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How To Use Call Recording and Boost Your Sales

What actually is call recording, you may ask? For sure, every time when you hear this word combination, you recall the James Bond and other things regarding a spy theme. By the way, this feature doesn’t have anything in common with spies or spooks. However, it can meaningfully benefit your business and customers. In this post, we’ll walk you through brief call recording overview.

Almost every company has a call center, wherein the operators get calls, listen to the clients’ complaints, sell different products or services and explain how to customize something. Every director is interested in delivering exceptional customer service. How can you make sure that your call agents do their utmost to keep customers coming back?

The solution has been found. Their conversations with clients can be recorded and saved in virtual PBX (private branch exchange) in order to listen to them and hone the servicing skills of call agents.

Opportunities of call recording

  • to teach inexperienced newbies how to communicate with customers in order to increase sales;
  • сheck daily all conversations and evaluate the call center’s productivity;
  • correct standard sales script in order to help managers overcome any obstacles;
  • clarify why operators slowly respond to calls
  • estimate the performance of every call operator and personalize the motivational system to make the work of the sales department more efficient;
  • as a result of aforementioned actions, to reduce the number of missed calls, boost the sales and customer loyalty.

The opportunity to see missed calls is an indisputable advantage of virtual PBX and call tracking services. It helps catch all inbound calls and not lose any potential customers.

Proper approach to call recording

Sometimes customers worry what will happen with the recorded conversations in the future. What if swindlers get a hold of them?

However, there’s no reason to worry about this. The protection of personal data is crucial for call tracking services.

To prevent information leakage and make customers feel protected, Ringostat has internal rules for working with recorded calls:

  1. Recordings of customers’ calls are a trade secret. They are protected as well as the financial reports and other important documents.
  2. Employees who have access to call recordings have signed confidentiality agreements.
  3. Personal data collection is allowed only when analyzing the efficiency of advertising channels and improving service quality.
  4. Employees are prohibited from using call recordings for any other communications, except for official business.

Thanks to call recording, sales reps can analyze their mistakes, become more polite and knowledgeable and respond quickly to calls.

It’s a helpful tool to improve the sales department.

Please note that you should choose the telephone service with a consideration for data security.

Take care of personal data protection and gain the long-term economic benefits of the call tracking services.