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Profitable cooperation with the world-famous CRM — Ringostat integration with HubSpot and Salesforce

Calls are the sales booster. However, if you want your sales department to be productive, the work with costumers’ requests should be streamlined. Ringostat has already had 6 integrations for such purposes, and now there are even more. Automate your sales with leaders — connect data on calls from Ringostat with the information on deals and sales in Salesforce and HubSpot. These systems are in the TOP popular CRM all over the world.

Work with Salesforce and HubSpot advantages

Some companies prefer to save on budget using solutions with basic opportunities. Nevertheless, work with famous and large systems provides several advantages:

Now such advantages are available for Ringostat users who will turn on the integration with  HubSpot or Salesforce. Let’s take a quick look at these systems’ advantages and why they are chosen by thousands of people around the world.


The world leader that, according to Forbes, occupies 19% of the CRM market and rapidly grows:

Source: Techcrunch

Furthermore, the system actively purchases solutions in related niches and customizes to its product. That’s why users can choose appropriate for themselves tools and work with them in the same ecosystem. Salesforce is not limited to CRM. This cloud-platform also includes other tools. You can create custom solutions, by combining them. Adidas, Philips, Toyota, and Cisco are among Salesforce famous clients. This CRM is even used by the US National Visa Center to collect, process and issue visa requests.


Despite the fact that HubSpot CRM is not as popular as Salesforce, it is used by 60 500 customers in 100 countries. Apart from CRM, the system includes 3 cloud solutions:

You can enter the unlimited number of customers, contacts, and deals to HubSpot CRM. Users appreciate it for a convenient and clear interface. HubSpot allows you to use the chat for website, send messages right from CRM, see the correspondence history on a contact page, and many more.

If your sales department works with one of these systems, you can automate it, due to the integration with call tracking. All you need is to do is register in Ringostat and turn on the integration in several clicks. Then connect the tech support, and we will help you to set up the integration.

🎯 Do you want to automate the sales department and make its work faster and more convenient?

Integrate CRM and other systems with Ringostat — we already have about 40 integrations!

Integration with HubSpot

Due to HubSpot and Ringostat integration data on calls in automatically transferred to CRM right during the call. However, the most important thing here is that the “smart” integration logic takes over the part of the sales rep’s routine work. There is no more need to be distracted by setting tasks, noting customer’s data, and starting deals.

It works like that:

The described case works by default. Nevertheless, you can choose under what circumstances contacts, deals and tasks will be created. This and other integration advantages will be reviewed below.

Integration logic flexible settings

Ringostat takes into consideration the peculiarities of every business. There is no common scenario for work with calls. That’s why you can autonomously setup actions in CRM that will follow each event.

There is a special matrix with understandable hints in Ringostat. Open the section Integrations — [the integration you need] — Integration scenarios to change the logic. By clicking on it, you will see a matrix with conditions and actions.

You will see the hint, by clicking on the question mark next to each action. Just check or uncheck the appropriate boxes and click Save. Let’s say, you want the contact to be created right after the sales rep picks up the phone. It means that you can always create a deal after each incoming call answered by the sales rep. This may be useful for a business where the sale takes place during the call — e.g.: for food delivery service. 

OAuth authentication

Ringostat provides the easiest way possible to start your work with integration. It is possible due to OAuth technology. This is the authorization protocol that allows giving one service the right to access the user’s resources at another service.

Ringostat users don’t have to set up something or to switch to other systems. It is enough to click on the “Activate Integration” button, so there will open a window where you can log in.  If you are not using CRM yet, you can create a new profile right from this window.

This is a new generation integration: no need to copy/past or to manually configure something. Everything is automatic.

Integration with Salesforce

This CRM integration works on the same principle as with HubSpot. As a result, the user receives such advantages:

NB: SalesForce integration works only with paid accounts

The most convenient work with calls

Ringostat is not only a call tracking, virtual PBX and callback form. Our service also includes the sales reps assistant right in Google Chrome. This is Ringostat Smart Phone that also integrates with HubSpot and Salesforce CRM.


  1. You can make/accept calls and send messages right in your browser.
  2. Call the client in one click from the deal page or contact in CRM where the phone number is mentioned. Similarly, for any pages of any websites that have phone numbers.
  3. If the client data is already in CRM, you will see at once who is calling you. Call the client by name at once and open the deal or contact/lead in one click. This will help you to easily find out what the client is interested in, his/her previous purchases, and more likely to close the deal. Meanwhile, Ringostat Smart Phone doesn’t hide the CRM space, so you can work in one window.
  1. The workspace is opened during the call. Moreover, the data on the client is mentioned there: the advertising that led him, how many times he has already called and visited the website, TOP 5 pages that he has visited as well as the one where he is now.  
  2. You can put the call on hold, transfer it to the webphone or smartphone, as well as make the attended call transfer. The sales rep connecting his/her colleague while the customer hears pleasant hold music. The employee connects the client and the sales rep only when the colleague is ready to accept the call.

Read more about these features in the article “Ringostat Virtual PBX 2.0. Both the sales reps assistant and phone in your browser”.

End-to-end analytics creation based on CRM and call tracking integration

Integration with HubSpot and Salesforce also works in “reverse order”. CRM data can be transferred to Ringostat end-to-end analytics module. Yes, we already have such an option and it is in beta testing.

💰 Get more orders for your business with Ringostat and boost your sales

Find out how promotion investments pay off: reports will show which ads work and which do not — this will allow you to reallocate the budget


Control whether sales reps miss customers, do they pick up the phone on time, how they communicate with customers

What will that do

  1. Data on profit from CRM is automatically transferred to Ringostat end-to-end analytics.
  2. The information on the cost of advertising from Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram is transferred there as well. The number of incoming calls for each ad campaign also gets to Ringostat end-to-end analytics module.
  3. You will see ROMI for particular ad campaigns right in Ringostat reports. Now you can make conclusions about the advertisement, calls that came from ad campaigns and sales cost recovery. This will help you to invest in the most successful ad campaigns and opt-out or optimize the ones that are not working.

Turn on the integration with SalesForce or HubSpot today — and we will help you to do it the quicker possible. Just text our chat and the representative will answer you in four minutes.

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