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Meet A New Ringostat & Kissmetrics Integration

Ringostat and Kissmetrics integration

Ringostat team continues to release new integrations with different analytics and website optimization services. After recent integration with Woopra, it’s now the turn of Kissmetrics!

Just as in the case of Woopra, this integration will be useful for those who:

  1. Use both Kissmetrics and Ringostat;
  2. Use Kissmetrics and search for a call tracking service that integrates with it easily;
  3. Use Ringostat and wants to combine online and offline user activities in Kissmetrics, update its reports with call tracking data.

Open the power of Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is a customer analytics platform that provides visualization tools, web apps and mobile products for SaaS and e-commerce companies. These are complex solutions aimed at tracking and analyzing customer’s behavior on the websites.

There’re two main directions of Kissmetrics application: analytics and engagement.

When talking about analytics, the services provides its clients with 7 kinds of reports:

  1. Funnel report ;
  2. Cohort report;
  3. Path report;
  4. A/B  test report;
  5. Power report;
  6. People search;
  7. Revenue report.

As for engagement, Kissmetrics proposes to create simple personalisation of advertising campaigns, send your clients retention messages, benefit from triggers and create different goal-specific templates with a convenient design editor.  

And now open the power of integration      

As you can see, Kissmetrics reports provide clients with a wide range of data, but there’s always a blind spot – offline conversions most frequently represented by phone calls. Without phone analytics, reports are not 100% reliable and show incomplete data.

With this fresh-out-of-the-oven integration of Ringostat and Kissmetrics, you can send call tracking data from Ringostat analytics system to Kissmetrics and thus make its analytics reports more powerful.

From now on, you can bring together phones calls, web and mobile activity, email opens and see how paid advertising, organic searches and referrals perform. Updated Kissmetrics reports will answer:

When Alice calls your company and asks for an advice, Ringostat will ping Kissmetrics and send the following information:

The calls here are treated as an events as well as signups, clicks, and so on.

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Setting up integration with Kissmetrics

Only 3 simple steps separate you from more powerful Kissmetrics reports. Just follow the instruction below, the rest is our concern.

Step #1

Click the item “Integration” in the menu and choose “Kissmetrics” in a drop-down list.

Step #2

Copy the string; paste it before Ringostat snippet and after Kissmetrics snippet on your website.

Ringostat snippet looks like this:

    window.ringostatConfig = {
        numbers: {
            common: {
                class: 'ringo-phone',
                mask: '+# (###) ###-##-##'

More information, as always, is available in our knowledge base.

Step #3

Check the “Enable box”, save the changes and be ready for analytics magic 🙂

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