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Digest of Ringostat updates for September 2019

Taking stock of the past month. The most global update of this year is Ringostat end-to-end analytics. “Do not disturb” option in Ringostat Smart Phone for non-business hours. Funnel and status choice where the deal will be created for integrations with CRM.

1. End-to-end analytics

We will start with the most global update not only for this month but for the whole year. Ringostat released full-fledged end-to-end analytics. Now you will be aware not only of calls and advertisement that brings them. You will also have the most valuable metrics of campaign effectiveness — sales. 

Ringostat end-to-end analytics features don’t repeat other same-titled solutions — it takes into account the time decay, allows building your attribution models, and many more. You can customize this tool exactly for your business.

Read more on the new instrument in the article “Ringostat released end-to-end analytics: find out more about effective and profitable ads” on our blog.

In end-to-end analytics report you will see data on:

  • costs on ad campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram
  • the number of sessions;
  • calls;
  • target calls;
  • won deals from CRM;
  • revenue;
  • ROI — cost recovery of investments.

All metrics are available for each channel separately, as well as you can evaluate its effectiveness. Moreover, data on cost, revenue, etc. are shown in reports:

  •  ad campaigns effectiveness;
  •  ad campaigns effectiveness — detailed one (down to keyword level);
  •  calls from PPC;
  •  geolocation.
Example of the end-to-end analytics report

Example of the end-to-end analytics report

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What gives you end-to-end analytics

  1. Understanding of cost recovery of investments in marketing. Now you see not only interim metrics — calls but also the most valuable index of advertisement effectiveness — sales. This will help to wisely allocate the budget and strengthen the most effective ad campaigns without additional investments.
  2. Flexible settings. You don’t depend on default attribution models that are presented in Google Analytics, for example. You can customize your own based on your unique funnel. Set the time decay and weight for different goals — e.g., first call, another visit, etc.
  3. The work in one window. You save time and money, receiving the most valuable data within one system. To do so you don’t need to consolidate something, buy database or other services.
  4. Due to Ringostat end-to-end analytics, you can manually upload costs as well, almost from any system. For example, it’s a way to analyze the cost recovery of SEO promotion, banner advertisement, etc.

 2. “Do not disturb” status in Ringostat Smart Phone

Sometimes it happens that sales reps are absent. For example, an employee may have a meeting, go to a facility, having lunch, etc. However, customers who are making calls have to wait on hold for nothing and listen to short beeps. Now there are statuses in Ringostat Smart Phone that solve this issue. It is possible to turn on Offline for 1 hour or for the whole day.

Ringostat Smart Phone, Digest of Ringostat updates

Meanwhile, when the employee is offline:

  1. Inbound calls are marked in red as missed ones. Thus, a sales rep will instantly see people he needs to call back.
  2. You can set a call forwarding scheme in Ringostat. Then calls will be forwarded to other sales reps. 
  3. Inbound call ringtone is not played and the caller hears short beeps.
  4. The sidebar doesn’t open automatically when there is a call. For sure, if it was minimized.
  5. Both the information on call and push notification are not displayed.

When “Do not disturb” status is activated the employee still can make calls.

3. Rules of funnel stages management

Now a new block is available on the integration settings page of any of these systems. A transfer of deals may be configured for chosen by a user funnel stages in this block. 

  1. To do so, open the Integration section and choose the one that is already integrated with your Ringostat project.
  2. Find Sending deals to selected pipelines block.
  3. Click on “Add rule”.
  4. Three metrics will be displayed: the first one will automatically drive existent funnels from your CRM — you only need to choose the appropriate one. Ringostat parameter has to be chosen from the drop-down list and the parameter value you need to enter manually.
New block available in the integration settings, Digest of Ringostat updates

If the event will correspond to the rules you set the deal will be created in the customized funnel and status. The higher rule in the list receives the priority. It makes the integration logic even more flexible and well-designed. Thus, sales reps won’t have to manually move deals between funnels.

Let’s say customers often call you back. So it is important for you to have these requests separately from calls made by new customers. For example, you can choose the “After-sales service” funnel and set the parameter “Number of call” and enter number 2 or more. In this case, repeated requests will be automatically transferred to the needed funnel.

Follow our updates. Soon we will release the update for more comfortable work with end-to-end analytics and Ringostat Smart Phone improvement that will show even more data on callers.

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