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Case Study: Ringostat for the Peugeot Official Auto Dealer in Bulgaria

Business laws are the same for the whole world, regardless of the country. Therefore, a company that launches ads and receives calls from customers needs call tracking. The case study of a Bulgarian car dealer proves that usage of call tracking and callback can increase the number of leads by 50%. And it is not even the limit.

Project details

Client: Sofia France Auto 

Partnership period: starting from November 2021 up to the current day

Sofia France Auto is the official importer of Peugeot, DS Automobiles, Opel, and CITROEN brands in Bulgaria. The dealer sells cars, spare parts and provides required services. Sofia France Auto is a leader in the automotive market with one of the most developed commercial and aftermarket networks. The company has 19 branches in different cities of Bulgaria.

In this case, we will talk about a site that is dedicated specifically to Peugeot. There you can buy spare parts and a car, get insurance, lease or rent a car. On the site, you can find a local car dealer from a specific city or just nearby. And it is also possible to buy scooters and bicycles.

Example of the Sofia France Auto website

Car sales traditionally is a highly competitive field. The Internet is full of offers from various car dealers, so there is a real fight among them for the attention of buyers. Therefore, in order to compete successfully, a car dealer uses paid promotion channels:

Despite the fact that you can sign up online for a test drive using the form on the site, half of all customers contact Sofia France Auto by phone. The reason for that is because it is much easier and more convenient to discuss the availability of a specific car model, services, and the purchase of spare parts. That is why the specialists of Netpeak digital agency advised the Sofia France Auto car dealer to install call tracking.

Ringostat call tracking launching

Although the company had never used call tracking before, the promotion specialists clearly understood that without this tool it would not be possible to effectively promote the company. After all, if at least 30% of customers request a company via phone, it is very important to clarify ads that drive customers and the ones that bring junk traffic. Moreover, in niches with a high check size, this percentage can be even less.

The task of launching call tracking was non-standard and interesting. Sofia France Auto website is visited by people from different Bulgarian cities. Thus, each visitor has to see the number that leads exactly to the company’s branch in the same city as the user has.

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How do we set up the substitution of numbers based on the user’s geo 

For users from big cities like Sofia, Varna, Burgas, and Plovdiv, we installed the dynamic substitution of numbers. This means that different numbers are shown on the site to different visitors. Dynamic substitution is most often set up for online advertising. That’s because it collects the most detailed statistics about the source of advertising, up to the channel, campaign, and keyword. In Ringosta call tracking reports, it looks the following way:

For the remaining 15 cities, we configured static substitution. It allows saving money on the number of phone numbers for those regions where traffic is not as high as in megacities.

How does Ringostat understand the user’s location in order to show him the number of the corresponding representative office? Ringostat uses the IP database, which is constantly updated. Ringostat simply finds by IP address the user’s location and displays the desired number on the site. For dynamic call tracking, numbers are taken from a pool, in other words, a group of phone numbers for a particular city. Ringostat also knows how to direct the call to a specific branch of a company.

Ringostat constantly analyzes how many users visit the site from different cities. And based on this, it recommends numbers that should be in the pool so that the statistics are as accurate as possible. In the screenshot above, you can see this in the “Recommended numbers” column.

Immediately after connecting call tracking, Ringostat managers did professional support of the client. They also further customized the project depending on the customer’s wishes. It took about five hours per week. And as a result, Petko Petkov already perfectly understood how to work with call tracking data and use it to optimize ads.

Callback as a boost to your sales

The Callback is a special form on a website that a visitor can use to order a call. We have repeatedly said that only its installation can increase the number of calls from customers. Sometimes it can be a three-times boost. And the case of Peugeot proves it perfectly.

Over time, there became so many calls that the client decided to leave the callback form on a single page. This decision was necessary, so calls via callback are not mixing with new car buyers, as well as with other calls. For example, with orders for reverse spare parts or calls that do not lead to a purchase. Let’s say if the client called just to clarify something.

Personal approach to setting up callback

We made an individual solution, especially for the client. When ordering a call from a company, the user can immediately choose which one of the 19 offices of Sofia France Auto will call him back. This was a fundamental requirement to distribute leads fairly among branches. And we made it easy.

Example of Ringostat callback form 

It is also possible to choose the time when a manager will call the client back. Which is especially convenient if the user visited the site during non-working hours. 

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Call a callback form when someone clicks on any button on the site. For example, callback will work when a client leaves an online request

Work with calls and integration with the CRM 

Car dealers often use their own niche CRM and Sofia France Auto is no exception. Thanks to the flexibility of Ringostat and the availability of instructions, our client almost independently set up integration with the CRM system. It works due to webhooks. A technology that, in simple terms, informs one system that some event has occurred in another.

Now let’s describe how calls are processed in Sofia France Auto.

  1. When a client dials a substitution number, his call is directed to the central office and from there it is automatically forwarded to the desired department or branch.
  2. Let’s say that a lot of buyers called at three branches from Sofia at the same time, and all sales reps are busy. Then the call queue is triggered which helps to evenly distribute the load between the operators. The car dealer chose one of the call queue scenarios, when sales reps are called randomly until one of them answers the client. And while a client is waiting, there is background music played.

After a conversation with a client, a call is recorded in CRM and there also driven the following entities: 

After that, the operator enters additional information into the deal card.

Due to this, Sofia France Auto solves several problems at once. They save the client’s time, as calls are recorded automatically to CRM. The marketer understands advertising sources that are most likely to convert into leads and sales. And the head of the sales department can listen and discover how employees communicate with customers. He can also find out whether it’s their fault that at some stages of the funnel, leads are not turning into clients.

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  1. The company now has clear data on effective ads, so they can boost them.
  2. During the last month only, there has been a significant increase in the number of calls and an increase in the percentage of targeted calls. That’s despite the fact that Sofia France Auto has only recently started using the service. The target call is a call that has lasted long enough, so the customer was definitely interested in cars, services, or spare parts.
  3. On the one hand, this growth was influenced by the fact that marketers optimized ads based on the call database and thus attracted even more calls. On the other hand, it is the contribution of the callback feature that has increased the conversion of the site. Thus, the car importer received not only a useful tool but also more targeted calls.
  4. Sofia France Auto specialists regularly analyze data not only in Ringostat reports but also in Google Analytics and CRM, due to convenient integrations.
  5. Ringostat managers trained the company’s digital specialists to work with Ringostat. Now they can get the most out of our platform
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