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Meet New Ringostat Pipedrive Integration

Ringostat continues to release integrations with other helpful services. After having launched successful cooperation with customer analytics platforms Woopra and Kissmetrics, Ringostat has become the only call tracking service to release integration with Pipedrive CRM.  

You will definitely find this integration useful if you are:

  • already using both Ringostat and Pipedrive
  • use Pipedrive and are looking for a call tracking service that would easily integrate with it
  • use Ringostat and want to find a leading sales management tool for small companies, that helps managing long and complex sales processes

Get to know Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a sales management tool that aims at making sales more efficient and enhance the activity-based selling. Pipedrive makes sure you have visibility of all the deals you are pursuing and that you don’t miss any action on them. It was made to boost your productivity; creates records you can rely on and optimizes your sales process.

The pipeline view feature gives a clear visual interface that prompts seller to take action and lets you easily find the stats you need in the intuitive interface. In the pipeline view, deals are categorized by sales stage, which allows your team to develop a clear understanding of your sales priorities and refocus efforts accordingly.

The statistics tool shows you the health of your pipeline and the stages that need improvement. You can apply relevant filters to access in-depth and personalized analysis of your sales pipeline, delivered in seconds.

Drag-and-drop interface, foolproof menus and visual layout make adding deals, contacts and activities to your pipeline smooth and easy.

Understand the power of integration

Pipedrive provides excellent tools for visualizing your sales process and receiving statistics about your deals on every stage. Integration with Ringostat gives an important advantage of  automating and synchronizing your and your team’s work. Ringostat Pipedrive bundle allows you to track the sources of each phone call and push this data directly to CRM.

Moreover, with the help of our new integration you will make the life of your sales specialists and agents easy as each crucial call and deal activities are logged automatically in Pipedrive. Sales managers will find it convenient to control their teams’ performance and work on improving their KPIs, while marketers can export necessary data on various stages of a sales funnel to analyze leads quality.

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When developing this integration, we pursued two main goals:

Pipedrive is already a decent tool to process and analyze leads. It is flexible and provides lots of possibilities to configure analytical reports, export data and analyze sales performance. Integrating it with Ringostat you can additionally analyze phone calls and your ads performance starting from attracting leads to closing a deal.

All call information, including call recording, call source, campaign, keyword, call duration and status are sent to Pipedrive and attached to an appropriate deal. Therefore, it became easier now to analyze phone calls and is a step closer to an omnichannel analytics world.

To minimize any manual work, we automate the process of creating deals, contacts, activities etc, as well as attaching additional call information to each of the above mentioned entities.

Hence, sales guys have no need to manually enter all the information about leads and calls into CRM, as well as create notes, deals and activities by themselves. Sales reps can concentrate on their work – qualify leads and actually sell. Every activity can be automated, that is why there is no place for a human factor, such as forget to record a deal or a conversation with client intentionally or even by accident. This gives sales managers and supervisors control of the deals and their progress, as well as understand and analyze the performance of each sales rep.

Another  important task, which is solved with the help of Ringostat Pipedrive integration is to work on missed calls and deals, that were lost or ignored by sales reps.

Whatever the status of the call is — target call, non-target, answered or missed — it will be recorded and sent to CRM. What does this mean?

First of all, even for a missed call, we will automatically create an activity in Pipedrive, which will be assigned to a responsible employee (if there is a contact/deal/organization of a caller already) or to an employee, who has less tasks and deals in work at the moment.
Hence, the call will be logged and be processed by a sales rep in the future.

Another scenario is when a client called your company, but the deal was lost. Sales managers can listeт to call recording and how sales reps behaved in order to understand the reasons of losing deals.

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Use Cases or how Ringostat Pipedrive integration can be used in practice

Let`s review practical cases how companies can benefit from a new Ringostat Pipedrive integration.


Steven and Ryan are sales managers in Cabinet Doors, LLC — a manufacturer of custom-built cabinet doors. Cabinet Doors has their own website with doors to be configured and ordered online. Guys use additional tools like online chat, lead form, phone number and an email address to get leads. Moreover, Cabinet Doors runs Google Adwords pay-per-click campaigns tailored to grab orders from house owners.

Unfortunately, ad budget is spent fast, while not bringing significant results — company receives calls (and major of order requests are via calls), but a few of them lead to sales. Additionally, Cabinet Doors has no idea what ad campaigns and keywords generate calls — there is no call analytics in place.
That is why, Cabinet Doors decided to test Ringostat and use ready-made integration with Pipedrive CRM. This decision influenced significantly on sales efficiency and on Steven and Ryan work (our sales managers) particularly.

Now, their workflow looks like this

Cabinet Doors receives an inbound phone call from a lead, who arrived on their website clicking on the ad in Google. This is a house owner, who wants to order a custom door to fit his house non-standard dimensions. Steven gets this call, answers all the questions and promises to call back tomorrow, after he calculates the price of this order. After this call is finished, there will be already a contact of the house owner, a deal* and a completed activity assigned to Steven as he is now responsible for this deal (because he answered the phone call).  Additionally, the following call information will be attached to the deal:

  • a link to a call recording;
  • call status (in our case, it is an answered targe call);
  • waiting time on the line;
  • call duration;
  • caller phone number;
  • phone destination number (a phone number a caller dialed);
  • employee with whom a caller was connected.

Moreover, Ringostat will send and attach to the deal a call source, campaign and even keyword as the call comes from the Cabinet Doors website.

Next day, Steven needs to take a sick leave, but he asks his colleague Ryan to call the client once the order calculation is be ready. Ryan is a good colleague and employee, he calls the client back. After that, a note with a call recording is automatically created in Pipedrive and is attached to a previous deal for this client (as we remember, Steven is still responsible for this client and deal). Meanwhile, Ryan receives an activity, which is already completed as he called the client back. When Steven is back to work he can listen to the call recording with his client and check how Ryan treated his client.

As it can happen, that same client may call the office again (for example, to provide door dimensions that he promised to do once he is back home), but all the managers are away — Steven is still sick, while Ryan went to the factory to get new wood samples. In this case, a missed call is logged in Pipedrive — a new open activity with a deadline is created and assigned automatically to Steven + a comment with call information (call source, campaign, keyword) is added.

While all this happens, Cabinet Doors receives more calls, which are eventually not leading to sales and are lost. Randomly or not — Ryan is responsible for most of them. Naturally, that his supervisor noticed that. But before he makes any conclusions, he decided to listen to all call recording for deals, where Ryan failed to sell. He just sorted all lost deals in Pipedrive for which Ryan is responsible and found call recording attached as notes.
After he listened to all calls, he found out that all lost leads were looking for ready-made doors for a really low price. As Cabinet Doors focuses on custom made doors designed on individual specifications, these leads did not fit into target audience. That means, one of the advertising campaigns generates low-quality leads. To understand which one is quite simple — Cabinet Doors just analyzed the call sources and campaigns. This data is sent from Ringostat to Pipedrive and is attached to a phone call.

It turned out, that one of the campaigns in Google Adwords was poorly configured and its optimization solved the problem of non-target calls.

What about outbound calls? They are also logged in Pipedrive, but only in the case if a contact or a deal were already created earlier. Then, call information and call recording can be attached accordingly.

For instance, a new lead calls Cabinet Doors, Ryan answers the call and all the following questions that the lead may have. The lead is not ready yet to place an order, though. What happens in Pipedrive in this case? A new contact, deal and activity for this call is created and assigned to Ryan. In some time, Ryan calls the client back and closes the deal — just in time when the client is ready to buy. In this case, information about this call and a call recording is attached, as well as a completed activity for Ryan.


If you skipped all the text above, the following summary is just for you.

With Ringostat Pipedrive integration you and your team are benefited from:

  • automated sales process when dealing with calls;
  • customized call analytics in your sales pipeline;
  • controlled performance of each sales person;
  • all catched calls and deals.

Let’s summarize what Ringostat and Pipedrive integration allows you to do:

  1. You can customize which call tracking data to send from Ringostat  into Pipedrive sales funnel interface. You will be able to plan and track all of your calling activities, while you proceed with your deals; track your website’s key events, such as calls, and send data directly to Pipedrive; get the call tracking analytics customized into your pipeline.
  2. Pipedrive  will log all the necessary information about the call: caller phone number and the deal connected to it, contact details, call recording, call status, waiting time etc.
  3. For every inbound and outbound call you will be able to add comments to the deal, contact or organization with the link to a call recording.
  4. The source, channel, campaign and keyword of the call will be added to the deal, if the inbound call comes from the website.
  5. You will be able to assign a responsible person for deals, as well as for missed calls.
  6. It is very easy to set up the integration. You only need to copy the API token from Pipedrive interface and embed it into Integration settings on the Ringostat website.

Do not wait for your developers to write custom solution. Ringostat Pipedrive integration is already made to fulfill all business needs.

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