Call Tracking Day and Revolution in the World of Call Analytics and Phone Sales

Austin Ahamba
16.09.20162,751 views 7

Nowadays there are many various holidays:

  • the day of the programmer
  • the day of the internet marketer
  • Harvest Moon Festival
  • Towel Day
  • And even birthday of the cocktail straw

Recently we realized — there is no Call Tracking Day. Did call tracking bring less good to the humanity than a cocktail straw?

We decided to restore justice – on 30th of September Ringostat will celebrate the first Call Tracking Day in history. Specially for such day, we will run Exclusive online presentation of the beta-version of the revolutionary tool Smart Sales AWD by Ringostat. 

Exclusive online presentationSmart Sales AWD by Ringostat

For the key celebration criteria of the Call Tracking Day we chose the following:

  1. Call Tracking Day has to be marked by technological breakthrough in the field.
  2. Only real fans of this technology should get the right to celebrate it.

Exclusive online presentation of the beta-version of the revolutionary tool Smart Sales AWD by Ringostat

To honor the Call Tracking Day we present a new tool, which allows to get a full picture about a caller in real-time. Already this fall. .

Here are several key insights into our unique product:

  1. AWD is an Automated Workdesk.
  2. Smart Sales AWD by Ringostat is a symbiosis of virtual PBX, CRM, call tracking and web-analytics system.
  3. Smart sales based on user preferences — Ringostat Automated Workdesk reveals the callers’ interests beforehand, allowing you to make them an appropriate offer.  
  4. Ringostat AWD is an outstanding tool and has no alternatives. None of the advanced integrations between your CRM system, virtual PBX, call tracking service and a user-based analytics system can provide all the experience you get with Ringostat Automated Workdesk.

Conditions and benefits of participation in the exclusive online presentation on the Call Tracking Day, September 30

Participation conditions:

  1. You appreciate the call tracking technology and know how to benefit from it.
  2. You are not afraid of implementing new technological solutions into your own and your clients’ business.
  3. You have at least 1 active Ringostat project, prepaid for 6+ months — this would serve as a confirmation of the first two points.


  1. All the participants of the presentation will be able to take part in exclusive beta-testing of the new product.
  2. After the official release you will receive several workdesks at Ringostat for free, for the duration of the pre-paid period at Ringostat.
  3. When your competitors will have just found out about the Smart Sales AWD, you will be already connect the dots between a caller and the information under their website visit as the call happens using our tool.

Register now to participate:

And for those, who are not yet fans of call tracking — we increase discounts for long-term prepayment until September, 30:

  1. For 6 months: before – 15%, now – 20%.
  2. For 12 months: before – 25%, now – 35%.

Contact our managers for details.



  • Евгений

    Выбирали агрегатор для небольшого сервиса по подбору ресторанов.

    Изначально выбор пал на Робокассу т.к. популярна и простая интеграция. Но не устраивала комиссия и скорость выплат.

    Рассмотрели кучу вариантов и наткнулись на Maxkassa. Подключили нас за 4 дня. Интеграция прошла без проблем. Деньги поступают на р/c через 1-2 дня после оплаты заказа.

    • Andrii Fedotov

      Евгений, спасибо за комментарий. Подскажите, какой процент оплат за сервис идет именно через агрегатор, а какой напрямую через банковские платежи, если не секрет?

      • Евгений

        90% оплат у нас по пластику
        10% другие способы оплаты.

        У нас все идет через агрегатор т.к. при прямом эквайринке банк берет 3,1 -3,5%.
        А через MaxKassa у нас комиссия по пластику 2,5%.

        Если мы говорим о 0,6% при среднем обороте 550т – мы экономим 39 600р в год.
        Если о переплате в 1%, то экономим 66 000р. в год.
        Для нас это существенно. Зп сотруднику можно заплатить за мес. А кому то и за 2))

  • Руслан Нуралиев

    Вот объясните мне как работают платежные системы?

  • Руслан Нуралиев

    платежные системы это посути посредники ?

    • Olga Feoktistova

      Руслан, скорее вспомогательные сервисы в случае оплаты онлайн.

  • Николай Гусак

    Хорошая статья, но если же бизнес работает с постоянным оборотом от 10000долларов, я бы рекомендовал подключать агрегатор платежей такие как ecommpay, orangepay, cardpay и т.д

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