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Automated Callback: How To Increase Your Clients` Loyalty And Improve Your Website Conversion

Automated Callback

Sometimes our clients reveal hidden potential of Ringostat and give us some amazing ideas, so tempting that we resolve to making these updates part of our service. This post is a small case study of how we implemented an idea one of our clients suggested. 

How to connect your sales managers’ smartphones with cloud-based PBX and CRM

We have developed a way of recording data from phone calls into the CRM system and Ringostat virtual PBX. This requires additional CRM adjusting, which leaves the developers with a little more extra technical work to do. Generally, the implementation of this idea is simple and should take few seconds to about a minute to happen.

A clear example is when a user visits a car dealer website completes an online form to get more details on a particular car he’s picked out of the many cars on display. Now, this completed form is received by the CRM system of this car dealer as an event that has occurred on their site.

Then the following actions occurs:

  1. The car dealer’s Sales Rep sends this information to Ringostat via an API by pushing a “call request” button on their CRM system.
  2. This transfer is then picked up by Ringostat cloud PBX as a request to initiate a call with both the user and the car dealer call agents. 
  3. Data from the recorded call along with the status of the call is sent over to the car dealer’s CRM system and also to Ringostat. 

Idea evolution: from simple to more advanced

This little idea to transfer the data to a call request via Ringostat API leads us to see a bigger picture. From now on, Ringostat can automatically call your website visitors when they trigger events by making certain actions; eg – completing an online form, downloading a pdf file, watching a product video, subscribing to your email digests etc.

It was our client who proposed this idea. To back this story up, a real estate agency noticed that a large part of online applications left on their website were not handled properly. This was due to the fact that they received a lot of online applications from visitors who wanted a more descriptive information on the homes they wanted to purchase. And most of them needed urgent call backs or email responses from the agency but the managers weren’t proactive enough to handle all these requests. So in order to change this situation, our client modified their CRM system with Ringostat API which allowed the sales manager to notify Ringostat of the need to setup a call with both the user and the agency’s sales rep at the push of a call request button. Though still needing a developer to adjust the code, these modifications were not difficult to be made.

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How do this work now?

Well, when a user leaves an application on a website, this information is transferred first to a CRM – system, after which it sends a request to Ringostat via an API and Ringostat system calls the visitor back.

The algorithm is like this:

  1. A visitor arrives on the website of a real estate agency, that sells houses, lands, homes etc, selects a house and fills out an online form to receive more information on this house.
  2. A CRM system, that this agency uses, receives this application in a form of an event that happened on the website, sends a request to Ringostat to initiate a phone call with this visitor since he left his phone number in an appropriate field in an online form.

Imagine that you want to buy an apartment and schedule an appointment with an estate agent to show this property. You leave an online application on the website and the sales rep calls you within 30 seconds. Now you get to ask your questions and go over all the details. Quite impressive client service, right?

This simple scheme allowed our client to increase the speed of handling online applications. As a result:

As you can see, automated callback function allows Ringostat clients to make their service more client-oriented.

You can choose an action to trigger a Call back

You can setup an automated callback for every event that is worth your reaction. This is particularly true when you sell expensive products, because the level of service is important here.

With this automatic callback function you will give quick and timely responses via phone. High level of proactive service will cheer your clients up and help you to get over their doubts.

Of course, sometimes it happens that clients fill out online applications in the middle of the night and it wouldn’t be convenient to call them at this time. That’s why you should program your CRM system to send the callback requests only during working hours.

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Call a callback form when someone clicks on any button on the site. For example, callback will work when a client leaves an online request

Things you need to consider

  1. Ringostat clients have to adjust their CRM systems themselves. These are easy-to-implement features but will require the expertise of your developers. If you need simple features to be implemented, this won’t take long. In any case, this innovation can be considered to bing in big results.
  2. Sales department should be ready to handle the increasing amount of phone calls since calls come in within 30 seconds of online form completion. They should also go through a user’s completed application before answering the call so as to provide accurate and necessary information.
  3. Disable IVR before setting up an automated callback. Otherwise, an IVR will send the call first to your clients before your call agents. And in this case, causing a negative outcome to your sales department work. Try to do this always.

If you want to try this for your company, you can register at Ringostat or ask us for more details.

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