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Ringostat Messenger: communicate with customers in one window

Customers and companies have been communicating in messengers for a long time. Now it’s time to combine several communication channels in one window. That’s why we released a new tool — Ringostat Messenger. Be in touch with customers in a single interface, wherever they text you: in Telegram or Viber. There is no more need to open three messengers at once, look for a long communication history, and reply to messages two days after they were sent. Just add extra features to your Google Chrome.

Starting from March, the callback form transformed into a multi-channel widget, and Ringostat Smart Phone became a real smartphone for business. Now it includes calls, SMS, integration with popular CRM systems, and instant messengers. Let’s see why it’s cooler than the usual communication channels that are used in companies.

How works Ringostat Messenger

To start working with the feature you need to:

The customer visits the website and sees a list of instant messengers that he can use to contact a company.

The user texts the sales rep in any of the messengers that Ringostat supports. Then we will set the example of Telegram. In this messenger, the customer opens a chat with the bot you installed, where he writes a message:

At the same time, an employee receives a pop-up notification on the screen, even if the browser is minimized. This will help not to miss calls.

If the sales rep does not see the message or several people text him at the same time, a notification will appear in the messenger. The employee also sees how many calls are there in the queue, and can start processing them.

When the sales rep clicks on the dialogue, a message from the customer will be displayed in Ringostat Messenger so he can respond promptly. If the customer has already requested a company and he is added to the contacts, his name will immediately be displayed:

What indicate icons in the dialog box:

1 — opens information on the customer: from which source he came to the website, which pages he checked before, all sessions for the period, etc.;

2 — allows closing the dialog.

By clicking on the gray arrow icon next to the name, the sales rep can return to the list of dialogs. He can easily see the history of conversation with the ones that he already started to process. It is possible if dialogs are still active, in other words, if they weren’t closed and the communication continues there. An icon that shows the channel that brought a buyer is displayed immediately:

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What tasks solves Ringostat Messenger

Work in one window and time-saving:

This product is especially useful for a business that has a page on Facebook. As they often receive requests in the messenger of this social network. Due to Ringostat Messenger, messages sent to Facebook won’t get lost and a sales rep will process them on time. 

It usually happens the following way: SMM specialist sees the message, sends it to the sales rep, and then the last one processes it. Employees spend more time on that and there is always a risk that something may go wrong at one of the stages. Due to Ringostat Messenger, a sales rep can directly reply to the customer. Thus, you will receive a lead when he is the most interested possible.  

Increase of the website conversion: 

Understanding of ads that bring leads: 

get statistics on campaigns that drive requests on the website and the ones that waste money.

There is one more thing. You don’t have to pay for chat and communication separately. You do not risk that a communication channel will stop working. Ringostat tools are paid in one interface. Moreover, you can do this automatically without entering the account each time.

How Ringostat Messenger differs from other communication solutions used on websites

Time of the response

If you process applications in a standard chat, the account has to be always opened. Only the employee opens another window — he instantly misses the message. You can set up messages forwarding to the mailbox, but you can’t be sure that a sales rep will open the email instantly.

Ringostat Messenger allows you to respond as quickly as possible. It will show pop-up notifications about a new dialog and display all messages in the queue that can be processed.

Ease of applications processing

Imagine how many tools a sales rep usually works with:

All in all, there are lots of windows between which sales reps have to pretty quickly switch. When he needs to find information in the CRM, he minimizes other tabs so they won’t disturb.

Ringostat Messenger’s interface is specially designed so that you make fewer actions possible. It does not close the CRM’s workspace as it is displayed on the side. In one click you can make a call, send SMS or reply to the customer who texts you in the messenger.

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Chances to close the deal

Well, you may say that standard communication channels do not increase the chances at all. Everything depends on the skills of a sales rep.

With Ringostat Messenger, even a newbie can be a top sales rep. He sees what the customer is interested in, viewed pages, a request that brought him. An employee understands whether the buyer is “warm”, how often he searches for specific products, what he can offer him. These steps will help to clearly get a customer’s needs and build a dialogue that will push a person to the purchase. 

Data safety

Sometimes you may find personal numbers or accounts in Telegram or Viber of the head of the sales department or a sales rep mentioned on the website. If such an employee quits the company, all the contacts of customers will be gone with his account. The company will lose not only the communication history but future customers as well.

With Ringostat Messenger, you don’t have to worry about all these things. Information is stored in the corporate account so it is linked only to that account. This is another advantage. By giving access to a new employee, you can quickly give him a clear picture by simply showing previous messages.

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