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What is a callback widget

Let’s see, there’s pretty huge traffic on your web page but you see that part of visitors still doesn’t contact you for some reason? Callback widget by Ringostat makes it easier to interact with the website visitors and convert them into the clients, either they have a strong interest or they just look for the information.

What is the callback widget?

A callback widget is an automated service that helps your visitors to connect you without any barriers. Place it on every page of your site, call your customers back and just watch the boost of the conversions.

The widget interacts with visitors in two ways:

How does it work?

Different services that provide the callback function have different functions, but the general principle of operation is similar. On the example of Ringostat we will illustrate how the callback order form works from the website:

The callback is also an analytical instrument that gives access to the same detailed statistics same detailed statistics as call tracking does. Collect a database of phone numbers and make a special offer to customers who already know about your product.

Example of the report on statistics from a callback that you can find in the Ringostat account

What do you get using callback widget from Ringostat

Benefits for users

Benefits for the company

  1. This increases the number of hits from interested users from 10 to 50%. This is proven by our own cases.
  2. This becomes an additional channel of communication with the most interested visitors. According to statistics, from 9 to 10 cases the call is ordered by warm leads.
  3. Provokes a dialogue with users who would not dare to call themselves.
  4. Reduces the bounce rate. If the customer is not clear about something, he will order a call rather than leave the site.
  5. Causes the visitor to have the wow effect of an instant callback, and increases loyalty to your company.
  6. It is an additional statistical tool. You can track which advertising source the client who ordered a callback came from. And draw conclusions about the effectiveness of specific advertising channels.
Example of a report on calls ordered through Ringostat callback: data about the advertising source that brought the user to the site

⚡ Connect the Ringostat callback and get more leads from the site

Choose from 15 free designs and colors — they are free for Ringostat clients, change the callback widget text


Call a callback form when someone clicks on any button on the site. For example, callback will work when a client leaves an online request

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