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How To Properly Use Call Tracking: 5 Operation Tips

How To Properly Use Call Tracking

CCO of call tracking service Ringostat Konstantin Chervyakov shared practical tips on improving sales performance for a business using call tracking technology.

The implementation of call tracking technologies has already become the norm for market sectors like retail, tourism, beauty salons, medicine, auto showrooms, and many others. However, call tracking isn’t always able to bring the expected results. In order to boost the sales department performance, businesses have a “homework” to do.

Tip #1: segment customers

The inbound telephone calls have different value:

  1. Phone calls concerning the technical features of your business or solving local problems. Transform it into communication via online chat.
  2. Phone calls driven by intention to check the availability of a product or detailed specifications. It originates from imperfect site content.
  3. Calls made by clients who can’t be served because of their location, for example.

All the types of calls mentioned above can be filtered either through analytical information of call tracking service, either through a special voice menu.

We recommend our clients to move gradually:

  1. Start tracking the visitor-to-call conversion with automatic separation of targeted, untargeted and repeated calls (taking into consideration the specified duration of the targeted call and sales cycle).
  2. Introduce the call segmentation directly by a call agent through a special voice menu. Several categories are possible: service calls, sales calls, information calls, telephone spam.
  3. Integrate call analytics system and web-analytics with CRM system to get information on income/profit/ROI.
  4. Attach and integrate the contextual ads automation to adjust settings of advertising campaigns based on specified KPI.

To go to the step number three, there must be a person understanding the process of collecting and receiving data, and realizing the principle of interaction between systems.

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Tip #2: work on the best conversation scenario

Call tracking won’t work well if recording of phone conversations doesn’t encourage operators to improve their manner of talking. Organize the internal brainstorming sessions on regular basis. During these sessions the call-center management team together with their head can discuss common problems registered by call tracking service. Moreover, you don’t have to save money on invitation of experienced sales trainers.

If not using this possibility, the recorded calls will take up space in vain and generated leads won’t be processed efficiently.

Tip #3: make sure that contextual advertising is set up correctly

Call tracking technology quickly identifies the performance of a PPC strategy. А сompetent marketer can receive clear insights analyzing call tracking data. For example, it’s possible to correct advertising campaigns after making conclusions from different performance indicators:

Tip #4: choose your provider carefully

The call tracking performance will directly depend on the level of service proposed by a provider whose numbers are used for substitution. The fact is that some numbers can be “dirty”, that means that they had a previous owner and his clients can still use them. Furthermore, calls may fail to get through because of provider’s technical issues. It’s necessary to detect and eliminate effectively all these problems.

(In order to avoid the difficulties mentioned above – invest time into choosing a reliable provider). With a reliable provider you’ll avoid these difficulties. How to choose the right one? You can analyze their clients’ opinions or ask a specialist working in a call tracking service for advice.

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Tip #5: don’t make rushed decisions

Even if analytical statistics says that a keyword is not effective, don’t stop to use it. Reduce the budget for inefficient companies gradually. In case of inaccurate statistics you won’t lose a significant percentage of traffic generated by this keyword or phrase.

Additionally, don’t forget that some services and requests have their seasonality. That’s why if some campaign seems irrelevant at a particular moment in time, it’s necessary to check the seasonality with Google Trends. Also you can analyze competitors’ data with special services (for example,

Use of these pieces of advice turns call tracking from a promising technology to a working tool quickly handling calls and bringing daily profit. To achieve competitive market indicators for your business, marketers, managers and call agents have to work together and use data from services associated with analytical statistics. If one of these groups isn’t ready to take an active part in a working process, you don’t have to wait for miracles after making decision to use call analytics.

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