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Facebook Advertising is Getting Transparent and Annoying

Facebook is a crucial marketing channel for many brands. 26% of users who clicked an ad complete a purchase. Today we’re going to talk about the recent updates regarding advertisers and Facebook users. The advertising is getting more transparent and Facebook brings autoplaying video ads to Messenger inboxes. Let’s dive in.

Facebook updates requirements to manage Custom Audience lists

Custom Audience is a targeting way that allows advertisers to reach people who’ve been interacted with the company before. You can upload the list of email addresses from a lead generation form on the advertiser’s website and show them your advertising. For example, the automotive company where the client bought a car can display him different offers on Facebook in 2 years.

Sometimes Facebook users don’t understand why they are seeing specific ads. Moreover, GDPR forces advertisers to reconsider how they reach consumers. Therefore, Facebook updated requirements for Custom Audience ad to make this targeting method more transparent.

Starting July, 2 advertisers will have to specify the origin of information when uploading Custom Audience lists. They will need to choose how they collected the information:

  • from people;
  • from partners;
  • from both of them.

When a user clicks on the “Why am I seeing this?” in the ad’s drop-down menu, he will be able to see the source of collected data on him and if the advertiser reached him via his phone number or email address. Also, he can refuse to see the ad from a specific company at any time. 

Facebook custom audience, Facebook Advertising

Facebook requires not only admins on the ad accounts but other members uploading Custom Audiences to accept the new terms.

If you exchange the contact lists with another account, you should confirm the participation in such kind of relations via Facebook Business Manager Tool. Say you’re real estate developer and you need to share customer list with your advertising agency. In this case, both you and agency have to agree to Facebook’s custom audiences terms. 

Facebook Advertising, Facebook’s custom audiences

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“When ad targeting is done well, it provides value to both people and businesses. We hope these updates will make it easier for businesses to advertise efficiently and effectively while providing more transparency to people,” says Facebook. 

Autoplaying video ads on Facebook Messenger

“Seems like Facebook is still finding ways to make Messenger more annoying”, says Mashable.

Starting June, 25 Facebook Messenger users will see the intrusive autoplaying video in their inboxes. Previously the advertising has been limited to static similar to News Feed style.

However, after more than a year of testing, Messenger team decided that automatically playing ads wouldn’t become an inconvenience.

“Our top priority is user experience. So we don’t know yet [if these will work]. However, signs until now, when we tested basic ads, didn’t show any changes with how people used the platform or how many messages they send,” said Facebook Messenger’s business chief.

It is hoped Facebook updates truly enhance the experience of both advertisers and users. Remember that even the advertising on popular social media can be inefficient. Track the performance of different ad campaigns and phone calls that come from them. Want to know how to do it? Ask us in the chat.

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