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Ringostat + CRM: 5 powerful integrations for a productive sales team

5 інтеграцій Ringostat з CRM

There are CRM systems known for their cool features all over the world. And these opportunities will become even wider if you use Ringostat integrations with CRM. Do you want your sales reps to sell more instead of spending hours entering data into your CRM system? 5 powerful integrations for a productive sales team will easily solve this problem. Read about it in the article where professional integrators also shared their experience.

Why you should integrate CRM with Ringostat call tracking and telephony at all?

It’s simple — automating business processes, saving time and the department from fatal mistakes. Imagine how a sales rep works during the “hottest” hours when a flurry of calls comes in:

Even during quieter hours, a sales rep has to enter information on each call, create a deal, or a task, and enter a contact. All of this takes precious time that could be spent on sales.

To solve this problem and put sales on stream, Ringostat has developed smart integrations with top CRMs. We’ll look at how they work below. In the meantime, let’s see what they give to the sales team.

Advantages of CRM and Ringostat integration

  1. More time to close deals. The integration takes care of the lion’s share of the routine — it automatically creates contacts/leads, tasks, and deals after a call. It routes calls directly to the employee responsible for the deal, and much more.
  2. Control over the work of the department and valuable insights for successful sales. The head of the sales department learns how sales reps work with calls. They can analyze the reasons for losing deals. A marketer will see which ads bring customers and generate sales.
  3. Maximum integration flexibility. Change settings in a couple of clicks without involving a programmer. You can manage the logic yourself and easily change it to suit your processes. Your business will transform and grow, and the integration will easily adapt to these changes.

The capabilities described in this article relate only to integrations with:

Don’t use any of them yet and are just choosing? We asked integrators to tell you about these systems so you can make up your mind. In the course of the article, they will gradually introduce you to the world’s top CRMs.

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How integration works

Just the way you need it personally 🙂 We have specially designed the integration so that it can be easily changed for different business processes. After all, no two companies are alike.

After connecting the integration, smart logic is activated by default. But if you wish, you can change everything in the logic in a couple of clicks.

Choose how the integration will work

Set what will happen in CRM after a particular event. To do this, we have created a special matrix in the Integration settings section — Integration scenarios. Simply check or uncheck the boxes next to the item you need.

When you hover over a question, hints appear next to each option to help you navigate. For example, you want the contact to be created as soon as you pick up the phone. Check the appropriate box and save the changes and the updated logic takes effect immediately.

An example of a matrix where integration logic is configured

An example of integration behavior when a customer calls the company

  1. A lead is automatically created. It’s up to the sales rep to decide whether or not to open a deal and contact based on the lead.
  2. If a new customer calls, a deal is created. All subsequent calls from the same customer will be routed to it.
  3. If an existing customer calls on an open deal, the call is immediately routed to the responsible employee. No duplicate deal is created.
  4. After answering the call, a closed task is created, and an audio recording of the call is attached to it. With its help, you can easily understand how the sale rep processes leads. Or find out if the manager is to blame for losing the deal.
  5. If you have call tracking connected, each transaction is attached with the source, channel, campaign, and keyword that brought the lead. This allows you to understand which ads bring in sales and which ones just waste your budget.

When a manager calls a client

Creating contacts, deals, and tasks is also available for outgoing calls. Audio recordings of calls are attached to tasks.

An example of a CRM record that is automatically created after a call, with an audio recording of the call attached

If an employee missed a call

A Call Back task with a deadline is automatically created. This way, the manager won’t forget to contact the client.

If the call is answered by someone other than the responsible manager

For example, if the manager is busy, on a business trip, or on sick leave. After the call is answered by his or her colleague, a task will be created for the person in charge with the audio recording of the call attached. This will help to avoid a “spoiled phone” and keep up to date with the agreements with the client.

Bonus: call a customer in one click and save four hours per manager per month

Usually, a manager dials the client’s number on a smartphone or office phone. Or they copy it and paste it into the communication program. It seems to be fast. But we calculated that with an average call volume, this takes more than four hours a month.

This time can be saved. Ringostat Smart Phone will help you with this. With its help, you can make calls directly from the lead/contact card in CRM by simply clicking on its number. Ringostat Smart Phone is specially designed not to close important CRM fields.

When a customer calls, you can:

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5 Ringostat integrations with CRM: which system to choose?


Serhiy Taboransky, Business Development Manager at Softprom:

“Our company has the status of HubSpot Solution Partner and implements HubSpot solutions in the CEE/CIS region. The system consistently holds leading positions in the Gartner technology rating among marketing and sales automation solutions. It constantly receives high user ratings on the G2 platform. Currently, HubSpot solutions are used by more than 140 thousand customers in 120 countries.

HubSpot compares favorably with classic CRMs, of which there are already more than 120 on the market. Rather, it is a growth platform that offers powerful tools for building marketing, sales, service, and content management in addition to CRM itself. It is this wide functionality that makes HubSpot popular among users and provides incredible opportunities for business growth.

When sales, marketing, and service teams work in classic CRMs or in disparate tools and databases, there is a lack of coordination and opportunities for advanced analytics. HubSpot is designed differently — all teams work on a single platform with a single database, which gives a single view of customers for all teams.

Data is seamlessly transferred between departments, and internal teams can easily communicate and build customer engagement strategies. This allows you to plan and track the entire complex and winding customer journey: from the first encounter with your business to their transformation into promoters of your products and services. In HubSpot, you can conveniently segment contacts in real time and personalize all your communications according to their properties and triggers. Based on advanced analytics, you can see the effectiveness of your content, messages, and channels, and increase investments in these channels to scale your business.

What’s great is that HubSpot has a flexible licensing policy, so no matter what size your business is, you can use the platform to meet your needs. You can start with a free CRM and then add individual modules to increase the efficiency of certain teams. In each module:

Another strong point of HubSpot is the availability of various integrations — Gmail, Jira, Trello, Zoom, GoToWebinar, etc. They can be connected through the Marketplace or via APIs.”


Ilya Astakhov, Head of Pipedrive at CRMiUM:

“Pipedrive is used by 100,000 companies in 179 countries. This CRM system is good primarily for its ease of use and sufficient functionality for sales. The so-called “basic settings” take very little time in Pipedrive.

Everything is at the manager’s fingertips. As the founders themselves write, this CRM is made by sales managers for sales managers. It’s a large marketplace that has integrations with email marketing services, account management systems, and, of course, telephony.

This CRM is not suitable only for those companies that have the main traffic from Instagram Direct. This is because there are no solutions that integrate Pipedrive and Instagram on either the Ukrainian or Western markets.

Thanks to the introduction of a project management module and a mailing module directly from Pipedrive, I would recommend it to all clients. You can read more about it on the CRM website.”

Zoho CRM

Anna Domnich, Development Director at White Sales:

“I’m a crazy saboteur on the one hand, and an ardent supporter and fan of Zoho on the other 🙂 In my opinion, this system is suitable for those companies that want to automate not only sales processes.

Zoho CRM is only a part of the Zoho One family of products. You can connect more than 40 modules for different departments or needs. Among my favorites:

All modules can be linked together, but as usual, Zoho CRM remains the “core” of the ecosystem. The system is suitable for companies of all sizes that have the qualities I’ll describe below.

  1. They like systematic planning. Complex automation processes, “space dashboards”, custom fields and custom functions, planning modules — everything can be easily configured in Zoho CRM.
  2. They want to automate and systematize the interaction between departments. Often, in different companies of all industries, the sales department says “the leads are not the same” and the marketing department, in turn, that “salespeople are bad at selling” — you can set up end-to-end analytics and get away from this strange war once and for all.
  3. Constantly evolving. Thanks to an open API, Zoho CRM can be connected to any other software. Telephony, call tracking, messengers, email, forms from the website, marketplaces, Power BI — is easy!
  4. Morally ready to work in the cloud or want to avoid a proprietary system. Surprisingly enough, there is still a separate caste of in-house IT professionals who like to deploy complex infrastructure on the server, maintain it, and not let anyone else get near it.
  5. They want an effective control system. Analytics on any monitored points in the context of all indicators is possible with Zoho CRM.”


Patrick Long, Account Executive at Odoo:

“Our CRM is used by over 7 million users worldwide. Odoo works very well with small and medium-sized businesses. Anywhere from 1-500+ employees. Odoo is very well suited for businesses that have a lot of inventory, procurement, production. That being said, we often work with a lot of small businesses and tech companies.

I think our CRM will be very useful for Ukrainians. Odoo is open source, everything is built on Python, and there are a lot of developers in Ukraine. When you become our client, we will give you access to the source code so that you can build it yourself!”

🏆 Increase the productivity of your sales team with Ringostat and close more deals

Control how managers work — listen to audio recordings of calls, see reports on missed calls and employee performance


Be aware of everything — Ringostat will instantly notify you of a missed call or a left voice message

Flexible settings: as if the integration was made by a programmer specifically for your business

Now that we’ve covered the basic features of integrations and the advantages of different CRMs, let’s move on to additional settings.

Selecting funnels in which deals, tasks, and contacts/leads will be created

You can customize which funnel to transfer leads or contacts to after a call. This way, sales reps don’t have to manually move deals between funnels.

For example, you can set which funnel the call will fall into, depending on which department or employee the customer chose in the voicemail. For example, accounting, logistics, or if the customer dialed the top manager’s extension.

Transfer data to CRM when filling out online forms on the website

The logic of integration with CRM is not tied only to calls. Ringostat can connect CRM and website without the involvement of a programmer. It only takes about 10 minutes.

You can easily automate work with leads that fill out any form on your website. A similar feature is available for integrations with Pipedrive and Zoho Desk. How it works:

You decide what will be created after filling out the form and under what conditions. To do this, just check the boxes in the matrix described above. Just enter the desired actions in the line “When the form is submitted from the site”.

Transferring additional data to CRM

You can choose what information to send during a call and to which CRM field. This can be set in the CRM settings, in the Additional information transfer block. Configure any data links that will be automatically transferred from Ringostat to CRM:


  1. If you haven’t connected a CRM or chosen a Western system yet, now is the time. HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho, and other similar systems have a huge number of features that will make your business much more efficient. No wonder these CRMs are world leaders in terms of the number of users.
  2. Integrate CRM and call tracking or a virtual PBX to get even more out of it. This will save your salespeople’s working time, so they can spend more time on sales.
  3. Integration of CRM and Ringostat will help sales managers to control the sales department more easily. The system will automatically collect statistics from all calls and their audio recordings. The manager can always review the history of communication with customers and figure out whether the manager is to blame for the fact that a particular deal was lost.
  4. By connecting CRM with Ringostat call tracking, marketers can assess whether advertising is effective. The source, channel, campaign, and even the keyword that led to the call are automatically pulled into each deal. This way, the specialist will understand which ads bring sales.
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