Digest of Ringostat updates for March 2020

Alina Ostapenko
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March became a month of global change and it especially concerned the business. Ringostat does everything possible to keep you working effectively and quickly adapting to the new conditions. We launched a new pricing plan to help businesses and even created a new tool for convenient communication with customers. Discover these and other updates in the digest.

Digest of Ringostat updates for March 2020

  1. “Anti-crisis PBX” pricing plan
  2. Ringostat Messenger
  3. Ringostat Smart Phone updates
  4. Easy access to the call queue


1. “Anti-crisis PBX” pricing plan

We are well aware that this is not an easy time for business. But if you use the situation in the right way, you can get a new market share, while other players are still confused. Specifically, to help business, we released the Anti-crisis PBX pricing plan which will help to quickly rebuild work processes. And successfully process requests even when sales reps are working remotely.

The pricing plan includes all the products that are needed to quickly build telephony and organize the remote work of the sales department. The tools included in the plan are not linked to a specific location. That’s why a business can use them even after returning to the office. 


What includes the pricing plan

  1. Virtual PBX — five workplaces are included.
  2. Ringostat Smart Phone is an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to make and receive calls, as well as switch to CRM in one click right from your browser. Five workplaces included.
  3. Ringostat Messenger is a multi-widget that allows the customer to text you instantly from the website in a convenient messenger. A sales rep can answer directly from the Ringostat Smart Phone interface without switching between different communication channels. We will describe this tool below.
  4. Callback widget for the website with the opportunity to customize the design.
  5. All Ringostat integrations with CRM systems. There are such popular systems as Salesforce and HubSpot among them.

Ringostat also provides a bonus — a collection of reports at Google Data Studio to control the effectiveness of employees.


2. Ringostat Messenger

A completely new tool that will help increase website conversion. It allows you to communicate with customers in a single interface, no matter where they text you: in Telegram or Viber.

How does it work:

  • the customer visits the website and sees icons with the familiar messengers;
  • he writes to one of them;
  • the sales rep sees in the Ringostat Smart Phone interface that a new dialogue has been added to the queue;

 Ringostat Messenger

  • the employee answers the customer directly in the Ringostat Smart Phone interface;
  • the buyer continues to communicate with him in the messenger;
  • the sales rep sees the history of all active dialogs that he already started to process, in other words, those that are not closed and there is communication on them.


Tasks that solves Ringostat Messenger 

  1. Work in one window and save time. The employee is not switching between different messengers and communicates in a single interface.
  2. Increase website conversion and customer loyalty. They can always contact you via a convenient channel.
  3. Data safety. The sales rep can quickly go to the desired dialogue in the log, find out the full dialog with the customer. If an employee quits, there is no risk that the contacts will be lost, as while using a personal messenger.


3. Ringostat Smart Phone updates

Microphone check

In March, we improved the process of checking the microphone on the device that is provided automatically. Now Ringostat Smart Phone can display two statuses:

  • “You have a great microphone”;
  • “No microphone signal”.

The second status is displayed if Ringostat Smart Phone detects that the signal is completely absent:

Ringostat Smart Phone sound check

Also, a pop-up notification appears when the microphone signal is absent at all. By clicking on the “Check microphone parameters”, the user is sent to check the microphone in the browser:

Microphone settings


4. Easy access to the call queue

A call queue is a feature that allows you to equally distribute the workload on sales reps and reduce the number of missed calls. Its settings influence the order in which calls will be received and processed.

All inbound calls are first added to the call queue. And then they are distributed according to one of the strategies that you choose:

  • all sales reps are called simultaneously until one of them answers the call;
  • an employee who has not received calls longer than others is called;
  • the call forwards to the sales rep who received the least number of calls;
  • calls are randomly distributed;
  • employees are called in a circle, in other words, one by one.

Call queue


What has changed

  1. Now you can configure the call queue on your own — only technical support did this before. To access the call queue, you must have an “admin” access level.
  2. To configure, go to the Virtual PBX section Call queue.
  3. We made the call queue settings more understandable. Also from the personal menubar, you can easily find the instructions:

Call queue settings in the Ringostat account


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