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Unleash the power of conversations with Ringostat AI: your ultimate personal assistant in winning deals

Companies that care about their future are implementing artificial intelligence right now. And it is not in vain. Today, possessing AI skills is advantageous. However, tomorrow, AI will become an indispensable requirement for professional functionality. Empower your teams right now, connecting Ringostat AI. This personal assistant will increase their efficiency and significantly affect sales in your company.

Enjoy the benefits of the first AI-enhanced Business Phone System. You will receive not only high-quality communication and call data with its help. Now you will have your own digital assistant that will quickly analyze the information and draw valuable conclusions based on it. Ringostat AI can be useful for sales, support, and even marketing departments.

On average, nine out of ten tech companies invest in AI technologies. It’s because almost no business processes will be able to do without them soon. The sooner you implement AI, the faster you will adapt to new realities and be able to become a niche leader.

What are the benefits of Ringostat AI?

  1. Saving time. You no longer have to spend hours listening to customer conversations. For example, to control your team or to find insights to improve ads or other marketing activities.
  2. Fast find the moments that need your attention. When there’s a lot of data, it’s often analyzed selectively, and there’s always a risk of missing something important. AI will show you the points that are worth paying attention to.
  3. Providing advice on how to improve your work. Your personal assistant will analyze the course of the conversation and give you practical recommendations on what to do next. Use AI’s advice to bring the following conversation with the customer closer to the won deal.

The key goal of Ringostat AI is to make your and your employees’ work more accessible and productive. Learn more about it on the website.

Ringostat AI, main features

How Ringostat AI works and what you can do with it

Working with artificial intelligence is quite simple.

  1. This product is connected to the project in Ringostat.
  2. AI quickly analyzes every conversation that takes place on your project.
  3. Additional columns with data appear in the Ringostat call log, which will be described below. They will display information about each call.
  4. You can also see the data in the call card. It opens when you click on the date and time of the call in the reports.
  5. When creating a view, you can also select new columns with AI data to be displayed in the view.

🤖 Use AI-enhanced Business Phone System

AI will make speech-to-text, provide a brief description of dialog, and advise on what to do next

Get all your calls in text

Ringostat automatically transcribes audio conversations into text. You no longer need to listen to the dialog, just skim the text. This is quite convenient for people who perceive information better visually than by ear.

You can read the entire dialog in the call card. And if you click on any phrase, you’ll instantly hear it in the recording. This way, you can check how well your employees handle phone calls and improve customer service.

Of course, you can also listen to the full dialog. When a certain phrase is heard, the player will show its textual transcription.

Ringostat AI, automatyczna transkrypcja rozmów audio na tekst

A powerful advantage of Ringostat AI is that it understands any language and translates it into English. International companies will appreciate this feature. This way, management will be able to control conversations even in languages they do not speak. In addition, English is the language of international communication, particularly in business. So this translation will be useful.

Know what about is a call without listening to it

Previously, you would have had to listen to dozens or even hundreds of calls to find a few conversations that need attention. This “needle-in-a-haystack” search is quite expensive for businesses. In addition, humans are simply not capable of listening to that many conversations while remaining attentive and efficient. 

Now you can spot red flags just by checking the call log. This allows you to dive into only those calls that look suspicious. For example, if the sales rep and the client could not find common ground, the employee was not familiar with the product, was not polite, etc.

The summary of each call will also indicate what happened during the conversation. Therefore, you don’t even have to read the entire transcript of the dialog if you don’t need to. It’s enough to analyze the summary of the AI’s conclusion.

See the mood of the conversation

The deal may fail If the client has an unpleasant “aftertaste” after communicating with your employee. Even if nothing fatal seems to have happened. 

With Ringostat, you can analyze how well or poorly the conversation went. AI will help you to notice such risky situations in time to correct them. And vice versa — knowing that the customer is as satisfied as possible, you can more actively push them to buy.

For each call, you will see:

  • the general mood of the conversation; 
  • customer’s mood; 
  • the mood of the employee.

So you’ll know how well your employee has treated the customer and customer reacted. Now you have fast access to building world-class customer service.

Ringostat AI, nastrój rozmowy

Know your next steps to close the deal successfully

By analyzing all calls, AI will advise on what to do after each one. This will be useful for new employees and any team working under high pressure. This way, sales reps won’t forget about the next steps.

For example:

  • to send the goods within the agreed time frame;
  • to call in a week to get feedback;
  • to send documents for signing;
  • to transfer client requirements to the development department, etc.

This will also save time if you usually send follow-ups to potential customers after a conversation. All you need to do is copy the text from the AI’s advice into your email and change it a bit.

Ringostat AI, podsumowanie każdego połączenia

🦸‍♂️ Unleash the power of conversations with AI

Your personal assistant will show you how good or bad the conversation went through. It will recommend the next steps to close the deal successfully.


Now you have fast access to building world-class customer service.

Which of your teams needs AI and why?

  1. Sales department. In addition to everything described above, AI will also help you develop effective language modules. Analyze which scripts work better and have a positive impact on customer mood. And use them to create new conversation scenarios to boost sales.
  2. Customer support. AI can help you monitor how your team helps customers. Are the support agents solving the problems that customers set for them, or are users leaving frustrated? Find out who needs to brush up on their knowledge and whose dialogs can be used to train newcomers. All of this will affect the duration of cooperation with customers and its profitability for your company.
  3. Marketing. AI data will help you understand the quality of traffic coming through different channels. It will also help to find out whether the sales department is losing leads generated by marketing. Moreover, marketers will draw conclusions on how to optimize advertising to bring in more customers, by analyzing conversations. For example, add frequently asked information to the website. Or focus on the qualities of the product that impress customers.

Go to the website and connect Ringostat’s artificial intelligence to get all these benefits.

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