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Ringostat end-to-end analytics changes its beta-testing status — receive even more opportunities

In September Ringostat end-to-end analytics moved to a stage of opened beta-testing. Almost two months we have monitored its work, listened to your wishes and developed a new functionality. Thus, on the 1st of November, we are ready to announce the start of sales. We have released an update for this event. This is an opportunity to manually import costs.

First of all, it should be reminded of what is Ringostat end-to-end analytics. It’s an instrument that shows the cost recovery of investments in each ad channel. Without end-to-end analytics, you have to rely on interim metrics: calls, clicks, conversions on the website. But they are not necessarily lead to the closed deal. Due to our analytical instrument, you can rely on the data on sales. In other words, you see how much revenue brought this or another channel.

Example of Ringostat end-to-end analytics report

Read more on its opportunities in the article “Ringostat released end-to-end analytics: find out more about effective and profitable ads”.

What are the additions to the functionality that you receive with the changed status? One of the end-to-end analytics advantages is that it brings together all data and automatically counts ROI. It is possible due to ready-made integrations with the most popular ad systems:

Ringostat drives the information on the costs of campaigns from ad accounts. And after the sales, it compares which one of the launched activities led to the closed deal. All in all, a user sees the cost recovery of ad campaigns from advertising systems. As well as how many calls they bring and the percentage of closed deals, etc.

However, what to do companies that have launched advertisements in other systems? It’s easy — they can manually upload expenses on their campaigns. In this case, end-to-end analytics will drive this data, as well as it does with integrations described above. Due to this, you will receive an automatic calculation of the cost-effectiveness, CPPC, etc.

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How to configure the manual import of costs into Ringostat end-to-end analytics

Let’s see how to do this in practice. Go to your Ringostat account, open the Integrations section and scroll it down to the Import of Costs paragraph. You will see a form to upload the file on the right:

First of all, it is required to download a CSV template or copy headers of columns if you already have a prepared document. In the second case, fill in headers to the first row of your table with the data on ad campaigns. Complete the document with the data on costs so the content of columns will match their titles.

Let’s say, for the last month a company actively invested in SEO promotion. There were bought links, updated the website, etc. This took N hours of specialist’s work so it costed a certain sum. Knowing total costs on everything and having Ringostat end-to-end analytics, up to the end of the month, it is possible to understand the cost recovery of the optimization.

Then upload a file, by clicking on the “Choose a file on the computer”. There will appear a notification that data will be uploaded during 24h. Nevertheless, it may happen much quicker as the information uploads in order. When the system finishes the process, you will receive an email that data are processed.

The frequency of the upload of costs depends on the distinct promotion channel. For example, for SEO, it is better to import expenses once per month. Thus, it will be possible to consider the salaries of specialists and related costs. Regarding banner ads, it is better to upload costs once per week. However, here you also need to proceed from the amount of traffic.

When a customer who came from organic will make a purchase, end-to-end analytics will track this event. It will automatically drive the data on revenue from the CRM and data on costs from your document. In the end-to-end analytics report will be displayed ROI by the organic channel, cost per proper call, etc. Therefore, you will understand the effectiveness of this advertising channel considering investments in it.

Import of costs can be used for SEO promotion, banner ads and any tool where it is possible to mention UTM parameters.

What will that do 

  1. The understanding of cost recovery of your investments in ads. You can evaluate promotion channels by the most important metric — revenue from launched campaigns.
  2. The flexibility of settings for a specific business. Set any attribution model, time decay and weight for different goals. This is a distinct feature of Ringostat end-to-end analytics that emphasizes it among other same-titled solutions.
  3. Work in one window. No need to switch between several systems and manually consolidate reports. Ringostat will count everything for you. It remains only to analyze ready-made reports.
  4. Work with data on costs on promotion from lots of systems. You are not limited by data from Google Ads, Facebook advertising account only. Upload costs from any systems where you promote.

You can test everything mentioned above on your project — we give two weeks of the free trial. Describe in comments features that would be useful for you.

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