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Case Study: how Ringostat Supervisor AI analyses sales conversations across three scenarios and 90+ criteria

In the dynamic realm of sales leadership, where scrutiny and attention to detail are paramount, Andriy Krupkin’s Sales Bureau leadership has long epitomised excellence, investing over 8 hours weekly in analysing sales reps’ conversations. However, the paradigm shifts with the introduction of Ringostat Supervisor AI, dramatically reducing this time investment and liberating resources for critical tasks. Supervisor AI’s ability to analyse 100% of conversations in seconds heralds a new era of efficiency, empowering sales leaders to make informed decisions with unprecedented speed and precision. This case study explores how Supervisor AI saves organisations money and elevates sales management performance.

Client company overview and objectives they set

Andriy Krupkin’s Sales Bureau is a dynamic force in the global consulting landscape, with a presence in 10 countries worldwide. Since its inception in 2017, the company has spearheaded over 160 projects, catapulting its clients to a cumulative revenue of $20 million. Offering a suite of comprehensive services, the Sales Bureau specialises in:

Whether it’s the inception of a sales division from scratch or the strategic restructuring of an existing framework for enhanced outcomes, clients rely on the expertise and precision of the Sales Bureau team. 

The initial step in this transformative process always commences with a thorough phone consultation. Here, the adept sales representatives engage with potential clients, acquaint them with the company ethos, delve into the intricacies of their businesses, and meticulously analyse the current landscape. Drawing insights from these interactions and assessments, the Sales Bureau team adeptly formulates a bespoke strategy tailored to the client’s unique needs. This culminates in presenting a comprehensive list of services meticulously crafted to address every facet of the client’s requirements, setting the foundation for a journey.

This initial dialogue is the pivotal first stride into the sales funnel — a moment of utmost importance. It’s the make-or-break juncture where a manager’s impression, astute analysis of the current landscape, and tailored service propositions converge. Hence, meticulous scrutiny is placed upon the execution of these consultations.

Traditionally, ensuring the integrity of these conversations entailed painstakingly listening to each recording, a time-consuming endeavour. Firstly, consultations tend to be lengthy affairs. Secondly, evaluating conversation quality demands a significant investment of time, involving manual steps such as toggling playback, navigating Excel sheets housing evaluation criteria, annotating adherence to script essentials, replaying and dissecting ambiguous segments, and furnishing comprehensive feedback.

Each day, the sales department head would dive into 3–4 conversations, some stretching even to half-hour intervals. It meant dedicating roughly a quarter of their workday to scrutinising and providing feedback to managers. The urgency for automating this task was palpable.

Given their longstanding partnership with Ringostat, “Sales Bureau,” when news of AI integration broke, they seized the opportunity to optimise their processes and turbocharge sales department oversight.

Navigating Project Implementation: Features and Challenges

When the Sales Bureau set out to achieve its objectives, a bespoke solution was imperative, leading to the implementation of Ringostat Supervisor AI. This necessity arose from the intricacies of manager-client interactions and the subsequent evaluations conducted by leadership.

  1. Sales reps navigate through three distinct conversation scripts, commencing each interaction without prior knowledge of the client’s inquiry. 
  2. This starts with an initial greeting and a series of questions, branching the conversation script based on client responses. For accurate analysis, artificial intelligence must discern the conversation’s trajectory among the three scenarios.
  3. The AI tool evaluates over 90 criteria. As conversations progress through staged inquiries, the AI must navigate transitions, ensuring no detail is overlooked. 
  4. Accurate client profiling is paramount, aiding employees in addressing client needs with relevant services. The AI serves as a crucial ally in information gathering.

Let’s explore how Ringostat developers mastered every detail in crafting Ringostat Supervisor AI.

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Analysis of calls according to three scenarios

First and foremost, artificial intelligence transcribes all conversations — converting speech into text. Now, instead of sifting through entire recordings, a glance at the transcript suffices to grasp the essence of the dialogue. Even more straightforwardly, one can peruse a summary generated by AI.

The Sales Bureau leverages an automatic translation feature for all conversations in English. However, if preferred, transcription can be tailored to the language spoken during the conversation.

For reader convenience, we’ve translated all screenshots into English.

Example of conversation transcription. The player at the top of the page also allows you to listen to the recording.

To educate the artificial intelligence, the Sales Bureau has devised three distinct conversation scenarios for managers engaging with clients:

In simple terms, the process of analysing conversations with Ringostat Supervisor AI unfolds like this:

For instance, if a sales representative neglects to ask the client about the number of managers in their team:

Identification of conversation stages and their assessment

The conversation script is free of unnecessary or irrelevant questions. However, sales reps are responsible for asking each one. Not doing so could lead to misunderstanding the client’s business details and incorrectly misidentifying their needs or pricing services.

The Ringostat Supervisor AI carefully monitors the delivery of each essential question and systematically marks it off the checklist.

As mentioned earlier, conversation scripts consist of specific stages, and the artificial intelligence, trained on this material, ‘understands’ when each one begins. Below, we illuminate these conversation stages alongside essential managerial actions.

  1. Commencement: introduce oneself, address the client by name, and extend an invitation for inquiries.
  2. Initiating Discovery: probe into the client’s reason for reaching out, delve into their business landscape, and explore their familiarity with the Sales Bureau.
  3. Needs Exploration: assess the client’s existing sales infrastructure, ascertain key selling methodologies, training protocols for the team, and the presence of predefined scripts.
  4. Presentation: tailor a service offering to align with the client’s requirements, bolstering the pitch with compelling case studies and notable achievements. For instance, highlighting the Sales Bureau’s track record of establishing 130+ turnkey sales departments across 65+ diverse sectors.
  5. Closure: articulate the service pricing, ensure comprehensive client comprehension, and outline the subsequent steps, such as providing a sample contract for review.
Example of the needs discovery stage for a company that does not yet have a sales department

Crafting the Client Profile

Ringostat Supervisor AI crafts a vivid client profile by drawing insights from the respondent’s feedback. This succinct dossier encapsulates diverse facets such as business vertical, team size, prevailing sales methodologies, and more.

This empowers Sales Bureau leadership to grasp client needs comprehensively and discern the business model — whether B2B or B2C. Furthermore, it streamlines client data integration into CRM systems, simplifying the process to a mere copy-paste of the client profile report.

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Assessment of sales rep Performance

After every interaction, Ringostat Supervisor AI crafts a comprehensive performance report for the sales team, considering pivotal criteria:

Scores for each criterion are aggregated to generate an overarching performance rating for the manager’s conversation. This automation empowers:

Ringostat Supervisor AI Implementation Results: Client Testimonial

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