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In brief: what is the CRM system and what is it used for?

You can often hear that CRM is a must-have tool for business. But what is the CRM and why is it so important? The Firmao system team explains what this useful tool is, how it works and what functionality it should include.

What is it CRM

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system combines all the functionalities that every company needs to operate efficiently. The definition of a CRM system states that it is managing relations with current and potential customers. What is the CRM system exactly used for?

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system combines all the functionalities that every company needs to operate efficiently. The definition of a CRM system states that it is managing relations with current and potential customers. What is the CRM system exactly used for?

The CRM system is now an indispensable tool that every company should have to better operate and function. Combining multiple programs into one is also a huge financial saving. Therefore the company can also grow better and see much larger growth as it will focus on things other than integrating between programs that do not work together. The purpose of the CRM system is both to build loyalty and to define the “value” of each customer by utilizing continuous acquisition and appropriate use of available information.

The CRM system is a phenomenal solution for small and medium-sized companies. For large companies that also operate warehouses, the ERP system will be the best choice. Firmao has CRM and ERP functionalities, making it a program that will work in every industry, enterprise, and company.

What opportunities does the CRM provide: let’s analyze it with an example

The capabilities of different CRM systems can vary quite a lot. But they all have one thing in common — collecting information about all customers, the history of communication with them, visualizing how potential customers move along the sales funnel. To better understand how CRM works, let’s take a look at a specific system as an example.

Thanks to the implementation of the CRM system from Firmao, you will create a customer database that will allow you to shorten the time of customer acquisition, increase conversion at every stage of the sales process, as well as efficiently and comprehensively serve regular customers. Firmao helps to manage the work of the sales department, both in terms of the sales funnel and acts as a contact center for regular customers of the company.

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Firmao’s CRM program is designed for small and medium-sized manufacturing, service, and sales companies. It is implemented in companies where contact with leads or regular contractors is required. Firmao CRM software is the best system for companies planning dynamic development.

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What should a CRM system contain?

CRM should enable the standardization of offers and comprehensive management of all stages of sales. It should also facilitate placing orders and allow for reporting, planning, and recording of all activities. All this to make the sales process run more efficiently than before.

what is the CRM system, What should a CRM system contain

In Firmao you have access to the employees and customers database. You can take notes and arrange meetings right from your e-mails. Thanks to this system, you will never forget about anything, because Firmao CRM can set reminders, and set notifications whenever you want. When you need to contact an employee, just write to him through the chat, which you can easily find on the right side of the screen. You do not have to worry about invoices, it is also directly in the system, and you can prepare a separate offer for each customer.

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The main advantages of the CRM program

The implementation of the CRM system gives the company many measurable benefits – in terms of increasing employee productivity or growing revenues, and intangible assets, however invaluable in every company — such as improving customer service or automation of business processes. The advantages of implementing a CRM program include:

  • a perfectly organized company — thanks to the system collecting information, organizing, and storing it will become fully automated, and finding, analyzing, or applying it in practice will be much easier than before;
  • better relationships with customers — the CRM system allows you to archive all data regarding the sales process so that you can access the information you need at any time;
  • support for new employees and lower recruitment costs — creating a corporate database in the system allows newly recruited employees to obtain answers to their bothering questions related to customer service or the performance of their duties;
  • automation of accounting systems — a natural feature of CRMs is their integration with accounting and warehouse systems; most of them — like Firmao —  have accounting modules, enabling among other things: quick invoicing or accounting of current expenses and costs;
  • comprehensive warehouse management — CRM systems enable intuitive warehouse management thanks to task management modules,
  • flexible and fully scalable system — Firmao CRM is a software that can be fully adapted to the needs of each company, the program allows you to use only those modules that are needed in everyday work.

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To sum up: why is CRM important?

CRM enables: 

  • convenient data storage; 
  • planning; 
  • organizing; 
  • archiving activities; 
  • increasing control over the company. 

This saves time on operational activities and improves communication in the organization, as well as customer relations and the company’s financial results.

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