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How Health Care Providers can Increase Revenue with Call Tracking

Introducing call tracking technology into Healthcare to drive marketing results, improve sales performance and customer satisfaction, while also protecting vital health information has posed to be one of the challenges faced by most healthcare providers and marketers. 

Over the years there’s been a lot of significant changes in the way businesses and organizations market themselves to their target audience and healthcare sector was not left out. The recent development suggests that healthcare administrative cost will climb up to $316 billion, which more than doubles their 2007 total of $156 billion, as well as a call for extra medical personnel needed to drive new regulations such as US Affordable Care Act (ACA). This leaves healthcare providers and insurers with the option of operating under intense pressure while managing costs.  

Role of Call tracking in the Healthcare sector

To control cost and still reach a success with customers, healthcare providers must engage in new technologies. But they must do so carefully. There are certain regulations surrounding the privacy of healthcare information and must be handled properly. For instance, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of America is very particular about this one and strictly constrains or regulates how data from healthcare sector are handled — and failure to comply is really not an option worth considering. This is where call tracking comes in, helping providers get valuable insights into their marketing efforts and improve their sales teams, while also complying to keeping and maintaining a good amount of secrecy and security with health information of their patients.

The introduction of call tracking technology has helped in refurbishing the way these providers manage data, and has also given the sales, marketing and customer service departments a better set of affordable tools to aid them in defining and meeting their goals.

As crucial as phone call data are to the improvement of marketing efforts of health care providers, one thing is still to be put on check. And that is the pure fact that phone calls are intimate and involves one-on-one conversations between health providers and the patients and customers they serve. So they frequently involve the discussion of personal issues and medical history.

While recording incoming calls can provide significant benefits in determining lead quality and training staff members, the contents of these conversations can clearly contain personal health information. Even without an audio recording of the call, the fact that the call happened at all reveals health information that links an individual to a medical practice and the types of services they provide. If the call is linked to a tracking number that indicates a specific marketing campaign, or one that links an online visitor and their search keywords, an even greater picture of the caller’s medical needs and history begins to emerge. 

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How can providers put this on check while still gathering quality marketing data with call tracking?

It’s no longer news that call tracking help companies to track the sources of inbound calls and measure the efficiency of ad channels. But this goes way beyond this single function. In real sense, call tracking presents a entire set or system of tools that any organization can use to improve and fine-tune their marketing efforts, better the performance of their sales department and customer service—seamlessly bringing massive functionality into the phone system.

Implementation of call tracking into the healthcare sector

Branded campaigns: More than the just ordinary marketing campaigns, these campaigns are targeted towards the right audience and are branded or customized to make them trackable. At Ringostat, we have a specialty in providing actionable data and real-time access that can allow healthcare marketers to easily sort and create custom reports from these data for their required needs. With these branded campaigns you can tell which ads, keywords, and referring URLs are driving inbound calls, and also which agents are driving the most appointments—providing the intelligence you need to improve the performance of your entire marketing team.

Automated callback request: this is a piece of tech that has of recent been very useful and handy for most organizations and businesses running a website for their companies. And healthcare providers definitely won’t be an exception.

But really how does it work?

For healthcare providers, automated callback can also be used to increase clients’ loyalty and is usually applicable when visitors are completing an online form to book an appointment with a medical personnel, downloading a PDF file to learn more about a particular aspect of their health or even watching a health video on your website.

Advanced agent routing: Simply put, it’s all about directing the incoming calls to the appropriate call agent based on the caller’s need. Take for instance, the online form is completed, data transferred to cloud based PBX system and call is initiated. With advanced agent routing, the call can be routed based on the caller’s geographic location, and previous interaction history.

However to achieve call tracking in the healthcare sector, a big eye is kept on how providers use such technology, in order to maintain and protect the vital/private health information from their patients. And with marketing now being so heavily data driven, this puts healthcare marketers at a disadvantage — unless they have the proper security features.

So what are some of these security features?

When done right, call tracking services manage Healthcare Information safely and securely—while providing useful insights that can improve performance, reduce costs, and increase marketing ROI. Call tracking providers are to advance into designing an end-to-end solution to meet the requirement of the security measures with health information or data gathered from patients.

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Healthcare providers need to market and promote themselves to grow. Call tracking services provides them with a beneficial system to satisfy both worlds—cutting-edge technology to successfully track marketing channels and improve sales and the performance of healthcare agents, while still maintaining the security of sensitive data from patients. Businesses in the healthcare sector will experience a great deal of improvement, higher efficiency and a better way of managing secured private information of their patients using these set of tools enclosed in one tech called Call tracking.

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