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The Story about MythBusters: How to Dispel Common Myths and Increase the Advertising Performance

Once upon a time, a perfect website existed in the perfect world. It was flawlessly convenient. It supplied a wide range of goods and services. The systems of online recommendations and price comparison also were very good. The shoppers made purchases online. Marketers measured conversions on Google Analytics and boosted sales. Sounds great, yeah? However, in the real world, things are different. Here’s the story of digital agency about how they managed a difficult project.

About the Project

Client: Insurance and lending web portal

Region: Ukraine

Goals: Evaluate the advertising effectiveness, optimize marketing campaigns and track sales reps

Period: Since April to August 2017

Last spring our partner digital agency had a client who wanted to set up PPC advertising. The working principle of this insurance and lending portal is pretty simple. The user chooses the conditions and web portal displays different offerings with prices, allows to compare them and set up insurance online.

It was supposed that clients would take out insurance coverings online. But 90% of users preferred to make phone calls to purchase. Here are the reasons for it:

  1. Customer journey to making a purchase was very long. For example, at the beginning of placing the order clients had to specify 11 parameters. marketers commented: “Obviously only persistent clients made purchases online”.
  2. Web portal displays pros and cons of different offers. But before making the decision users want to get an advice of pro instead of relying on the website recommendations.
  3. Clients are afraid to be mistaken when filling in the data. Therefore, they want contact center operators to be responsible for it.

That was a true challenge for digital marketers. Majority of conversions wasn’t displayed in Google Analytics. Marketers didn’t know where 90% of clients came from and couldn’t properly manage advertising campaigns. Without call tracking the work was impossible. activated Ringostat and assigned following tasks:

  • clarify the effectiveness of ad sources in terms of phone calls;
  • optimize marketing campaigns in order to generate more calls and orders;
  • track sales reps. 
Increase the Advertising Performance, tasks for agency

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How the workflow of sales department changed after Ringostat activation

After one week of using Ringostat, the team of felt like MythBusters.

Myth #1 No calls

The client of the agency thought advertising was inefficient because it generated very few calls. Moreover, most of the calls didn’t come from potential buyers. According to the head of sales department, many people called from the Donetsk region where this insurance and lending web portal wasn’t available. For these reasons, the client thought that advertising was shown to the wrong audience because of the incorrect settings. 

Myth dispelling

Pros from listened to calls from PPC and looked at the reports. Eventually, there weren’t phone calls from the Donetsk region. Some callers were mistaken because they confused the auto insurance Green Card with American Green Card. 

After exploring the statistics, the myth about a low number of calls was debunked. 

Myth #2 Our sales are cool

This web portal offers services throughout Ukraine (except occupied regions). The company is located in Kyiv but sends insurance policies to any city of Ukraine. The website contains this information. But when the clients from other cities called, sales reps told them that the office was situated in Kyiv and didn’t provide additional info about profitable conditions of taking out insurance online. In result, many sales dropped. 

Myth dispelling

With call tracking, the agency started listening to recorded calls and sent the bad ones to the top managers of this insurance portal. So top managers could debrief employees based on such reports. Of course, this method improved the discipline in the sales department and service quality. 

Myth #3 Regions don’t bring profit

The overwhelming number of web leads are Kyiv citizens. Often they leave their phone numbers to provide sales reps opportunity to call them back. Website visitors from other regions prefer to make calls. 

Increase the Advertising Performance, active regions

Myth dispelling

Look. If the agency would rely only on data on online conversions in Google Analytics, they would cancel advertising in the regions. However, other regions truly generated sales over the phone. For example, the conversion rate of web forms in Lviv was just 0.45%. But Lviv citizens actively ordered services over the phone. The conversion rate of phone calls was 1.1%. 

The performance was grown

When insurance portal started working with the agency, it didn’t believe in exceeding previous results. However, the metrics of different search campaigns were improved. 

  • The total number of calls grew by 90%.
  • The shoppers filled out online forms 50% more often than previously;
  • The number of inquiries over callback was increased by 70%.
Increase the Advertising Performance, the growth of performance

Moreover, plans to use call tracking for:

  1. Forecasts. The agency may rely on call tracking reports while planning the number of calls, leads and customer acquisition cost and thereafter present such plans to its clients.
  2. Scaling marketing campaigns and increasing the number of leads.  

With call analytics tools, you are able to get unexpected results. What myths in the digital world did you dispel? Share with us your experience in the comments below. 

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