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Digest of Ringostat updates for July 2020

Since July, Ringostat can be installed even for sites that do not have the Google Analytics code. We also simplified the process of integrations with two CRM systems and Messenger. Moreover, our callback became even more secure against spam.

Connect Ringostat for sites that don’t have Google Analytics code

Ringostat is closely related to the Google Analytics code. And it’s a great advantage as our platform can be easily and quickly connected. But not all sites have the code of this web analytics system. Or there are some reasons why the website cannot be integrated with the Google Analytics counter. Therefore, in July, we expanded the list of sites that can install Ringostat.

There might be the following cases:

If your site belongs to one of these examples, we will be glad to connect Ringostat for you. Just text us in the chat on the right.

IMPORTANT: Such a Ringostat script is connected a bit differently than the standard one. Our technical support will help you set up everything. Or, if you want to do it yourself, they will explain to you how.

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Share report settings

Now in Ringostat, you can not only create your reports but also share their settings. This will make the work with the platform even easier. There is no need to discover how to create reports and repeat the settings for the desired selection. It is enough to apply the ones that have been shared with you.

The update saves users time to create filters. Apply settings and immediately use the report.

How to share settings of reports:

The link recipient must follow it to save the report settings to the desired project.

Antispam update for the callback form

Our antispam for callbacks won’t allow attackers or unfair competitors to order callbacks from your site massively. We improved this solution in July. You can now enable reCAPTCHA V3 for people who request a callback.

reCAPTCHA is the system that allows defining bots. 

You have probably come across it more than once. The old version of reCAPTCHA prompts the user to select photos that match a specific condition, for example, all traffic lights. Ringostat uses a newer version of the system that does not require user action.

reCAPTCHA assigns a rating to the visitor and depending on it, we allow or deny the call. The Ringostat user can, on his own, specify the minimum score that will allow him to order a callback. This can be done on the callback settings page. If your site already has reCAPTCHA v3 installed, Ringostat will not perform additional user verification.

You can easily customize this check on your own. Go to your Ringostat account, Callback section — Settings and check the box here:

⚡ Connect the Ringostat callback and get more leads from the site

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Call a callback form when someone clicks on any button on the site. For example, callback will work when a client leaves an online request

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