialists. The specifics of work and the Facebook and Tik Tok advertising cabinet are similar, but there are still differences that have an impact on the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Therefore, our agency will share some nuances when setting up advertising in TikTok.

There are several ad formats available on Tik Tok: 

  1. TopView – A video of up to one minute that is shown when the app launches
  2. Branded Takeover – A banner ad that hangs for 3 seconds, also when you launch the Tik Tok app.
  3. Branded Hashtag Challenge – Ads in search with a hashtag challenge.
  4. Branded Effects – Branded masks or special effects ads.
  5. In-feed Ads / Native Video – Ads on the Tik Tok feed itself, looks like standard content from regular users, only with a button, to which we can add a link to our site or store. 

At the moment we recommend to use In-feed Ads / Native Video (Tik Tok feed ads), furthermore, this type of advertising is available from the Ads Manager. The other above-mentioned advertising formats can only be run by contacting Tik Tok specialists.

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How do I start a Tik Tok advertising campaign?

In order to create an advertising campaign on Tik Tok you need to create a Tik Tok advertising account. You can do this with an existing Tik Tok account or by registering.

TikTok, login

Recharging Tik Tok balance with a card. Unlike Facebook, on Tik Tok you have to top up your balance manually at first. The automatic payment method is available after a certain billing threshold is passed.

TikTok billing

By adding a payment method, you’ve probably already felt some similarities between the Ticktock and Facebook ad accounts.

How do I create an ad campaign on Tik Tok? Go to the Campaign section and click Create. Here it is no longer necessary to explain and repeat what has already been told thousands of times about the goals of advertising companies, because the goals are similar to those of Facebook.


The minimum daily budget threshold is several times higher than we are used to. In our case, advertising in Poland is 80zł per day.

Advertising creativity. It is important to emphasize that it is best to use as a creative a post already published on the Tik Tok profile. So all views and comments from ads will be displayed below the post in your profile.

In order to select a video from your profile you need to click on the Use TikTok account to deliver Spark Ads.

On Tik Tok there is also a conversion campaign target, which shows itself well for advertising online stores, but because of the problematic installation of Pixel TikTok and frequent errors, this target works worse than on Facebook. However,  this is marketing, you always need to test and try different approaches, perhaps in your business you will be able to get good results.

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What is important to know when working with advertising on TikTok

  1. Prepare your business profile to receive traffic. This rule works for both Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok. Before you start advertising, the profile must already be filled out, the offer must be added to the header of the profile, the button to go to Instagram and YouTube must be set up, the link to the site must be added.
  2. Content. Be careful when choosing content for your ads. Entertaining content or Tik Tok trends don’t always work, sometimes you need to run a strictly sales video, and sometimes an informational video. But it should always be a video for good results.
  3. Use UTM tags in your links. If you haven’t sung before to understand what kind of creative and what kind of ad campaign is driving targeted traffic to our site.
  4. Be original! More and more often we find that an unconventional approach in advertising brings good results.
  5. Test it. Our world is dynamic and changing at an incredible speed, you have to keep trying something new in your content, because we do not know that tomorrow our audience will like it. The leader in his niche will be the one who constantly goes out of his comfort zone. 

To summarize

Tik Tok ads are no better than Facebook ads. Each platform has an audience and its own advantages and disadvantages. You can’t pick one thing; you have to use all sorts of tools in marketing to attract customers.

There’s nothing complicated about creating and running a Tik Tok ad, if you’ve worked with the Facebook Ads Manager before, you won’t notice much of a difference.

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