8 Indicators of the Efficient Control of Conversion Through Calls

Katya Chubuk
08.08.20171,285 views Write the first comment

Call Tracking services empower companies to manage conversions through calls according to the most popular keywords and sources, conversation duration, reaction rate of agents and other parameters. Our experience shows us the inclination of clients to integrate Ringostat data with their own CRM systems.

Many of our clients who are just beginners in Internet promotion, use Google Spreadsheets or Excel reports. These are also convenient analytics and planning tools.

Whatever reporting tools you may choose to use, it would be useful to learn which data are the most important for call analytics.

So let’s take a deep dive into that very topic.



1. The top keywords generating the incoming calls

Call Tracking creates a list of these keywords in a special report. These keywords help a marketer analyze the attractive semantic fields for callers.

The work with keywords is essential for optimizing your Google Adwords campaigns. It lets you add offline conversion data to your advertising campaigns and review their values.

2. The top advertising campaigns generating conversion through calls

This indicator aggregates data according to keywords and sums up the effectiveness of calls generated from PPC. This ranking is a terrific opportunity to evaluate how profitable the chosen time of showing the ads actually is. Owing to this, you may make changes if you don’t get enough calls.

3. The ratio of potential customers who call to the total number of applicants

It’s one of the most important parameters for us to decide if we should recommend a call tracking service or not.

This parameter is pretty dynamic, and due to call tracking, you may observe seasonal changes of customer preferences in communication channels.


4. The ratio of calls of ads to calls after visiting the website

If you sell a simple service, you certainly have the chance to get a high conversion rate even from ads. With that said, it rarely works with complex products. In this case, you should consider a multi-stage sales process and the difficulty of selling a product over the first call without the client having visited the website.

The tracking of call conversion rates from advertising and the website allows you to improve the work on customer flow. This indicator boosts the opportunities to make the best marketing decisions.

5. The talk duration

This parameter is meaningful, because after having used this filter, you may see the longest and most useful conversations for sales department analytics.  

Analysis of long conversations will allow you to evaluate the competency of call managers. In addition, you may receive detailed data about the most common customer worries and questions.

Also comparing the duration of different calls, you will clarify what is the average duration of the targeted call in your business.

6. Data about caller’s location

Google Analytics may provide you with this data. Call tracking services allow you to connect the data about a caller’s location with specific calls. Tracking these call indicators you can always control the reaction of different regions to your advertising. Using Google Adwords you can even learn the most minuscule of details about a caller’s location. It will let you understand the customer’s behavior and evaluate the most favorable situations for calls.

7. The ratio of unique, unique target, first target, and repeated calls

The knowledge of the call status will help you improve your advertising campaigns and form a sales funnel. In addition, this ratio allows you to evaluate which group of clients has the most investments from an advertising budget.

8. Profit from calls

The last, but not the least, indicator is a direct profit from the sales by phone. Integrating call tracking data with information from the CRM, you can calculate the profitability of marketing expenses. In addition, estimating your profit is essential when you plan the strategy of marketing costs for your business.

Call tracking helps you develop a personal dashboard

Unlike many other tools, call tracking doesn’t impose upon you specific approaches based on the data received. Because it’s impossible to develop universal algorithms for radically different industries.

However, by tracking the aforementioned 8 indicators, you can find out how phone communications matter to your business.

Simply by estimating financial indicators, the social and demographic characteristics of your customers, you’re able to construct a strong marketing strategy.

The dashboard of call conversion based on call tracking data is a progressive approach to efficiently distribute your marketing budget and improve the work of sales department.


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